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Best Electric Hedge Trimmer for Your Garden in 2024



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If you prefer green hedges instead of traditional fences, the best electric hedge trimmer is an indispensable item for your site. Such a barrier looks very attractive but needs appropriate maintenance. To give the bushes a neat look and shape, you need a special tool, namely the best electric bush trimmer. However, choosing the most suitable tool for your garden can be a challenging task.

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Here you can read the electric hedge trimmer reviews for the best models on the market. There is also a buyer’s guide that can help you choose the proper trimmer for your needs.

5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Reviewed

  1. BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer – Top Pick
  2. WORX WG261.9 20V Power Share 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Runner-Up
  3. Sun Joe SJH902E 21-in 4-Amp Multi-Angle Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer – Premium Option
  4. Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Corded Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer
  5. EGO Power+ HT2400 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

An electric trimmer is equipped with a motor, making it more powerful and efficient than a manual trimmer. You can use it regularly and for a long time.

1. BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 — Top Electric Hedge Trimmer

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This item is suitable for the complete maintenance of the garden and hedges. It is equipped with a quality saw, making it the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches. The half-meter long double-sided blade provides comfortable work. The distance between the teeth is 22 mm. The handle is ergonomically rubberized, and hands will not slip on it. It provides you with very reliable protection against accidental start-up.

A high level of reliability characterizes this protective system. The tool weighs 4.2 pounds, which allows you to cut foliage and branches even at significant heights. It is also compact, so you can easily store it with your tools. It’s not necessary to have a separate storage venue for this trimmer.

I like that this trimmer can be easily operated even in an upright position with raised arms. In this case, the hands do not get tired too much. You can protect yourself from small branches that pour in different directions using a special shield. The double-sided blade allows me to work quickly and saves me many hours. I can use this trimmer for the hedge and care for my trees and shrubs. Therefore, I can admit that this item is quite versatile.

  • Powerful;
  • Works with thick branches;
  • No exhaust gas;
  • Double-sided blade.
  • The cable is short.

2. WORX WG261.9 — Best Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

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This model from WORX is a compact cordless trimmer that is easy to use. The cutting blade is 22 inches long. The tool is excellent for tall hedges where every inch counts. At the same time, this trimmer is powerful and easy to operate. The blades move back and forth and have a double action. They provide a clean-cut result without strong vibrations.

The tool weighs 5 pounds, so that anyone can work with it. I can cut through thick branches without repeating the movement several times. This electric garden trimmer has very high performance, especially for cordless tools. Due to the D-shaped handle, you can easily tilt the blade to trim the bushes’ tops and sides. At the same time, this handle is comfortable to hold.

To use the trimmer, you have to assemble it first. But that’s not a problem, just connect the guard and the front handle. It took me a few minutes. The battery charges quickly, but there is no indicator. So you have to guess how much time is left before the instrument is discharged. You also have to define when it is fully charged by yourself. Of course, over time, you can track and determine the operating time roughly for yourself, but this is not as convenient as with the indicator. Anyway, this is a good trimmer at an affordable price.

  • Powerful;
  • Easy to use;
  • Compact;
  • Affordable price.
  • No battery life indicator.

3. Sun Joe SJH902E — Top Electric Hedge Trimmers with Telescopic Pole

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It is an ideal tool for working with tall hedges. The main feature of this trimmer is its telescopic pole. The maximum length is 7.9 feet. So it will be convenient for you to work with a hedge of any height. The head is also adjustable, making the tool agile and easy to use.

Sun Joe also has a powerful 4-Amp engine. This is enough so that you can work quickly and not repeat the same movement over and over again. This corded electric hedge trimmer also features a 21-inch double-action blade. Thanks to such knives, this tool is durable and easy-to-hold in a stable position. Moreover, these blades are made of rust-resistant steel. This is an excellent option for working with tall hedges and trees, as well as in hard-to-reach areas.

This trimmer is easy to maintain. After use, you can wipe the blades, cleaning them from the remnants of branches and leaves. You can also wipe down the handle to keep it slippery over time.

  • Telescopic pole;
  • Huge blade;
  • Powerful.
  • The assembly can be quite challenging.

4. Earthwise CVPH41018 — Lightweight Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Earthwise features 2.8 amps of power. It is a two-in-one tool that includes a hand trimmer. So you don’t need any additional tools. The 18-inch blade cuts through even wide branches with ease. You will also be able to work in hard-to-reach places, bushes, and trees. You don’t need to charge the trimmer, so you can work as long as you want.

The trimmer head is adjustable, and you can choose from as many as six different positions. By selecting an angle of 150, you can work without bending over or squatting. The back does not get tired, which is just excellent. The device weighs about 10 pounds, so it’s quite lightweight to work with comfort.

