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Making your lawn free of weeds is not so challenging nowadays. You can purchase diverse fertilizers and chemicals that kill weeds in hours. However, many of them are dangerous for your pets. You can’t constantly control where your dog or cat runs and what it eats.

That’s why it’s much simpler to choose pet-friendly weed and feed. Such products are as efficient as other alternatives, but they are safe for the environment. They do not harm not only cats and dogs, but also plants, water, and soil. Here are the top products on the market and some tips for their application.

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5 Best Pet-Friendly Weed and Feed Reviewed

  1. Doctor Kirchner – Best Weed Killer Safe for Pets
  2. Just For Pets – Fast-Drying Pet-Safe Lawn Fertilizer
  3. Espoma – Premium-Quality Animal-Safe Weed Killer
  4. ECO Garden PRO – Easy-to-Use Animal-Friendly Weed Killer
  5. No products found. – Durable Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

In these reviews, we have chosen the most reliable weed killers on the market now. It’s significant to consider the products with top quality for higher effectiveness.

1. Doctor Kirchner – Best Weed Killer Safe for Pets

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This brand started from a proven formula and a simple marketing plan. Nowadays, it has won the Small Environmental Business of the year award. Doctor Kirchner strives to produce natural pet-friendly products, and this weed killer is our top choice today.

This spray consists of ocean saltwater, food-grade commercial vinegar, and some soap. Such a formula is safe for pets. What is more, it’s not dangerous for kids and won’t harm the plants you don’t want to kill. The weed starts to wither after a few hours of this product’s application. However, some types of weeds need a whole day to lose all the water and become brown.

Doctor Kirchner Natural WeedGrass Killer

You can use Doctor Kirchner’s treatment in flower and mulch beds, crop beds, and farmlands. It even kills the weeds in the seams of cement and pavers. Therefore, you can make all your garden clean and not be afraid that your dog or cat might suffer from the chemicals.

The product is available in various sizes. If you have a small backyard, you can get an option of 32 oz. However, if your garden is large, you may purchase the 320-oz bottle. The smaller containers have a convenient spray head. By the way, the formula remains active for a long time. You can leave it on the shelf for another year, and it will still be efficient. We have used this product several times to cope with weeds in the yard, and it worked perfectly well.

  • Safe for pets and kids;
  • Works quickly;
  • Long-lasting formula;
  • Available in diverse sizes.
  • Quite expensive.

2. Just For Pets – Fast-Drying Pet-Safe Lawn Fertilizer

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The developers of Just For Pets products have their own pets, so they know for sure how to create an ideal formula that won’t harm animals but effectively kill weeds. By the way, part of each Just For Pets sale goes to the animal shelters.

This product is ready to use. You just need to spray it on the weeds and wait a few hours. It includes some common ingredients like vinegar, salt, clove oil, citric acid, and lemon juice. The pesticide is free of glyphosate.

You can use it for various weed types, even those with thick and solid stems. The formula kills the weed roots too. So, they won’t spread after you eliminate them – there is no need to use the product quite frequently.

The biggest plus of this killer is that it dries really fast. So, your pets won’t even have a chance to smell it. The formula is also safe for the yard – it doesn’t harm water and other plants. Overall, this product is ideal for weeds that have grown big, especially when they have thick roots and stems.

  • Simple and safe formula;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Ready-to-use product;
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Available in a single volume option.

3. Espoma – Premium-Quality Animal-Safe Weed Killer

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Espoma is among the companies that have been on the market for almost a decade. Its history started with one organic product, and now they produce a huge variety of pesticides and fertilizers. Their weed preventer is one of the most effective items on the market today.

The product is made of corn gluten meal, so it’s not dangerous for your pets and kids. The formula also contains some slow-release nitrogen. Thanks to it, your lawn will become thicker and greener after the product’s application. You should use the weed killer twice a year, in the early spring and fall.

With this pet-friendly grass fertilizer, you can prevent the most common weeds like crabgrass and dandelions. They won’t spread after you use the item as its formula stops the root development so that the weeds die.

