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John Deere Lawn Sweeper Review: The Essentials



by Bryan Mckenzie


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People curious about John Deere lawn sweeper review usually suffer from the numerous leaves that gather around their yards every fall or even the whole year around. A lawn sweeper helps to solve this problem. John Deere sweepers are known for their high quality and durability.

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This American-based company gained popularity a long time ago, and they managed to double it, raising the audience. However, you have to find a tool that suits you the most. I offer a couple of options you may need in your yard, so check them out. Find out what you need in a lawn sweeper, whether it is the simplicity of work or wideness of territory that the sweeper cleans.

2 Best John Deere Lawn Sweepers Reviewed

I have picked two models that I consider to be the most beneficial ones. I’ve made a detailed review on each John Deere grass sweeper. Check their main features to understand, which is the most suitable.

John Deere 42” Lawn Sweeper Tow-Behind — Top Pick

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John Deer is a company with a rich history and recognition around the States. It was founded in 1837 as a small family business. Now you may recognize their logo on hundreds of tools, machines, equipment for gardens and fields. Since their products are considered to be prime, the price on the sweeper is slightly higher compared to the similar machines.

You receive a guarantee for 2 years. The main feature is considered to be its 6-brush design. You don’t have to upload this model frequently due to the high capacity. Besides, you don’t have to stand up from your tractor when you want to empty the bag with leaves. All you need is to find the perfect spot to do it and pull the cord.

I appreciate the high tip velocity in this model. The brushes move smoothly, swiping everything on the way. They even place the objects heavier than leaves in the hamper. It is great since lots of leaves on the ground can be damp after the rain. Not many sweepers have 6 brushes of 11 inches instead of standard 4. There is an exclusive self-storing feature patented by the John Deere company.

  • 6 brushes;
  • Powerful force that moves even heavy objects;
  • Easy-to-release bag;
  • Simple in use;
  • Well-known developer.
  • The price is higher compared to the ordinary lawn sweepers.

John Deere Yard Sweeper LPSTS42JD — With 17 ft3 Hamper

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John Deere company provides a 1-year warranty for this model. They have added their exclusive self-storing ability to the sweeper. The company’s reputation can be enough to order the tool. Yet, they have stuffed this machine with numerous advantages.

The sweeper itself weighs 77 pounds. But it is pretty transportable with heavy-duty wheels that can bring you even through the high grass. Like the previous model on the list, this one also has an increased tip velocity.

All 6 brushes of 11 inches move with great power and can lift even apples or branches off the ground. There is no skipping in the work of these brushes. The sweeping path is 41 inches, which is wide enough to remove all the leaves from the lawn quickly. This machine is universal and can be attached to any tractor.

My favorite part about this sweeper is that it clears all the territory you need. If you want to skip cleaning on some surfaces, you can quickly stop the device. This model is reliable and durable. You can use it even after the rain. It will still be able to gather all the leaves.

  • There is a unique self-storing option;
  • 6 brushes to gather all the leaves;
  • The bag can be reduced from the tractor;
  • The sweeping path is 42 inches wide;
  • High reliability.
  • The price is slightly higher compared to ordinary lawn sweepers.

John Deere Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

Whether you need a John Deere 44 inch lawn sweeper or a 42-inch model, you still have to learn everything about the tool. It is crucial to find out which features you get and which of them you really need. This is why I decided to provide you with this simple buyer’s guide.

What is a John Deere lawn sweeper?

John Deere sweeper is an advanced tool for cleaning your lawn from the leaves. This sweeper is made by a company that has produced machine equipment since 1837. John Deere started as a small company in Illinois, and now they are one of the biggest developers of agricultural equipment. Each John Deere leaf sweeper has a warranty and a quality mark.

Why do you need a John Deere lawn sweeper?

If you have a tractor, a huge lawn, and live near the trees with numerous leaves, pine needles, or thick bushes, you probably dream about a lawn sweeper. This device is also powerful enough to gather heavier objects, like tree branches or damp leaves. Besides, the practice has shown that raking leaves and back pain are closely connected.

The best part with a lawn sweeper is that you can put the rake away and forget about the pain in the back that appears each time you clean the yard.

How does John Deere lawn sweeper work?

There is nothing complicated about its work. Simply attach the lawn sweeper John Deere developed to the tractor, and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to empty the bag when it is full.

Questions About Sweepers

Read the questions that other customers frequently ask before ordering a sweeper. Perhaps you want to ask the same. I hope my answers will help you.

What are the main features of John Deere lawn sweeper?

John Deere lawn sweepers are powerful tools in your yard. They have 6 brushes that clear the lawn in no time. To get rid of the leaves in the bag, just pull the cord. There is also a self-storing feature.

What is the main competitor of the John Deere brand?

I can say that the Ohio Steel company provides pretty powerful lawn sweepers as well. There are numerous developers in this area; however, you may find that John Deere keeps their quality too high to compete with. So you can’t grow the lawn peacefully.

The Best of John Deere Sweepers

It is hard to say which of these two lawn sweepers deserves your attention the most. I believe both of them are great. I have two of these models and always recommend them to my friends and colleagues. If you previously used John Deere’s equipment, you might understand what I am talking about.

Don’t rush with a decision, read the pros and cons. Choose which one you need. If you tried one of these sweepers on your lawn, share your thoughts in the comments below. Which one do you like the most? Is it helpful?

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