Best Lawn Tractor Battery in 2020 for Your Gardening Needs

A major lesson I have learned as a gardener is that finding a replacement or spare part for most farming equipment can be a challenging task. It is even tougher if you are not equipped with the necessary information on how to choose the right item, or what features to look for when buying. For example, do you know what the best lawn tractor battery is? It may be a hard one to answer, especially for beginner gardeners. Maybe you don’t even know where your mower’s battery is located. However, there is no reason to worry because I will help you to learn about the best lawn tractor batteries, based on my huge experience with gardening equipment. In this article, I have discussed some of the factors to consider when buying your replacement battery. Such a comprehensive analysis is aimed to help you determine the best product and the best price for lawn tractor battery.

My top pick:

ExpertPower EXP1250 Battery – Best Rated Lawn Tractor Battery  5/5 

EXP1250 12V 5Ah Home Alarm Battery with F1 Terminals

  • Can be used for most household goods and farming equipment
  • Made with the innovative AGM technology
  • Reliable, thanks to reserve capacity
  • The external shell has been made using a toughened ABS plastic to prevent possibilities of leaking and spillage
  • Weighs a mere 3.3 pounds, making it one of the lightest tractor supply lawn tractor batteries you can find on the market
  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance

When it comes to sealed lead-acid batteries, ExpertPower is the brand that pops up into the mind of most consumers. Among the main reasons behind its popularity is the fact that ExpertPower batteries can be used with a wide range of appliances. This versatility makes this item a perfect 12 volt battery for lawn tractor

Another aspect that allows ExpertPower to retain its popularity among customers is the brand’s leadership in setting high-quality standards. The manufacturer has adopted the highly-reliable Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology that results in a higher reserve capacity and an improved period of usage of the batteries. 

These high-quality standards were applied to this EXP1250 lawn tractor battery. With its external casing made from toughened ABS plastic, leaking and spilling are not problems you can expect to face with this one. It is my top pick among all the options for gardening equipment, such as lawn tractors, and I have noticed only good things about it so far.

9 Detailed Tractor Battery Reviews

Below, you can find my detailed garden tractor battery reviews. I have reviewed the best options that you can find on the market. Here, you can check the features, ratings, benefits, and limitations of each model and find out which one is compatible with your lawn tractor.

ExpertPower EXP12200 – Durable Lead-Acid 12V Battery for Lawn Tractor  4.9/5 

ExpertPower EXP12200 12V 20AH Lead_Acid_Battery
  • Requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its innovative charging process
  • Doesn’t require much expertise to install it20A battery, so the charge will last for long
  • Has a toughened external casing that greatly improves its durability

  • The fact that it is sealed makes it hard to detect defective cells

The one thing I can tell you about ExpertPower batteries is that you will always be spoilt for choice. Just when you think you have settled on your best pick, the other model tempts you with an irresistible attribute. 

In the case of the ExpertPower EXP12200 model, you benefit from 12V and 20A battery. This high amperage makes it a good choice for big lawn tractors. I also recommend picking this item if you are looking for an Ariens lawn tractor battery with B1 terminals, or an alternative to Duralast lawn tractor battery.

On the other hand, if you want to end the problem of a lawn tractor battery not charging, I would also recommend using this ExpertPower EXP12200 item because it is a valve-regulated battery. 

The working system of such batteries restricts the electrolyte movement inside the container, thus, confining the hydrogen closer to the plates. That’s why they are conveniently available for recombination as you recharge your Everstart lawn tractor battery. What is great, this process means that no water is lost, so the item requires minimal maintenance.

Chrome Battery YTH2448 – Great Replacement Battery for Husqvarna Lawn Tractor  4.9/5 

Deep Cycle SLA Replacement Battery 12V 35AH AGM Battery- Replaces Husqvarna YTH2448 Lawn Tractor Battery
  • Includes a lead-calcium alloy grid that makes the battery tougher and durable
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty and two months money-back guarantee
  • Retails already charged, so you can install it in your mower and start working right away
  • Its compressed cells help to increase the charged time

  • Pretty heavy

As I take a look at the popular replacement options, it would be unfair not to talk about this YTH2448 battery for Husqvarna tools and other gardening equipment. I love it because it is one of the few brands that develop over a 28-amp lawn tractor battery. 

There is also a reason why it is one of the best batteries for Husqvarna lawn tractor. This model has a greater deep cycle attribute that entails a deep current discharge for improved performance. 

Also, the battery is sealed so that its cells are highly compressed. The point is, it allows longer discharging. On the other hand, the combined cells combined with the fiberglass mats improve the overall lifespan of the battery through the delivery of maximum resistance to vibrations when in work.

