Best Snow Shovels in 2020: 9 Options Worth Your Purchase

When the snow accumulates on your stoop, driveway, deck, or walkway, you want to clear it fast and continue with your daily routines. At the same time, you need to be protected while working with any piece of equipment. According to a recent study on injury cases, over 11,000 emergency department visits in the US from 1990 to 2006 were connected to snow shoveling. But by acquiring the best snow shovels, you can clean your area without stressing your heart, back, and arms and keep harm and injury at bay. 

In this article, I have provided nine snow shovel reviews to help you with identifying the ideal item for shoveling snow safely. I’ve handpicked the best tools based on their size, ergonomics, availability, and sturdiness. If you mean to go straight to buying, I advise you to check out my best shovel for snow right below.

My top pick:

My Best Snow Shovel: Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution  5/5 

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel
  • Minimizes back strains
  • Efficient
  • Features a small handle for tossing scooped snow quickly
  • Retailed at a fair price
  • Allows for heavy lifting with the least effort

This SnowJoe snow shovel is an ergonomic tool that proved to provide users with exceptional shoveling capabilities. With this equipment, you can eliminate the snow from any outside space fast and without much straining. You do not have to do any strenuous lifts, thus, eliminating the probability of having back pain. It features a straight handle and a smaller one that can move either up or down, dispensing all the weight of the snow you have scooped.

I consider this item as the best snow shovel, and especially so, the best snow shovel for tall person since the tool allows you to use it while standing upright. This way, it reduces the stress on your back, making you less susceptible to complications in this region. 

Better still, the SnowJoe snow shovel allows you to toss aside substantial amounts of snow with little effort. It is also worth noting that the product delivers the best way to shovel snow since the shock after every throw is minimized. 

Another thing that I want to mention in this Snow Joe shovel review is that the item allows throwing the snow quite far. The tool is quite wide at the shovel blade of eighteen inches, making it possible to scoop significant amounts of snow and clear areas faster. Check out the table below to see a summary of the advantages that make this equipment the top rated snow shovel.

Reviews of the Nine Top-Rated Shovels Available Today

Shovelling snow

There are shovels of different designs, shapes, materials, and even color. As such, choosing the right item among the available options can be quite challenging. So, to help you make an informed buying decision, I’ve prepared detailed reviews of the best shovels available on the market.

Best Push Snow Shovel for Large Areas: Manplow PRO42 PRO Snow Pusher  4.8/5 

Manplow PRO42 PRO Snow Pusher
  • Very wide
  • Clears areas faster than similar models
  • Comfortable to use
  • Has a thick blade

  • You will have to replace the edge within a season
  • Needs to be assembled first before using

Do you need to clear large areas as fast as possible? If yes, then this snow shovel is the item you need to acquire. It boasts of an extra-wide (forty-two inches) design that allows you to push out extra amounts of snow in one go. This way, the item makes it possible to work on your outside areas faster, even after substantial storms. 

It is quite comfortable to work with this tool, thanks to the snug grip at the U-handle. Also, it is very friendly to the palms, minimizing the chances of blisters occurring. When using this item, you can move snow in comfortable horizontal heaps, keeping you from getting strained with too much load amounts. The bottom of the item glides over the surface smoothly. Thus, you will use way less effort to push accumulated snow off of the surfaces around your home. 

The manufacturers cap the lifeline of the gliding edge at three-hundred to three-hundred and fifty hours. After this run, you will have to replace the edge. 

This item weighs nine pounds and is made of light aluminum. It is also quite high, at thirteen inches. These characteristics make the snow shovel easy-to-use. Moreover, it is good to know that this item won’t damage any surface, for example, the decking material.

Best Snow Pusher Shovel of Different Sizes: J&M Enterprises TV206972  4.7/5 

J&M JM Enterprises TV206972 Snowplow Snow Pusher
  • Does not rust
  • A fiberglass handle
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a comfortable D-grip for handling

  • Parts can detach too easily after several uses
  • Requires proper assembly first

If you are looking for a tool that is available in different widths, then this model is the best pusher snow shovel for you. You can get this equipment in widths of eighteen, twenty-four, thirty, thirty-six, and forty-eight inches. Therefore, with such a pool of choices, you can pick the right tool for your needs. 

