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How to Clean Gutters With Leaf Blower – Guide & Tips



by Bryan Mckenzie


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We all know that gutters play a very important role in our homes and businesses because it prevents water from damaging the building and the surroundings. However, we can’t deny that gutters do get clogged, and the easiest way to clean it is to call a professional and let them do the job.

Gutter cleaning is one of those tasks that most people hate doing because it can be very tiring and time-consuming. By using a simple leaf blower, you can do this task more efficiently and with less effort. If you want to save money and do it yourself, here’s a guide on how to clean gutters with leaf blower.

Guide on Cleaning Gutters With Blower

Guide on Cleaning Gutters With Blower

Let’s begin by saying that gutter cleaning is not a fun job. It’s a dirty, messy activity that requires a lot of time and effort. However, gutter cleaning with a leaf blower slightly simplifies the process, and now we’re going to learn how to do it.

Step 1: Inspect the gutters

If you want to clean the gutters on your home, you need to first inspect it and see if it needs to be cleaned. Use a ladder to do it. If you see any fallen leaves, dirt, and debris, you can remove it. If the gutters are clogged, you can use the leaf blower.

Step 2: Set up the ladder properly

Step 2: Set up the ladder properly

If you don’t want to risk falling from the ladder, you can use a gutter cleaner to do it. Before doing anything, you should set up the ladder properly. Use a ladder that is at least 3 feet higher than the gutter.

You should use a ladder that you trust. Before climbing the ladder, make sure that it is stable.

Step 3: Wear safety gear

You need to wear safety gear when you are cleaning the gutters. You should wear a helmet, safety glasses, and gloves. You also need to wear long sleeves to protect your arms and sleeves from getting dirty.

Step 4: Use the leaf blower

Step 4: Use the leaf blower

After you have inspected the gutters, you can use the leaf blower to clean it. Make sure that you have a good tool. Blow out the leaves that are clogged in the gutters. You can do this by holding the leaf blower at an angle and pointing it towards the clogged leaves.

You will have to move back and forth from the top to the bottom of the gutter to clean it. Blow the leaves until they are completely removed.

Step 5: Dispose of the waste

You should use a leaf blower to blow off the leaves and debris out of the gutters. It is okay if the debris falls on the yard. You can use a rake to pick up the leaves.

You should dispose of the leaves and debris properly – do not just dump it on the ground.

Safer Method of Gutter Cleaning

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While cleaning gutters using a ladder is quite dangerous because there is a risk of falling off or injuring yourself, you can use a leaf blower extension kit to clean gutters without the danger.

All you need to do is attach the leaf blower extension kit to the leaf blower, and you’re all set. Just make sure that you wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves to prevent injury.

Move the leaf blower close enough to the edge of the gutter so that the leaves are blown into the gutter. The leaves are collected in the gutter guard so you can easily dispose of them.

It is really a safe way of cleaning. Just walk on the ground and blow the leaves and debris away from the gutters with ease. You don’t have to worry about slippery or muddy conditions on the ground.


how to clean gutters with leaf blower FAQ

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is a leaf blower?

A leaf blower is a tool that uses airflow to lift and collect debris from the ground. It is used for blowing leaves, snow, dirt, dust, and other loose materials.

How to make a gutter cleaner from a leaf blower?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the area around the gutters is free of any objects. You need to clean up any small rocks or branches that could get sucked into the blower.

The second thing is to make sure the blower is not very close to the gutters. You need to have at least a 2 foot clearance between the tool and the gutters. You can then turn on the blower and hold it straight up and down the gutter. This will blow away most of the leaves and debris.

But if you want to keep the gutters in good shape, you should also use a rake and a broom, and a small soft-bristled brush to get in all the nooks and crannies.

How often should I clean the gutters?

We recommend that you clean your gutters twice a year, in spring and fall. This will ensure that your gutters are free from leaves and other debris and will also prevent them from rusting.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it. Cleaning gutters isn’t everybody’s favorite job, but it’s important to do. If you are looking for an effective way to clean your gutters, you should consider using a leaf blower. A leaf blower is very powerful and is very good for cleaning out your gutters. It will blow out all of the leaves, twigs, and other debris that is stuck in your gutters.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us using the comments section below. We are very grateful for your attention and your positivity!

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