This replacement battery Husqvarna lawn tractor has standard dimensions of 7.68 by 5.12 and 6.46 inches. It makes the item a safer bet for you if you are not sure about the right size of your battery powered lawn tractor.

Mighty Max ML35-12 – Best Battery for Lawn Tractor by John Deere  4.8/5 

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery for John Deere Tractor
  • Fitted with handles for easy carrying
  • Has a huge resistance to shocks and vibration, making it a good choice for outdoor usage
  • Allows easy and fast recharging
  • Can be used for other farming equipment besides lawn tractors

  • A premium price tag

Among the greatest challenges associated with replacement batteries is finding the right fit for your mower. However, the Mighty Max brand decided to address this issue effectively. In this respect, they have developed a specific replacement for a John Deere lawn tractor battery. 

A notable drawback of the ML35-12 SLA model is the fact that it operates in high temperatures. Moreover, this item can perform in both high- and low-temperature conditions. This Duracell ultra high CCA maintenance free U1R lawn tractor battery gives you the power of 30A. It makes the model a battery of choice, even for the powerful mowers. 

I can assure you of the ability of this replacement battery to handle tough outdoor conditions. Such Interstate batteries for lawn tractors won’t disappoint you. The item has been made to withstand all the vibration and shocks that may occur at work.

Mighty Max ML5-12 – Changing Sears Batteries for Lawn Tractors  4.7/5 

Mighty Max Battery 12V 5AH SLA Battery for Black Decker Grasshog-CST2000 Lawn Mower Brand Product
  • Valve-regulated, thus, not susceptible to damages, such as overheating
  • Contains high-compressed cells that improve its resistance to vibrations
  • Easy to install
  • A guaranteed longer period of service compared to similar products

  • High operation temperatures

Mighty Max is an American brand that over the years, has set the pace in making high-quality batteries, electrical tools, and solar panels. The ML35-12 SLA model is one of their three renowned quality batteries. One distinguishing aspect of this item is that it has been manufactured with a valve-regulated design. Thus, it allows for an equal dispersal of electrolytes on the surfaces of the charged plates. 

The working system of the Mighty Max ML5-12 model also makes a good match for 12-volt battery lawn tractors. It utilizes the technology that entails oxygen combination through the live separators found in the respective plates. Both the plates and the separators are confined within their highly pressurized cells that improve the battery’s resistance to vibrations. 

What other factors make this item a suitable replacement for a Sears lawn tractor battery? Many users have agreed that the Mighty Max ML5-12 battery proved to be reliable in performing demanding long-term tasks. It is not a characteristic that can be said about other batteries in this review.

UPG Sealed Batteries – Universal Batteries for Lawn and Garden Tractors  4.6/5 

UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • A universal option for most equipment
  • Made with the Absorbed Glass Mat technology
  • Standard size

  • Not effective for high-power equipment

The UPG UBCD5745 model is one of the quality products from Universal Power Group Inc. The one thing I love about this company is its reliable lawn tractor battery tractor supply. 

A major marketing point with this battery is its practicability. It can be used for several purposes, including being a Duracell ultra high CCA maintenance free U1 lawn tractor battery for use with your solar. The Absorbed Glass Mat technology helped to achieve the compatibility status. Also, the battery weighs twelve pounds only that significantly improves its portability.

Toro Lawn Neptune NT 1234 – Powerful Fleet Farm Lawn Tractor Battery  4.5/5 

Toro Lawn mower # 106-8397 Replacement Battery, Neptune NT1234 12v 3.4ah SLA Battery Replacement for BB battery
  • Sealed firmly, thus, won’t leak
  • A lead battery that can withstand high-surge currents
  • Lightweight, only four pounds

  • If you do not install it to the mower correctly, it may detach unexpectedly

I had a friend who has used only a Kmart lawn tractor battery for his Toro lawn equipment. But I have told him that NT1234 model provides high-surge currents that allow mowing large tracts of land without breaking down, he switched to this option without further delay. What is not to like about a product that guarantees efficient service for a long time, even with heavy usage? 

I love the fact that this battery is sealed, so you don’t have to worry about leakages. Also, you won’t spend much on maintenance, as is the case with ordinary batteries.

As with the Poulan Pro lawn tractor battery, the seller offers twelve months’ warranty. Besides, AAA security deposit provides support on all technical matters for a lifetime.

