Best Sprinkler Pump In 2020 – Top 6 Effective Items On The Market

Irrigating your garden is one of the vital things you need to do if you want to maintain its beauty and blossoming. When we moved to a house in the country, buying booster pumps for sprinkler systems wasn’t the easiest task I had encountered. I had made a few wrong purchases before getting my hand on some quality sprinkler systems pumps that I’ve been using to this day. 

My top pick: FLOTEC FP5172 Sprinkler pump

Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp

Lately, I’ve figured out that my expertise can help other gardeners in picking the best sprinkler pump and save them from uninformed choices. That’s why I’ve prepared sprinkler pumps reviews of the six models I’ve used or tried in work so far. Besides, I have provided some helpful insights into how to install lawn sprinkler pump at the end of this article. Below, you can also find tips on the proper maintenance of sprinkler pumps, as well as how to fix a sprinkler pump. I hope that these detailed reviews will help you to select the best tool for your garden.

Top 6 Sprinkler Pumps to Consider

Here, you can find my comprehensive reviews of the six high-quality sprinkler pumps on the market. I want to start with the best product overall, based on my experience with the tool.

Flotec FP5172 – The Leading Example of the Best Lawn Sprinkler Pumps  5/5 

Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp
  • A durable outer coating protects the tool from corrosion
  • A self-priming functionality allows for better efficiency in handling solids
  • It can power up to thirty sprinkler heads
  • A high-capacity product with the guaranteed extra efficiency
  • It can be integrated with an automated watering system
  • Its sturdy metallic build facilitates the longevity of the pump
  • Lightweight
  • Fitted with a powerful motor and energy-efficient
  • Fairly priced, considering its performance and efficiency
  • It can withstand high temperatures of up to 140 °F

  • None

According to many sprinkler pump reviews, Flotec pumps are perfect both for individual and commercial use, thanks to their ace quality and reliability. The Flotec FP5172 model is a powerful and highly-dependable sprinkler pump. It is my front-runner water pump for sprinkler system among the other items highlighted here. 

With a 1.5 hp rating, this pump can effectively deliver water even to large gardens, and it can power up to thirty sprinkler heads. Depending on the size of the lawn, you can station several heads within the perimeter, and the pump will do its job well. This Flotec sprinkler pump is also an efficient tool for vertical pumping if connected to a powerful water source. 

Many customers have rated this tool as a potent and reliable one in their Flotec sprinkler pump reviews. Moreover, this pump has an anti-rust coating that extends its service lifespan. Both the sturdy metallic build and the coating contribute to the longevity of the product.

Another commendable feature of this model is the self-priming functionality. It allows handling solids easily, as well as pumping water continuously. Additionally, the high capacity of this gas water pump for sprinkler system translates into the enhanced efficiency of the device.

This Flotec FP5172 model can be connected to an automated watering system. Thus, the tool doesn’t need to be manned for use. Moreover, this pump has a strong thermoplastic outer coating that fosters its longevity. The sturdy coating prevents the item from rusting, thus, granting an extended service lifespan of the pump. 

The sprinkler pump has a powerful motor that operates at 115/230 V. Also, the model can bear high temperatures up to 140 °F. It is an energy-efficient and durable tool that can run safely for hours without a need to be powered off. Another reason why I like this Flotec FP5172 model is because of its fair price, even though it is a high-end product. 

With the plethora of cool features and advantages at a pocket-friendly cost, the Flotec FP5172 tool stands to be my favorite sprinkler pump, and I would recommend it to all gardeners.

Wayne PLS100 – A Portable Wayne Sprinkler Pump for Your Lawn  4.8/5 

WAYNE PLS100 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump
  • Fitted with a handle for easy carrying
  • It has a fan cooling system that allows the pump to run for extended hours
  • It comes with a hose pipe adapter that ensures compatibility with a wide range of lawn hoses
  • It can deliver 850 gallons of water in an hour
  • It has a power-on switch for the convenient control

  • Somewhat heavy

Many lawn sprinkler pumps reviews name the Wayne company a big market player when it comes to durable pumping systems. The Wayne PLS100 model is a popular water pumping tool, and there are several reasons why Wayne sprinkler pumps are among my favorites. 

This portable tool is convenient to carry around, thanks to its lightweight and a strong handle. Also, this pump can run for longer periods compared to the majority of standard tools because it has a well-designed cooling system. 

Another awesome feature of this 1 hp sprinkler pump is that it comes with a hose pipe adapter. Thanks to this feature, this sprinkler booster pump is compatible with most hose pipes, and I find this option extremely convenient. 

