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Arizona is not a welcoming fertile place with a perfect climate for weeds. You will find it easier to get rid of those plants you don’t want to see there. Using the best weed killer for Arizona plants will clean your yard or garden in no time. This area does not usually have many weeds.

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The average temperature of 70F is perfect for weed killers and destructive for darnel. Weed killers typically need up to 48 hours of action before raining. It is ideal for Arizona, where rain does not fall frequently. Moreover, high temperatures help weed killers to get inside the plant and spread within.

Top-5 Best Weed Killer for Arizona Reviewed

  1. Roundup Extended Control Best Weed Killer – Top Pick
  2. Ortho GroundClear Best Weed Killer for Rocks – Runner Up
  3. Green Gobbler Best Weed Killer for Lawns – Premium Pick
  4. Southern Ag Amine Weed and Grass Killer
  5. Scotts Triple Action Weed Killer

Arizona is a big state combining different areas inside. It is famous for the desert climate in the South and forests in the North. There are mountains and ski resorts. Even the desert area is filled with plants. No matter where you live in Arizona, weed still can get to your yard. Here are the prime options against this problem.

1. Roundup Extended Control Best Weed Killer for Arizona Top Pick

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If you need a universal weed killer, you can always pick this product with an advanced formula. Roundup is one of the most known and trusted brands supplying top weed killers and other remedies for your yard around the country. The manufacturer that stands behind it is Monsanto, Bayer. Since the 1970s, they have sold Roundup products around the US.

The bottle has 1.33 gallons of liquid, so you can use it multiple times in different areas. It kills the weed, starting with the root, no matter its type. You only need to pump the bottle to spray the weed killer on the pavement, patio, rocks, gravel, lawns, and even walls. In 10 minutes, it sticks to the weed and becomes rainproof. In 3 hours, you receive the first results.

  • Acts fast
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require extra bottles
  • Rainproof
  • Affordable price
  • You can’t spray it when it rains as it will be washed away

2. Ortho GroundClear Best Weed Killer for Rocks in Arizona Runner Up

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This herbicide offers weed prevention for the whole year after spraying it. If you need a long-lasting effect, here you go! Use the comfort wand to apply the liquid anywhere you need it. Ortho is one of the biggest manufacturers of pest control remedies. They provide their services around the US and internationally.

The bottle comes with a convenient wand attached. You can spray it in the hard-to-reach places like behind the pavements, in the wall cracks, etc. It kills the weeds in 1 hour. The formula is fast-acting, but it is better not to apply it before it rains. You may use it when the temperature outside is 60F and more for better effect.

  • Reaches the hard-to-reach places
  • Acts in 1 hour
  • It comes with the wand attached
  • High durability
  • Fair price
  • It is not rainproof

3. Green Gobbler Best Weed Killer for Lawns in Arizona and the Country

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This product comprises 20 percent vinegar and is considered the top eco-friendly option for lawns and pavements. This remedy is free from glyphosate. It takes less than a day to see the result. Green Gobbler is a US-based manufacturer that produces eco-friendly pest control tools. They are certified by OMRI.

You can use this killer on dandelions and crabgrass. It is effective against most and clover weeds as well. Although it contains no dangerous or cancer-caused chemicals, it is still powerful. I recommend applying it during warm days without rainfall.

  • Totally eco-friendly
  • Kills a wide range of weeds
  • Simple in use
  • There are no dangerous chemicals inside
  • Acts effectively during 24 hours
  • This formula is less powerful than the one that contains harmful chemicals

4. Southern Ag Amine Weed and Grass Killer for Arizona

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This is a top killer for all broadleaf weed types. It can be used on lawns, parks, and pastures. Although it comes in a 3.85 lbs pack, you can use it for years. This remedy is economical and acts fast, only with 1 pint for the acre.

This concentrate must be used in special protective gloves only. Southern Ag of Southern Agricultural Insecticides is one of the biggest national insecticide manufacturers from North Carolina, offering its products for commercial use as well.

To use this weed killer, add only 2 tablespoons of the concentrate into 4 gallons of water. This spray is more than enough to cover 1 000 sq ft area. You can use the herbicide on the corn and small grains before or after the cycle.

  • Concentrate of powerful weed killer
  • Kills broadleaf species too
  • Safe for your crops
  • Savvy offer
  • American-based developer
  • You need to buy a wand and pump as well

5. Scotts Triple Action Weed Killer for Kentucky Blue Grass Arizona

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This weed control product is a perfect way to eliminate any plants you don’t want to see, prevent new species, and fertilize the land below. One pack contains 20 lbs of weed killer and can be spread around 4 000 sq ft. Scotts is a well-known manufacturer of insecticides around the US. The company offers high-quality products for your garden and yard.