This trimmer is eco-friendly. It is connected to the network. The overall carbon footprint is reduced. It’s easy to care, like for other electric models. The blades are durable and equipped with aluminum support.

  • Lightweight;
  • Adjustable head;
  • Durable.
  • Relatively expensive.

5. EGO Power+ HT2400 — Affordable Electric Hedge Trimmer

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The EGO Power trimmer features a 24-inch double reciprocating blade that is perfect for trimming hedges up to an inch in diameter. You receive a 56 V battery in the kit for a moderate price, which lasts for an hour. There is also an electric brake; it’s a special technology for your safety.

This battery is compatible with other products of this brand. This trimmer is powerful enough. Its blades are made of hardened steel. The blades perform up to 3000 strokes per minute. It means that you can trim your shrubs and hedges fast. Besides, this trimmer stimulates their growth after cutting.

The handle is quite massive and comfortable. The hands do not slip, which means you should not be afraid to drop the tool accidentally. Assembling it is also not difficult and will take only a few minutes. You don’t need an extension cord to work, so you can handle hedges or trees from either side in the position that suits you.

  • Fast cutting;
  • Safe;
  • The battery is compatible with other brand items.
  • Suitable only for 1 working hour.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a proper hedge trimmer could be challenging, even if you read hedge trimmers electric reviews. Here I will tell you about the most significant characteristics you should take into account.

How to choose the best electric hedge trimmer for your needs?

Electric hedge trimmers are prized for their ease of maintenance. There is no need to fill in gasoline and check the oil level. But there are some parameters that every gardener has to keep in mind while using the tool.

  • Power

All electric brush cutters have different power ratings. It is best to choose the most powerful model that suits your needs. This will save you time and help you work with high precision.

  • Noise

This type of instrument usually does not make much noise. But before buying one, it is worth checking the noise level. Some areas have strict rules as for the level of noise, so you might want to check this aspect before all the neighbors know you have a new hedge trimmer.

  • Weight

This is the first thing to consider when purchasing a hedge trimmer. Electric models are usually lightweight, but you should still feel comfortable holding them with your arms outstretched.

  • Maneuverability

This parameter greatly depends on the design details. The trimmer handle must be covered with a non-slip material. You also have to take into account the size and the height of your hedge. If the fence is tall, look for the models with a telescopic handle and a long blade. The best hedge trimmer electric option lets you work with tall hedges without a ladder.

What about the extras?

In addition to the engine and blades, the hedge trimmer should have a comfortable handle for grip. Your fingers and forearms should not strain since this affects the quality of work and its duration. An important indicator is a stopping speed. Many brands equip the hedge trimmer with an instant stop function for safe operation. A sharp knife stops in hundredths of a second.

An indicator of top-rated electric hedge trimmers is a protection against accidental start. The trimmer model with shields protects the operator from accidental bouncing of the tool, which is very convenient and safe in operation.

If your hedge is tall, consider using a trimmer with a telescopic handle. In this case, the ladder is unnecessary for you. Expensive hedge trimmers from well-known brands have a unique water level feature for even cutting (parallel to the ground).

Electric Hedge Trimmer FAQ

EGO Power+ HT2400 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge TrimmerIn this section, you can get the answers to the most popular questions about an electric trimmer for bushes. This information can help you choose the one that will satisfy your trimming demands.

Which is better, electric or battery hedge trimmer?

Electric hedge trimmers must be permanently connected to the mains supply, as they are powered by it. The working radius of such tools is limited. To trim bushes from all directions, you need an extension cord. Cordless trimmers are handy, lightweight, and easy to use. You just recharge the battery from the mains and get a great mobile device. Of course, the charging time is limited, and the power is not very high, but it is an excellent option for small branches.

How to take care of my electric hedge trimmer?

It is necessary to clean the tool after use, paying more attention to the cutting parts. A damp cloth is suitable for this. It will do a great job with dirt, leaves, and twigs that can get stuck between the tines. I also recommend using a special care oil or spray. For better distribution, turn on the appliance for a few minutes.

Pick Up the Best Trimmer for Perfect Hedge

The electric trimmer is modern and easy to use. It is also more environmentally-friendly than the petrol models. To my mind, BLACK + DECKER BEHT100 is the most versatile and powerful option. You can also use it to cut thicker branches. Besides, this is one of the lightest trimmers, which many users find convenient.

How do you care for your hedge? Do you trim it regularly? Have you used any of the devices on the list? Share your experience with trimmers and gardening in the comments section. You are welcome to leave any questions on the topic as well.

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