If you have a smaller area to clear snow from, then the smaller tool will come in handy. For bigger spaces, the items with larger widths will prove invaluable. 

This snow shovel has an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable pushing and lifting of snow. It has blades that self-sharpen, meaning you will not have to do this strenuous task by yourself. 

The snow scraping edges are designed not to damage the surfaces being plowed on. Thanks to this characteristic, you can use the J&M model on wood and composite decks, among other delicate surfaces without worrying. 

Perhaps the best thing about this shovel is that it allows you to flip over any packed snow and break it away. Therefore, you can remove tire tracks and foot imprints easily and toss them elsewhere. This item weighs 5.85 pounds, making it quite easy to carry around when using.

All-Purpose Push Shovel Snow: Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow/Pusher  4.7/5 

Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel-Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle
  • 2-in-1 functionality, namely shovel and pusher
  • Features a non-stick blade
  • A twenty-inch blade
  • Lightweight

  • Only for light shoveling work
  • Not very wide

Are you in search of a tool that can push and also scoop snow off of your premises? Then you need to purchase the Suncast snow shovel. It comes with a plow shovel snow on one end that allows you to scoop snow and toss it on the side. 

On the other side, the item is designed as a snow pusher. It makes for the best way to shovel snow on driveway because of a short, flat shaft that allows you to lift the snow off the ground quite easily. 

The pusher side features a long shaft for clearing snow without the need for lifting it. Therefore, you can clean areas around your home without much effort. 

I find this model the best snow shovel for gravel driveway, given its two-pronged functionality when it comes to clearing such surfaces. It means you can shovel or push snow fast enough and get to go wherever you want. This item weighs only 4 lbs., but it is still quite sturdy. I am sure that you will be able to use this tool for many years to come.

Best Collapsible Snow Shovel: Lifeline 4004 One Size Aluminum Utility  4.5/5 

Lifeline 4004 Red One Size Aluminum Sport Utility
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Comes in different colors to choose from
  • A durable three-piece design
  • Long-lasting colors

  • Not ideal for heavy snow plowing
  • Can be too small for some people

At only 1.1 lbs. in weight, this item is the best lightweight snow shovel I have come across so far. The equipment is made of aluminum and, thus, is ideal for carrying in your car during the snow season. 

This tool can come in handy, for example, when you want to clean your stoop from snow cover. The Lifeline 4004 model features a three-piece collapsible design, allowing you to assemble and disassemble the tool before and after use, respectively. Also, thanks to this option, the item won’t take up much of your storage space. 

This metal snow shovel is available in six different colors. Thus, you can choose the one that matches your preferences. According to the manufacturer, the color of the tool will remain intact even after being exposed to the harsh weather conditions regularly. 

Although it is quite a lightweight item, this tool is sturdy and can remove snow without getting damaged in turn. Moreover, if you feel that the middle part makes working with the tool cumbersome, you can remove it. After that, you can simply connect the shoveling end to the handle and start plowing snow right away.

Best Snow Shovel for Roofs: The 193055510 24” Telescoping Snow Roof Rake  4.5/5 

AMES COMPANIES, THE 193055510 24 in. Telescoping Snow Roof Rake with Aluminum Handle
  • A telescoping ability for extending the reach
  • A slip-free handle
  • Easy storage
  • Easy push-button operation

  • Poor results if assembled wrongly
  • The head is made of plastic

Probably, you don’t want to see the snow accumulating on your roof and crumbling down when it gets too heavy. So, it is best to get the snow plow shovel to get rid of that snow cover when it starts to build up to uncomfortable levels. 

This tool is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to lift and maneuver as you remove snow off of your roof. The equipment is sure to provide you with the best way to shovel snow off roof since it has an oval handle that keeps the tool from moving haphazardly in your hand. 

