Best Push Lawn Sweeper in 2021: Top 5 Products for a Neat Yard

All house owners know that lawn maintenance is an important part of their daily routine. You can pick up fallen leaves or clipped grass by hand using a rake, or you can opt for a more modern method and buy a push lawn sweeper. This tool is easy to operate and has a fairly simple working principle.

Top Pick
Sun Joe AJ801E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric...
There is a scarifier function
My review
Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push...
Extra lightweight
My review
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S 26-Inch...
Spacious bag
My review

After testing several products, I can confidently say that Sun Joe AJ801E is the best push lawn sweeper. It makes cleaning a backyard faster and more efficient. You’ll find a helpful buyer’s guide and reviews on five great models to look out for in my article.

5 Best Push Lawn Sweepers

On my list, you will find exclusively electrical and mechanical devices since they are the most environmentally friendly and safe to use.

My Top Pick: Sun Joe AJ801E

This model is equipped with a 12Amp motor, which will speed up the collection of leaves. The cutting width is 12.6 inches, and the deck height can be adjusted to suit your needs. Debris is stored in an 8-gallon bag at the unit back.

A sharp dethatcher is installed here to help you achieve better grass growth. An outlet powers the device, so your movement is limited by the power cord length (1 foot). Despite the electric motor, in my opinion, this tool is more suitable for small or medium-sized yards.

  • Increased power;
  • There is a scarifier function;
  • Maneuverable.
  • Short cord;
  • Small bag.

2. Most Lightweight Push Leaf Sweeper: Earthwise 21″

Manual tools such as Earthwise 21” LSW70021 are the most environmentally friendly devices. And so that you don’t have to put extra effort to control it, this model is made very lightweight (only 13 pounds). It is equipped with a 21-inch brush with fine plastic bristles that collects about 80% of the debris in one pass.

Its sweeping height is easily adjusted with a comfortable handle at the front of the case. I especially like that this tool has a large collecting bag, 2.6 bushels.

  • Large bag;
  • Extra lightweight;
  • Wide brush.
  • Thin wheels.

3. Widest Manual Lawn Sweeper: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 26″

If you are the owner of a large yard or many trees are growing on your site, I advise you to pay attention to Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S. It features one of the widest brushes (26 inches) I have tested.

There is also a spacious 3.6 bushels bag, so you won’t be distracted from work to shake it out. This model has a sturdy body and steel handle, yet it is quite lightweight and maneuverable. The brush height can be adjusted depending on the terrain.

  • Wide brush;
  • Spacious bag;
  • Affordable price.
  • Not suitable for heavy debris.

4. Pushable Leaf Sweeper with the Biggest Bag: Agri-Fab 26″

Like the previous model on my list, I find this tool to be suitable for larger lawns. It has a collecting bag of incredible size; its volume is 5.6 bushels. It is the best indicator on my list. This amount of fall leaves can be used as fertilizer for your plants.

Besides, there are also four sturdy metal brushes with a total width of 26 inches. In my opinion, it is even capable of handling wet debris and small stones.

  • Huge bag;
  • Durable brushes;
  • Solid housing;
  • Ideal for large lawns.
  • A bit pricey.

5. Push Yard Sweeper with Cutting Grass Function: SAMGER S 26″

This product is two units in one: a manual mower and a sweeper. With it, you can cut the grass in your area and collect it immediately in a small bag. Since the control is manual, it works quietly and does not emit exhaust gases. Of course, this option is not suitable for large yards.

However, if you have a small lawn or flower beds, it will be a great choice. The unit is equipped with a 6-gallon bag and five sharp blades that have a 12-inch cutting width. The deck height can be adjusted from 0.45 to 1.77 inches.

  • Easy to use;
  • Quiet;
  • Budget-friendly.
  • For small areas only.

Manual Lawn Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

I find the push lawn sweepers a handy tool that is worth the money. It can relieve you of calluses and back pain from frequent use of the rake.

push lawn sweeper

What is a push lawn sweeper?

It is a simple device for picking grass, leaves, twigs, and acorns quickly and efficiently. You set it in motion and control the tool manually.

How does a lawn sweeper work?

The lawn sweepers’ design is reminiscent of a manual lawn mower, and the principle of operation is like with a conventional rake. Built-in brushes move when you push a tool forward. It sweeps and collects debris that gets in its way into a bag at the back. Almost no effort is required on your part, especially if it is equipped with good wheels that will go over any surface.

Push lawn sweeper usage tips

Manually operated sweepers are suitable for picking up light leaves, grass, small branches but may not handle rocks, pinecones, or wet debris. Therefore, it is better to pick up the big stuff by hand, and wet leaves should dry. If you have heavy-duty work ahead, I recommend choosing the best pull behind lawn sweeper models. I also advise you to use push tools only on mowed lawns; otherwise, brush teeth will get stuck in the grass.

Manual Lawn Sweeper FAQ

In this section, I have answered questions from my readers regarding push sweepers.

push lawn sweeper

Do push lawn sweepers work?

Yes, they do an excellent job of picking leaves, dry grass, and even acorns. If you are looking for a conventional rake replacement, this tool will definitely make your gardening more comfortable.

What should I look for in a push lawn sweeper?

Before buying, estimate the amount of work ahead. It determines a device’s width, the bristles’ material, collecting bag size, and a handle’s comfort. If your yard has many trees, especially oak trees, I recommend looking for the models with a motor.

Which is better, a lawn sweeper or bagger?

It also depends on your needs. For big areas with a large amount of different debris, it is better to choose a lawn sweeper. Typically, a lawn bagger is smaller and may not handle pinecones and branches.

Best Lawn Sweepers to Keep Your Backyard Tidy

Raking leaves and cut grass is essential not only for the beauty of your lawn but also for its health. Therefore, buying a lawn sweeper is a really worthwhile investment. From my experience, Sun Joe AJ801E is the best product that, due to its power and functionality, can easily replace a rake, a scarifier, and a bagger. Other models on my list are manual but no less effective. I hope my push lawn sweeper reviews will help you find a suitable tool.

Please share your opinion about the yard sweepers. Do you use them? If so, which model do you think is the best?

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