This model can equally cope with watering small to large lawns because it can deliver up to 850 gallons of water every hour. It also features a power switch for comfortable control when in use.

The tool is energy-efficient, thanks to a cutting-edge motor design that maximizes the power output and minimizes the input consumption at the same time. When I need to irrigate my garden, I turn to this tool and stay assured of its remarkable performance.

Goulds Centrifugal – Among High-Quality Sprinkler Pumps 1.5 Hp  4.7/5 

Pump, Centrifugal, 1.5hp
  • It has an anti-rust coating that enhances its service life
  • A compact design for ease of carrying and storage
  • With a 1.5 hp rating, this product can pump water both vertically and horizontally
  • It features a high-duty motor
  • Power-efficient

  • Considerably pricy

Goulds is another market leader in the pumping systems area. It offers some of the best watering tools. This Gould sprinkler pump is a tool with some impeccable functionality and performance. This device is a great option to purchase, taking into account its leading-edge features and design.

If you are looking for an incredibly durable pump, this Gould Centrifugal model is an item to consider. It has a sturdy, anti-rust coating that helps in fostering the longevity of the tool. Moreover, the sprinkler pump is lightweight and portable, and the compact design allows one to carry the tool effortlessly.

If you want to make the use of groundwater, the 1.5 hp rating of the pump allows for vertical water pumping. Besides, this item has a high-duty and energy-efficient motor that minimizes power consumption when running.

I can’t remember a day when I spotted any significant functional failures of this model, and I can profoundly call it a highly reliable tool. It would make an incredible fit for your gardening needs, and I recommend the Goulds Centrifugal item to all gardeners and homeowners.

Red Lion RLSP-200 – A High-Capacity Sprinkler Water Pump  4.6/5 

Red Lion RLSP-200 Self-Priming High Capacity Sprinkler Pump, Cast Iron Pump, 2-HP 80-GPM
  • A powerful tool of 2 hp rating for intensive pumping tasks
  • It has a cutting-edge thermoplastic design that contributes to the durability and efficiency of the device
  • Easy to install and operate
  • It comes with a two-year warranty

  • A bit heavy to carry around

The Red Lion RLSP-200 model is a favorite tool of many professional gardeners around the world, thanks to its excellent performance. I would say that it is one of the best picks for watering large gardens, considering its generous 2 hp rating. Thanks to the durable thermoplastic impeller and diffuser, this pump will serve you for many years. 

This 2 hp sprinkler pump is simple to install. I want to note that the item also can deliver water to multiple sprinkler heads. Also, this electric sprinkler pump by Red Lion comes with a two-year warranty. Moreover, this highly-effective pump is retailed at a fair cost. 

Although this Red Lion sprinkler pump has a high power output, this product is energy-efficient and can reduce your electricity expenditures. Considering the number of times that I’ve used it, this model is a reliable sprinkler boost pump that I would recommend to homeowners with both small and large gardens.

Ace Cast Iron 1-1/2 Hp – A Great Sprinkler Pump for Medium-Sized Lawns  4.5/5 

Ace Cast Iron Sprinkler Pump
  • It has an optimal 33 GPM output flow that is efficient for a sizable lawn or garden
  • It has a durable outer corrosion-resistance coating for the enhanced longevity
  • It has switch controls for easy operation
  • Power-efficient
  • Compact

  • Somewhat heavy for its capacity

Ace sprinkler pumps are among the best-selling tools on the market today, and many users decided to purchase this equipment because of its satisfactory performance. Although it is compact, this device can deliver water to a middle-sized garden easily with its 33 GPM flow rating.

The Ace Cast Iron model is potent enough to pump groundwater, thanks to the powerful motor that can run for hours. The tool features a switch control that allows turning the pumping system on and off whenever needed. 

This Ace sprinkler pump is made from hardened iron and coated with an anti-rust material that makes the item durable. I would recommend it to the gardeners with small to medium-sized lawns.

Sta Rite Sprinkler Pump DS3HF – A Powerful 1.5 Hp Centrifugal Pump  4.4/5 

Sta-Rite DS3HF 1.5HP Centrifugal Pump
  • It has a self-priming functionality for a powerful performance
  • It is made of durable iron material
  • It has a 30 RMP output flow
  • It supports vertical pumping up to 25 meters
  • A compact size

  • A bit expensive

The Sta-Rite DS3HF sprinkler system pump is a commendable tool with a powerful performance. It also has a self-priming functionality that allows the pump to work efficiently, even when dealing with unclean water.