The 193055510 model has a telescoping functionality that allows extending the length of the tool fast up to seventeen inches. This way, you can reach the snow parts in far off sections of the roof. To adjust the length of this snow shovel, you need to push easily accessible side buttons. Also, you will have a pleasant experience using this tool because it comes with a non-slip handle that ensures you are in total control of the equipment.

Best Snow Shovel for Car: BirdRock Home MOOver 34” Folding Snow Shovel  4.4/5 

BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 34” Folding Snow Shovel – Rugged Compact Emergency Tool for Car
  • Foldable
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Can be used to shovel mud, sand, mulch, etc.
  • Can be attached to car, truck, snowmobile, or backpack
  • Fitted with a textured rubber handle

  • Comes in red color only
  • Ideal for emergency use as opposed to regular everyday use

If you are on the road a lot during the winter, you need a handy shovel that you can carry in your car for times when you get stuck in the snow. So, as you gear up for winter, don’t forget to get yourself this red folding snow shovel from BirdRock Home. BirdRock Home is an established manufacturer of a variety of high-quality home items such as bed trays, curtain rods, pet cots, laundry hampers, among others. 

This snow shovel is one of the newer releases on the market, and it has generally been well-received. The tool is incredibly lightweight, at just 2.2 pounds, and compact. 

Since the item is collapsible, you can just park it in your car for emergency use or attach it to your backpack when you go camping. The shaft of this shovel is long enough to ensure you don’t strain when using it. Also, the handle is reinforced with rubber for a comfortable grip. This multifunctional tool is the best snow shovel for ice, mud, sand, snow, mulch, etc. 

My verdict on this folding snow shovel review? If you want a tool for clearing snow or dirt that you can carry anywhere (camping, road trips, work, etc.) without taking up much space, this item is indeed a terrific choice.

Best Snow Shovel with Wheels: 30SNC 36-Inch Bi-Directional Wheeled Model  4.2/5 

The Snowcaster 30SNC 36-Inch Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher
  • A strong metal handle
  • A thick and sturdy plastic blade
  • Allows wide coverage
  • Requires less time and effort compared to other models
  • Easy assembly

  • A handle quickly gets cold
  • It is hard to plow more than 4 inches of snow at once

Are you looking for something different from the regular shovels? Then you will definitely fall in love with this wheeled snow pusher shovel. A product of The SnowCaster, this push shovel can be used for both home and commercial purposes. The equipment has two wheels at the back of the shovel for easy pushing. The blade is bi-directional and angled for maximum efficiency. 

This snow pusher is also easy to assemble. It will take you just a couple of minutes to do so. Although it comes with a weight of around 10 pounds, this item won’t strain your back at all. That’s because you don’t have to lift the tool with the snow. 

Since this snow shovel has a wide blade, you can do much more work at a fraction of the time. I think that this shovel is a great product for cleaning driveways and backyards. From my experience and after reading a lot of snow shovel with wheel reviews, I can profoundly say that this tool is an excellent choice for plowing flat areas with about 1-4 inches of snow.

Best Snow Shovel for Seniors: EZ Plow Snow Shovel  4.0/5 

ez plow snow shovel
  • Light and firm in the hands
  • An angled blade
  • Allows clearing snow with little effort
  • Features a long wooden handle

  • Not ideal for really dense snow

If you are looking for the best snow shovel for driveway and reaching tight corners, this model from EZ Plow comes angled to allow doing just that. It is also a wonderful choice for senior citizens, especially if you frequently suffer from back pains. That’s because, unlike a regular pusher that parts snow to either side, this angled plowing equipment pushes snow to one side. Thus, there’s no need to lift the item, as all you need to do is just to push it. 

The shovel itself and blade are built from long-lasting polypropylene plastic. So, you can use this piece of equipment for years without significant wear. The blade also sharpens itself every time you use it. 

The handle is wooden and about 54 inches long to ensure that you don’t bend much when using the tool. Overall, the ease of use, combined with the nice angled design, makes this snow shovel great for older people. Also, it’s suitable for cleaning walking areas, staircases, and other small areas. Judging from the numerous positive EZ Plow snow shovel reviews, this piece of equipment is a worthy buy.

