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How to Use Leaf Blower: Step-by-Step Guide



by Bryan Mckenzie


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So, you’ve bought a brand new leaf blower and can’t wait to start cleaning up your yard. But do not rush to just turn on the device and chaotically blow leaves. Yes, this kind of cleaning is not the most challenging process, but it has some nuances and requires special preparation. I will tell you how to use a leaf blower so that you can perform a quality cleaning and, most importantly, not harm your health. My step-by-step guide will help you avoid the mistakes of using a leaf blower and beautify your yard after your first cleaning.

A Guide on How to Use a Leaf Blower Properly

  1. Learn the leaf blower technique.
  2. Make sure weather conditions allow you to do the cleanup.
  3. Clear the yard from the garbage.
  4. Prepare the necessary tools.
  5. Wear covered clothing, a mask, and goggles.
  6. Check the leaf blower for readiness.
  7. Start it up and clean up the leaves.
  8. Use the leaves as a fertilizer or take them to a designated area.

How to Use a Leaf Blower Correctly

Working Leaf Blower

As I said, it’s not enough to turn on the blower and pick up leaves. It’s a process that goes through several steps. So let me give you some leaf blower tips. First, you need to check the tool. If it’s battery-powered, make sure it’s charged. If the blower runs on gasoline, check for it in a special compartment. Try turning on the tool briefly to see if it works. If you are sure there is nothing wrong with the blower, go to the next steps:

  • Check your yard for foreign objects, such as branches and sticks. Your child may have scattered toys on the lawn. Anything that can pick up air currents is worth removing.
  • Make a cleaning plan. Choose a place where you would like to start. Usually, these are places under trees or near bushes.
  • Think about where you will collect the leaves. If you want to put them in one big pile, that’s not a good idea. It is much more convenient to divide the leaves into several parts. Life hack for picking up leaves faster — put a tarp and blow them right on it.
  • Prepare additional tools, such as gloves, rakes, and bags, in advance.
  • Take care of your protective clothing. Wear a mask and goggles to protect your face and eyes. Yard-cleaning clothes should completely cover your hands and feet. You may need earplugs as the device is quite loud.
  • Turn on the leaf blower to adjust the power. The airflow should not be too weak but also not make the leaves whirl in your yard.
  • Start picking up leaves gradually by holding the leaf blower at a low angle to the ground. Move the device to the left and right as if drawing a semicircle around yourself.
  • Even if you have the newest and most powerful blower, do not test it to its limits. Make sure that the device does not overheat during operation.
  • It’s excellent if your blower has a vacuum mode. You can complete the finishing touches by using it to vacuum leaves in hard-to-reach areas.

The weather does matter

Three leaf blowers

Besides how to blow leaves off your lawn, you need to know when it’s appropriate. When the leaves are wet, they are hard to collect with a leaf blower. If it rained the day before you plan to clean, wait until the yard is dry before you start.

Windy weather does not create the best conditions for leaf swabbing either. You should wait for a quiet day. Or make sure the wind is blowing in the same direction you can blow the leaves.

What to do after harvesting leaves

If you are an experienced gardener, you can use the collected leaves as compost. But if you don’t plan to do that, it’s better to check with your local municipality about the procedure. There are cases when you can leave bags next to your garbage cans during a specific season, and a special service will pick them up. If not, there must be a designated place in your city where you can take the garbage yourself. Just find out where it is located. It is worth collecting this information before you start cleaning the yard so that you do not wonder what to do with piles of leaves.

These were the primary tips on how to blow leaves correctly. The list of actions may not be small, but don’t let it scare you. Only at first glance it seems that this process is too complicated. Do these leaf blower tricks once, and next time you will do the cleaning quickly and smoothly, like a real professional.

Wide leaf blower

FAQ About Using a Leaf Blower

I hope you will find my step-by-step guide helpful. I also want to share with you frequent questions.

Is there a technique for leaf blowing?

You should follow a few rules to move the leaves forward instead of blowing them chaotically in different directions. Hold the blower at a not-too-great angle to the ground. That way, the air will go under the leaves instead of blowing directly on them. Also, don’t hold the blower too high off the ground.

How do you pick up leaves with a leaf blower?

You should pick the leaves up by directing the air stream at them by moving the blower from side to side. It’s best to start where there are trees and gradually collect the leaves in small piles. In hard-to-duplicate areas, such as tiles or corners, you may need a vacuum mode. Don’t aim to remove every last leaf. A little yellow foliage will only beautify your yard.

How do you start a leaf blower?

There are different types of blowers: electric, battery, and gas. Since their principle of operation is somewhat different, the starting procedure will also be different. But it is not complicated and will always be described in the manual.

Taking Out the Leaves Is Easy!

Let fall no longer be a time when you’re stressed about having to clean up the leaves. If you do it with modern equipment, you won’t find the process so challenging. The main thing to remember is that cleaning your yard with a leaf blower is not only a matter of keeping it clean. That also applies to your safety. Stick to the guide I described in this article to avoid making gross mistakes and clean your yard effectively.

Do you already use a leaf blower in your yard? Share your operating tips.

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