UPG UB12180 – 12V Battery for Lawn Mower Tractor by Craftsman  4.4/5 

Universal Power Group 12V 18AH New 90508011 Battery for Craftsman Black Lawn Mowers
  • Can be recharged easily
  • Can fit many lawn mower tractors
  • Easy to install

  • May be too small for some tractors, so make sure to check the size of the battery before buying

When using a lawn mower, you definitely want a battery that has a high resistance to shocks. Otherwise, you risk yourself and the people around by using an ordinary battery that lacks this feature. Therefore, if you are into quality Interstate lawn tractor batteries, you should add this UPG item in your list of favorites.

This battery has dimensions of 7.5 by 3.06 by 6.6 inches. Thus, it is a good fit for many tractors, including Craftsman production. Another attractive characteristic of this model is that, just like an Interstate lawn tractor battery, you can recharge it whenever you want. Therefore, with this battery, you get value for money because you can use it repeatedly.

Might Max YTX4L – Alternative for AutoZone Lawn Tractor Battery  4.3/5 

Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS Replacement for Snapper Push Lawnmower Walk Behind Lawn Mower Brand Product
  • Operates efficiently at any temperatures
  • Made with the Absorbent Glass Mat technology that enhances its functionality
  • Weighs only four pounds

  • Supports 3A only

Mighty Max is mighty, just as the name suggests. This model is a premium 12V 3A battery with Absorbent Glass Mat technology. The technology helps the item to hold on to electrolytes without getting spoiled. Therefore, you are assured that the battery will serve you for quite a long time without a need for replacement.

The model is similar to Die Hard battery lawn tractor and Menards lawn tractor battery, as it is not prone to shocks. However, when your machine is in work, you have nothing to fear about the vibrations of the battery because it will remain intact and operational until you finish mowing your garden.

As expected of a high-quality battery, it remains functional whether the temperature is low or high around. Therefore, if you had a Rural King lawn tractor battery that you want to replace, the Mighty Max model will do the job even more efficiently.

PowerStar 106-8397 – IATAS Approved Tractor Supply Lawn Mower Battery  4.2/5 

Replacement Part for Toro Lawn Mower
  • Has a Non-spillage quality mark
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Features fine mat separators from glass fiber for a longer lifespan

  • Not the best option for heavier Toro mowers

This PowerStar battery has been manufactured with the latest sealing technology. As a mark of quality, the 12 volt battery lawn tractors from this company have a non-spill quality mark according to the International Air Transport Association Standards (IATAS). 

That’s why it can be a good Sear lawn tractor battery alternative for Toro and other gardening equipment. Moreover, this battery also has fine mat separators made from fiberglass. It implies that this lawn tractor battery charging system has been made to ensure maximum electrolyte absorption. This attribute also allows a longer lifespan of the battery. 

If you are shopping for an Exide lawn tractor battery, there is a good reason for choosing this item instead. The PowerStar has developed a reputation for durable batteries that last for long.

A General Guide to Tractor Batteries

Every time I set out to buy something, I want to be fully informed about the available options and then, the selected product. Having the right information about items on your shopping list will not only help you to save on money but also your time. 

Detailed lawn tractor battery reviews, such as this one, can equip you with the information needed. But first, let’s start with a general overview of such batteries and their specifics. 

⚡ Battery Size According to Lawn Tractor Battery Size Chart

The Battery Council International determines the physical sizes of batteries. Most of the batteries for lawn tractors fall under the U1 group and have dimensions of 8.3 by 5.1 by 7.25 inches. This group is further subdivided into smaller categories, based on the location of the positive terminals. 

For example, U1R models have their positive terminals on the right, while U1 ones feature them on the left. This specific should be an important aspect to look at when buying a lawn tractor battery because you may find that most mower’s cables are positioned to fit these terminals. 

⚡ Voltage – Standard 12 Volt Lawn Tractor Batteries or 40 Volt Ones

Just like any other battery you buy, its voltage should be one of your primary concerns. Why should it be a huge priority? Technically, a voltage rating represents the amount of current that can move through a battery during a specific time. 

12V is a common rating amongst such items. However, some particular mower batteries have a higher rating of even 40 volts. Before buying a battery, check the recommendations provided by your lawn tractor manufacturer. 

⚡ Lead-Acid Battery or Non-Rechargeable

The former battery is a rechargeable one that has lead plates with a water-electrolyte solution or sulfuric acid. It is composed of cells, with each one having plates that are submerged in an electrolyte. It is the most commonly used battery in gardening equipment, and I strongly recommend going for a rechargeable one and add a battery charger lawn tractor to your shopping list, as it will pay off shortly. 

⚡ Tips on Maintenance and Use of Battery Water

For prolonging a battery’s life, it is important to perform several maintenance practices. One of the main ones is adding battery water when needed. I advise to make checking the battery’s water level once in a while.

