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Purely Organic Lawn Food: Best Lawn Fertilizer in 2024?



by Bryan Mckenzie


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Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful lawn that gracefully complements their house design. However, many individuals are left frustrated with unsatisfactory results delivered by substandard lawn food products.

That’s why I have decided to recommend the best product that helped me to maintain my garden for years. In this Purely Organic Lawn Food review, I want not only to highlight the advantages of this fertilizer but also give you informative details on how to apply it and take care of your yard.

Comprehensive Review of Purely Organic Lawn Food

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As the product name suggests, it is manufactured using organic components only. It is a safe product that delivers fantastic results. You can find many positive Purely Organic Lawn Food reviews by homeowners all over the country, thanks to its working formula.

When it comes to Purely Organic Lawn Food ingredients, I want to specify that this fertilizer contains non-synthetic phosphorus with a 10-0-2 parts composition. It also has corn derivatives and soy-based elements. The entire formula consists of natural nutrients ideal for the healthy growth of grass.

Sports entities in stadiums have used Purely Organic Lawn Food fertilizer for a long time to maintain fields and keep them lush. Its results are satisfying, as this fertilizer is efficient in keeping grass thick and green without any traces of scorch. Also, it has antimicrobial properties that foster the overall health of yards and gardens. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of four applications in a given season for better growth results.

When it comes to the application process, there are two options on how to go about it. You can go the traditional way and use your hands to spread the lawn food on the grass. I’m not fond of this method much, as it is not only tedious when dealing with large yards but also results in an uneven distribution of the product. With time, you might spot strange growth patterns because of the initial uneven distribution of the fertilizer.

Purely Organic Lawn Food

The second method is to use a spreader. One can go for either a rotary or drop tool. Using a spreader is advantageous for saving time and obtaining an even distribution of the product. If you need a detailed Purely Organic Lawn Food broadcast spreader setting, you can find recommendations on the manufacturer’s website. From my experience, 4-8 lbs. of the fertilizer should be enough for 1000 ft2 in a single application.

Make sure that you water it as soon as you apply the fertilizer. It is essential to ensure that the yard stays moist within four days after the application. It will enhance the proper infiltration of the fertilizer into the soil and also boost the root growth of the grass.

As this product comprises of the organic constituents only, it is safe not only for grass but also for humans and pets per physical contact. It does not have a burning effect and, therefore, can be applied as many times as needed without harming the grass. The multi-application of this product multiple times will only result in thicker grass coverage.

However, it is worth mentioning that this solution is not suitable for consumption and should, therefore, be kept away from kids and pets. Overall, the safety and naturalness of this lawn food are the reasons why it is among my favorite fertilizer products.

  • Does not scorch the grass
  • Doesn’t have an unpleasant odor, thanks to the 0% manure content
  • Economical, as the 25lbs package is sufficient for application on a 5000 ft2 area
  • Partly comprises 100% non-synthetic phosphorus
  • There’s no limit to the number of applications
  • An affordable yet very effective option
  • The package is a bit bulky

Purely Organic Lawn Food VS Ringer Lawn Restore

When comparing the Purely Organic Lawn Food with the Ringer Lawn Restore, I can say that both products are wholly organic and have a similar application rate. Both packages weigh 25 pounds, and each is sufficient for application on a 5000 ft2 area.

They do not have a scorching effect and, thus, are safe for multiple applications on the grass. The application processes are similar, and the products produce similar results. However, Ringer item is close to being three times costlier than Purely Organic fertilizer. On this note, I would go for my preferred choice, as it is affordable and, at the same time, provides the same fantastic results.

Purely Organic Lawn Food VS Milorganite

Similar to my all-time favorite product, Milorganite fertilizer is organic. This product does not dehydrate gardens and facilitates the rapid growth of evenly green grass. Both products are easy to apply, either by hand or using a spreader.

The application can be made as many times as needed over the year. It is thanks to the safety of the ingredients of both fertilizers. Though their price ranges are similar, the product that I recommend comes in a larger package than the Milorganite that weighs just 10.25 pounds. In this regard, the Purely Organic solution offers value for your money when compared to Milorganite fertilizer.

Purely Organic Lawn Food FAQ

Purely Organic Lawn

Is Purely Organic Lawn Food safe for dogs?

This product does not cause harm to dogs per physical contact. However, it is not safe to eat for dogs and should, therefore, be kept away from all pets. This product contains corn and soy derivatives that may be allergic to pets.

Can I put the Purely Organic product on dry soil?

The manufacturer recommends watering the soil soon after the application of the fertilizer. It is needed to ensure that the product gets quickly absorbed into it. Also, the company recommends keeping the yard moist for four days after the application.

The Best Option to Choose

Over the years, I’ve tried many fertilizers ranging from the high-end products to the cheap ones on the market, but the Purely Organic option stands to be my preferred product. The Purely Organic Lawn Food Lowes is unbelievably pocket-friendly, and this characteristic does not translate to a compromise on the fertilizer’s quality. From time to time, I use Purely Organic Liquid Lawn Food on my lawn, as it is fast to apply.

Regardless of how many times one applies it, this fertilizer never burns grass, thanks to its organic constituents. What challenges have you faced with fertilizers? Which other fertilizers have you used before? Share your remarks in the comment section below.

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