Bonus Option: Back-Saving Ergonomic Shovel Snow Handle

Back-Saving Tool Handle, Labor-Saving Ergonomic Shovel or Rake Handle Attachment
  • Extremely light (7.3 ounces)
  • Excellent for home use
  • Can be attached to a variety of equipment (rakes, hoes, shovels, etc.)
  • Manufactured from durable resin
  • Has an ergonomic design

  • Takes a couple of minutes to install and remove

If you have an uncomfortable shovel, roof rake, painting poles but do not want to replace them, you can instead buy a better handle. This best ergonomic snow shovel handle allows a firm grip and compatible with most two-piece tools. BackEZ, a manufacturer selling different types of handles, designed this item to lower compression on your shoulders, back, and protect your hands. Thus, you will work even more productively. 

This handle is a universal fit. Therefore, you can buy one and attach it to any tool you are using at the time. It installs in less than five minutes. The handle can be attached to a piece of equipment of any length and help you to stand straighter during plowing, sweeping, raking, or gardening. With this handle, you will not worry about blisters on hands, too.

Things You Need to Know About Snow Shovels

Things You Need to Know About Snow Shovels

If you seek some answers before settling on a snow shovel model to purchase, you will find these FAQs useful. I have gathered the most common questions on this type of equipment and listed answers to each query.

Shoveling snow involves using a shovel, rake, or pusher to remove snow from your driveway, roof, sidewalk, stairs, etc. Shovels and pushers usually have a sharpened front part that you use to scoop or cut through the snow, and a handle that you apply the motion on. It’s important to know how to shovel snow right so that you don’t strain or hurt your back.

The best way to shovel snow is to remove it in layers, especially if snow has piled up to several inches. If you have both a pusher and a shovel, start by pushing snow to the sides to clear out the path. Then, go in with the shovel to remove the remaining snow.

No doubt, shoveling is an excellent cardio exercise if you do it right. It works out your arms, back, legs, shoulders, and core. The calories burned will, however, depend on your body weight and the amount of snow you are lifting or pushing. A person who weighs 155 pounds will burn about 223 calories shoveling snow for 30 minutes.

Before I tell you how to remove snow from driveway without a shovel, note that having a handy tool makes snow removal easier, safer, cheaper, and faster. That said, a shovel isn’t the only way to remove snow from your driveway. 

Another method is to go for a de-icing product. By spreading it on your driveway, you can control snow amount, and consequently, ice from accumulating. However, this method is not effective in areas with heavy snow. 

One more way is to connect a hosepipe to a hot water tap and pour it on your driveway. That will melt the snow away. Additional methods include installing an electrically heated system in your backyard, spreading snow heated mats, and using a snow or leaf blower. However, the snow shovel remains the most effective tool among all the mentioned methods of getting rid of snow.

If you suffer from back pain after shoveling snow, you are probably doing it all wrong. To shovel safely, pick a tool that doesn’t have a too short shaft. If you are tall, a long shaft is necessary. 

Then, as you shovel, ensure you don’t bend your back much. Bend your knees instead and use your leg muscles to lift the snow pile. Make sure the blade is close to you as you lift the shovel to minimize straining. 

Switch between your left and right hand periodically to ensure you are not overworking one side of your body. Remember, if the snow is several inches deep, don’t try to shovel it in one scoop as it would be strenuous. Instead, go in two or more times. Also, in the reviews above, you can find the best snow shovel models that help to reduce strain.

Have You Made Your Pick of the Best Snow Shovel?

Snow pusher shovels make life easier in the winter. If you purchase the right tool, you can scoop or push snow from your driveway, roof, or sidewalk fast and easy. High quality snow shovels can do the job efficiently while reducing strain on your body. 

In my opinion, the best overall shovel is the Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution model. It has an impact-resistant durable blade, a spring-assisted handle to minimize strain, and ergonomic design. 

Which shovel or pusher among mentioned do you like most? Do you have suggestions of snow shovels that you’d love to share? Leave your comments in the section below.

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