The product works quickly; the result is noticeable after one day. Also, one package can cover a large area. 25 lbs of the item are enough for 1250 sq, and you can store the remnants for the next year. For easier application, Espoma offers a ready-to-use granulated type of killer. It is highly effective if you want to prevent weeds or cope with little shoots. Our friends applied it as prevention, and they didn’t see weeds for a long time.

  • Feeds your lawn with nitrogen;
  • Copes with common weeds;
  • You can store it for a long time;
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Can be ineffective for untypical weeds.

4. ECO Garden PRO – Easy-to-Use Animal-Friendly Weed Killer

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ECO Garden Pro concentrates on weed killer pet-safe solutions. Their products are completely non-toxic. They are safe for pets, kids, water, fish, and any other living creatures. So, you can use this weed killer everywhere you need: on mulch and beds, farmlands, parking lots, concrete, etc.

This fertilizer consists of natural white vinegar, rock salt, fermentation-derived cofactors, and biodegradable plant activators. Such a formula is ready to use. You neither need to mix it nor add some water. You will see the result after 24 hours. This product is perfect for eliminating most weed types you can deal with like clover, dandelions, thistle, moss, chickweed, and others.

You can apply it anywhere because it’s safe for the environment. Your pets can freely walk in the garden. Also, the fertilizer neither harms the plants in your garden nor spoils the groundwater. It has no phosphates, so it doesn’t damage the soil either. This product is perfect if you have a lot of plants and water reservoirs in your garden, and your soil needs some fertilizer.

  • Ready-to-use formula;
  • Works in one day;
  • Safe for your pets and lawn;
  • Works with most weeds.
  • It takes more time for fertilizer to dry.

5. Scotts – Durable Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

No products found.

A thick and green lawn is what Scotts’ company strives for. Their products are made from natural ingredients harmful only to weeds. This pet-safe weed killer for lawn copes with the most common plants you don’t want to see in your garden. What is more, it makes the grass much greener.

You can even apply it before and after sodding and seeding. After a week or two, you will see the results, but it depends on the weather and season. There is no need to wait so long to allow your pets and kids to walk in the garden. The fertilizer includes neither phosphates nor glyphosates. So, consider this product if you want to make your garden greener and get rid of weeds at the same time.

  • Safe for pets and kids;
  • Makes the grass thicker and greener;
  • Can be used during seeding and sodding.
  • Works slowlier than other products on the list.

Buyer’s Guide on Pet-Friendly Weed and Feed

There are several steps you should follow to purchase an effective weed killer and fertilizer for your lawn. First of all, examine the above reviews thoroughly. Then you should apply the product in the right way. Here are some recommendations on how to do this.

Tips for choosing a pet-safe weed killer

There is no need for a weed killer to have a lot of ingredients to work efficiently. It’s even better when it has only a few of them, including vinegar and salt. In this case, you can be sure that it is safe but still copes with the weeds on your territory.

A spray bottle or granulated shape is easier to apply. The first option is more suitable for the weeds that have already grown. A granulated type of fertilizer works great as a pre-emergent option. It kills weed seeds faster because the soil absorbs more of the product. The best way is to apply it in the early spring or after cultivating. You can choose effective prevention products on the list above.

Before choosing a pet-safe weed and feed, it is beneficial to define which kind of weeds you have in your garden. Then, purchase a weed killer that is suitable for that particular weed type.

Where do you need to use it?


If you have a spray killer, you should apply it to the leaves and stems. Try to avoid spraying it on other plants as they might wither as well. If you have a granulated product, you can leave it in the soil under the weeds. The roots will absorb the chemicals, and you will see the results in some time.

How to use weed killer in a pet-friendly way?

Those pet-safe lawn care products we have described above don’t need a specific application. It means you can use them on the weeds and allow your pets to walk freely in the yard. However, it is better to wait for a little until a weed killer becomes dry. Some products need more time for this.

Pet-Friendly Weed and Feed for Your Beautiful Lawn

It’s great when your garden is free of weeds, and you don’t need to worry that the fertilizer you use can harm your pets or kids. We hope these reviews will help you to understand what weed killer is safe for pets. Have you ever used any weed killer & fertilizer? Was it effective? Which other lawn-caring recommendations do you have?

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