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How Does an Electric Snow Shovel Work: ​​An Easy Way to Remove Snow From Your Yard



by Bryan Mckenzie


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If you live in a region with snowy winters, someone can call you a lucky person. Simple pleasures are available to you, such as seeing the first snow or feeling the magic of a snowy Christmas morning. You can play winter sports, go sledding, etc. But the joy can be overshadowed because sometimes there is so much snow that it is impossible to walk. And the magical time becomes a period when you spend a lot of energy shoveling snow. Fortunately, there are special shovels that can make it easier for you to clean. How does an electric snow shovel work? Can you use it in your yard? I will tell in this article.

Guide on How to Use an Electric Snow Shovel

  1. Examine the specifications of the electric shovel.
  2. Make sure it can handle the amount of snow on your property.
  3. After purchasing, plug it in the way you need to.
  4. Start shoveling snow to keep it from getting into the back of your yard or your neighbors’.
  5. Make sure that foreign elements like rocks don’t get into the mechanism.

How Does an Electric Snow Shovel Work

Blue snow machine

What is an electric snow shovel? An electric snow shovel is radically different from a conventional shovel. First, the electric tool has a motor, and second, it has a rotating auger that throws the snow. Unlike a simple digger, an electric device does not require you to make any movements other than pushing it on the principle of a lawn mower. An electric shovel will be much easier to handle if it has wheels.

Electricity or battery can power these shovels. A digger that runs on the mains will come in handy for cleaning extensive areas. If you plan to use it only to clean the driveway outside your house, you may want to consider a battery-powered model. It lasts about one hour, which is enough to clean a small area.

What parameters affect the quality of the electric shovel?

Since the shovel has a motor, the first indicator is, of course, power. Electric shovels have a capacity of 1 to 2 kW. This power is quite enough to clear the yard of snow. The second parameter is the width of the snow remover. The wider the working part of the shovel, the more snow it can capture. A 1-pound wide shovel can pick up quite a bit of snow and get the job done faster.

The auger is a significant part of the electric shovel. Because it is very close to the ground, it is prone to breakage if you get rocks or other foreign materials in the shovel. Modern drills are made of durable plastic, resistant to damage and easy to maintain.

The weight does not affect its effectiveness, but you should be able to lift it. At least to take the tool to the garage after cleaning the yard. The optimal shovel weight is usually up to 15 pounds.

Working electric shovel

How to use an electric shovel?

First, you need to consider that a shovel throws the snow forward, unlike a snow blower. Therefore, you need to make a cleaning plan. Start with the depth of the yard and make sure that the snow does not get into the yard to neighbors or random passersby. The shovel is effective only on flat surfaces, as gravel can bring it out of operation. Also, the shovel will not cope with large drifts. It can overheat and fail.

So, you’ve presented the scheme you’re going to follow, and now you can start cleaning directly.

  • Connect the shovel to a power source if it is mains-powered. It should be a direct power source, not a generator. You can use an extension cord because the shovel cord can be pretty short. If you plan to use it, ensure it is not in contact with the snow to avoid shorting out.
  • Wear safety glasses before you start the device. When you have made sure that the motor works and the auger rotates, you can begin to shovel snow. If the shovel has wheels, just roll it by the snow forward away from you.
  • Keep it 1–2 inches away from the surface of the snow if the device has no wheels. After you have finished cleaning, turn off the shovel and make sure the motor has stopped running. Only then can you remove the goggles.

Again, an electric snow remover is only good if you want to shovel up to 1 foot of snow. If your area usually has heavy snowfall, you’ll have to use a regular shovel or splurge on a snow plow.

Happy woman with new shovel

FAQ About Electric Snow Shovels

I talked about the basic principles of how a snow shovel works. I have also collected the most frequent questions from people who ask me for advice.

Can you use an electric snow shovel on the grass?

You can use an electric shovel to remove snow from your lawn. Above all, the snow remover will not damage your property because its surface is safe for the shovel mechanism.

How much snow can an electric shovel handle?

Because of its size, the tool can clear a snow path of about 12 inches wide and throw segments up to 20 feet away. The shovel can handle about 1 foot of snow.

How do you use a power shovel?

You need to plug in your shovel or make sure you charge it if it is battery-operated. Once plugged in, you can use it to clean walkways, porches, steps, and driveways to your house.

Don’t Let Snow Be a Problem For You

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow in the winter, the electric digger will be a helpful tool for cleaning the yard. Nature is unpredictable, and it’s hard to know if there will be heavy snowfalls this time. Either way, you will have a handy device to clear snow from your porch, steps, and paths effortlessly. There is always a simple shovel and snow blower for more complicated cases.

How do you clean your yard after a snowfall? Share your experience.


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