It is a durable tool, thanks to its sturdy build and an anti-corrosion coating. Also, the model is easy to carry around, as it is compact and manageable weight. Thus, one can carry the tool from one part of the garden to another easily. 

If you intend to use groundwater, this Sta Rite sprinkler pump will come in handy, as it can support pumping up to 25 meters. I would recommend the product mainly for its powerful performance and durable construction.

Types of Pumps and Their Specifics

There are two types of sprinkler pumps available on the market, and you can also spot some subtypes that are classified based on the functional mechanisms used. Let’s take a look at the centrifugal and booster water pumps for sprinklers and their specifics:

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps operate on rotating impellers. A central impeller is affixed on an axis and, once set in motion, pulls water into the pump and pushes it out through the outlet.

Centrifugal pumps are recommended for use with sprinklers, as they deliver a continuous flow of water at high speeds. 

Additionally, such tools can deliver water in larger volumes as compared to the second type of pumps.

The centrifugal pump designs include single-stage, double-stage, and multiple-stage models. The variations depend on the number of impellers used.

Positive Displacement Pumps 

Positive displacement pumps feature expandable diaphragms that contract and expand, pulling water into the system. Consequently, they push the water flow out through the discharge outlet.

Positive displacement pumps have their rotating plates moving at low speeds so that you can use them for high-pressure outputs. Such tools require advanced maintenance but deliver higher accuracy compared to the centrifugal ones.

How to Prime a Sprinkler Pump

If you have just purchased the tool, or it’s been a long time since you use it, the pump may lose its pressure with time. If you wonder how to prime a sprinkler pump from a lake or any other water source, check out the following tips.

If you want to prepare the purchased item for use, you need to follow a specific procedure. After performing all the steps described below, you will have a ready-to-use pump for your lawn irrigation needs.

  1. Switch off the power supply.
  2. Identify a fixture that facilitates access to the pump’s system.
  3. Check for the presence of damaged parts.
  4. Connect a hose to a separate water source.
  5. Open pressure valves.
  6. Connect the hose to the pump’s fixture.
  7. Remove the cover for sprinkler pump and run water.
  8. Ensure the pump’s internal tank is full.
  9. Turn off the tap at the source.
  10. Switch on the pump.
  11. Let it run for a while.
  12. Now, the pump is primed.

How to Install a Booster Pump for Sprinklers

Are you wondering how to go about the installation process? Here is a helpful step-by-step guide on how to install sprinkler pump.

Useful Guidelines for an Easy Installation of Your Pump

The process is not as complex as many people may think. For example, when performing a Flotec sprinkler pump installation, you need to follow only a few steps. Nevertheless, you should carefully examine the instructions of your tool if you want to install it on the first try.

  1. Assess the flow requirements of the pump that fit your garden’s size.
  2. Connect the sprinkler pump with the water source.
  3. Place the controller in a safe location away from direct sunlight.
  4. Prime the pump before use. 
  5. Power on the tool to irrigate your lawn or garden.

How to Go About Sprinkler Pump Troubleshooting

In case you find yourself in a situation when your sprinkler pump runs but no water comes out, you may wonder how to fix your equipment. If you have an issue with your sprinkler pump not pumping water, it is possible to do the troubleshooting by yourself. 

Getting a plumber to fix a minor issue may lead to unnecessary expenditures. One can first try to figure out the problem before seeking some professional help. Here are my recommendations on how you can try to fix your tool: 

  1. Power off the pumping system.
  2. Check if the circuit breaker is in the off position.
  3. Assess the exterior connections of the pump.
  4. Ensure that the sanction hose is attached to the tool.
  5. Prime the device.
  6. Remove solid particles from the vents.
  7. Ensure that all plugs are intact.
  8. Power on the pumping system.

By following these steps, you can safely identify functionality failures of the device. In case the sprinkler pump still doesn’t deliver water, contact the manufacturer.

What Is Your Preferred Sprinkler Pump? 

Using a good sprinkler pump is vital in ensuring optimal garden irrigation. When choosing a tool for your lawn or garden, keep in mind the recommendations provided above. Make sure to check the pump`s horsepower rating, its type, compatibility with hoses, and RPM before making a purchase. 

In my opinion, the Flotec FP5172 1.5 hp sprinkler pump is the best option out of the six items reviewed here. Which manufacturer of watering systems is your preferred one? Have you used any boost pump for sprinkler system mentioned here? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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