Also, before you charge a lawn tractor battery, you should ensure that all the electroplates are submerged in water. After charging, check out that the water level is up to the vent’s bottom. The watering process involves using a funnel for adding distilled water through the different ports.

How to Find Out the Size of the Lawn Tractor Battery Needed?

As already mentioned in this lawn tractor battery review, the Battery Council International is responsible for determining the respective sizes of batteries. However, it is you who needs to shop for the specific size of the mower’s battery.

When your old battery starts letting you down, and you decide to replace it, knowing the right size will help you to purchase the right replacement item. 

The challenge is that you will not always find the exact brand of battery as the one initially bought with the mower. So, how do you know the right size to replace your John Deere lawn tractors battery?

The first logical step is to find out what size battery for Craftsman lawn tractor or any other model is by reading its manual. Manufacturers usually provide detailed information about their products. Therefore, in the case of lawn tractor batteries, you will find its characteristics, including the size, in the manual. If the company has not indicated it here, you need to proceed to the step of checking the battery’s label. 

For doing it, you need to locate the mower’s battery. In some riding lawn mowers, the battery is usually located just below the driver’s seat. In other models, you may find a battery placed on the frame of the mower. Once you have located it, check for any labels fixed either on top or the side of the battery. The dimensions are usually mentioned either as a combination of numbers and letters or simply as numbers. 

Another simpler way of knowing your battery size is through the internet. The web resources will also help you to access the lawn tractor battery size chart. For example, if you are searching for such details like John Deere lawn tractor batteries, check out forums or reviews talking about the items. Thus, you can find someone who has posted about the sizes, or you can simply pose the question to other forum members and get lawn tractor battery finder help. If the group is active, you may be lucky enough to get an instant response.

What Is The Best Lawn Tractor Battery? – A Simple Buying Guide

Now that you are familiar with the different brands of lawn mower batteries, it is time to settle on which one to buy. Although it may be hard to determine who makes the best lawn tractor battery options, below, I will discuss some of the factors to consider when buying a battery for your equipment.

⚡ Battery Size

It is one of the most important attributes to consider when buying your battery. For example, if you are looking for a John Deere lawn tractor replacement battery, check the charts for the respective group size. Alternatively, read the manufacturer’s manual to find the right size for your mower.

⚡ Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps (CCA) are a manifestation of the amount of current that a battery can deliver in freezing temperatures. This test is mainly focused on determining how reliable the battery can be during the start-up of a cold morning. 

If you are searching replacement batteries for Craftsman lawn tractor or any other appliance, make sure to check the cold-cranking amps stipulated by the manufacturer. Getting a battery with low CCA may end up being a huge let off because the item will not be able to start your tractor in some weather conditions. On the other hand, a battery with too high CCA will do the job right, but it will cost you more with no additional benefits.

⚡ Battery’s Age

The last mistake you want to make when buying the best lawn and garden tractor battery is purchasing an old one. With an item produced a long time ago, you may find yourself going back to the store for another replacement sooner than you thought.

The point you should note is that the longer a 35 amp Kubota lawn tractor battery or any other 28 amp lawn tractor battery stays after the date of manufacture, the lesser the output it produces. As a recommendation, shop for a battery that is less than six months old. You can find out the battery’s age by checking on its serial number.

⚡ Reputable Brands

I am sure you have heard of options such as a John Deer lawn tractor battery or a Craftsman lawn tractor battery. When it comes to buying items that I haven’t used before, I try to hinge my bet on such reputable brands.

There is a minimal gamble involved on your part because I have provided you with a complete review of some of the best batteries available. For example, if you need a replacement for a Scotts lawn tractor battery, just select the model that suits your needs.

⚡ Reserve Capacity

In simpler terms, reserve capacity entails the amount of time that a battery can keep running on its own. As a rule, always check for batteries with higher reserve capacities.

⚡ Warranty Period

To be on the safe side, consider an item with a longer warranty period. It will give you a huge cover when it comes to the issue of replacement.

In Search of the Right Battery for Lawn Tractor

Buying a replacement battery for your lawn tractor is part of its maintenance practices. Therefore, you have to be informed about what to look for when shopping for tractor supply lawn tractor batteries. 

In this article, I have discussed in detail issues related to these batteries, including maintenance practices, such as when to add water, and how to charge lawn tractor battery. I have also provided helpful lawn tractor battery ratings for each product, based on my experience and knowledge.

I hope that now it won’t be hard for you to understand the right size of your battery, thanks to my buying guidelines. Also, don’t forget about the importance of an extended warranty period. 

Which battery from these reviews do you deem fit for your lawn tractor? What other factors do you consider when buying sears batteries for lawn tractors? Also, what do you find as the best battery charger for lawn tractor? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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