Apart from Kentucky Bluegrass, it can be used on Zoysia Grass, Tall Fescue, Bermudagrass, and Centipedegrass. It prevents weeds for 4 months. You will see the results within 24 hours.

  • Simple in use
  • Wide area of cover
  • Preventive measure
  • Fertilizer
  • Competitive price
  • You need extra tools to apply it

Guide to Helpful Weed Killers

Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action

While Arizona may not be on the list of top-5 favorite places for gardeners, its hot climate is perfect for weeds. You can still grow your flawless garden with the appropriate tools and herbicides described above. Before you buy anything, let’s find out more about the types of weed you can deal with in Arizona and the most beneficial way to control them.

Weeds Types in Arizona

Fortunately for you, there are not so many weed species you have to deal with in Arizona. Unfortunately for you, even those types spread incredibly fast around the yard and take time to kill them. You have to learn more about each type to deal with the weed:

Unwanted grass

These species are opposite to the grass like Kentucky Bluegrass or Bermuda. While the latter is spread on the lawn specifically, unwanted grass is hard to control and looks unequal on the ground.

Grassy weeds like bromegrass kill other plants and can spread wildfires, so you have to prevent them. It is hard to distinguish one type from another sometimes. You can mistake the nutsedge for the lawn grass until it kills other species.

You need to control common foxtail and orchard grass once you notice it. Unwanted grass is hard to control, and you need to apply herbicides specifically to them;

Broadleaf weed

This type is simple to catch on the lawn. These plants usually have broad leaves and do not look like lawn grass. While you can easily identify them, getting rid of them takes time and effort. Unlike unwanted grass, these weeds cause enormous damage and spread quickly.

They use lots of sunlight to stay alive, which Arizona generously provides almost daily. These weeds soak nutrients and water from the ground, leaving other plants around them without the means to survive. You may have already seen these weeds nearby, like pigweed, goosefoot, and purslane.

Some of them can be taken for decorative flowers, like dandelions or clover. Silver nightshade, another representative of this group, must be immediately killed since it can poison the livestock at your house.

How to make weed control in Arizona

young growing grass

You may start from the very beginning. It is always better to prevent weed from spreading than to deal with it later. You don’t have to call professional services if you think you can handle the problem by yourself. Yet, if you are not sure, you may want to call a local insecticide company. Follow the next steps:

1. Pre-emergent weed control

It can hardly be called “weed control” since the weed is still in the soil. The herbicide is applied to the ground and soaks into the soil. You can use this type of control at the beginning of the season to prevent even weed growth.

2. Post-emerged control

You can use this measure when you miss the previous step and don’t want to risk your crops. The target is weeds, but not other plants. You kill sedges, grasses, and darnel you don’t need.

3. Broadleaf weed treatment

If you aim for broadleaf type only, you can use a specific herbicide. I have mentioned one above. There is a tag “broadleaf” on it. The grass will stay healthy after the treatment.

4. Unwanted grass treatment

If you find this weed, you have to act carefully. You will have to spray the herbicide directly on the unwanted grass. If you think you can’t handle it yourself, it is better to call professionals.

5. Soil treatment

I have mentioned the 3-in-1 remedy from Scotts killing weeds, preventing them from growing and fertilizing the soil in the same place. If you notice that weeds keep growing in the same place, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, the problem may be in the soil.

Your soil must not contain a high pH level to fight darnel. If this level is high, you need to use ingredients and fertilizers to help reduce pH.

Types of weed killers best for Arizona climate

Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D WEED KILLER

Based on your intentions and the weed kind you are dealing with, different instruments might help you. You don’t have to limit yourself to one type if you need to act fast. Once you find darnel on your lawn, you will need one of these tools:

Chemical sprays

You may find them the most beneficial for pavements and walls. They act fast. You will notice the first results in several hours. Almost all sparays become rainproof after 3 hours. Such herbicides are effective and have a long-lasting effect.

Yet, you need to be extremely careful with them. They contain chemical substances and must be applied only when you are in protective clothes. You have to keep them far from children and pets.

Non-chemical sprays

They are less effective than chemical ones and are not rainproof. Yet, they are not dangerous for people or pets. I still don’t recommend spraying them on the flowers you want to keep. You may need to apply them several times to see the real effect.

Systemic treatment

This category includes weed control products that help eliminate weeds immediately, prevent them from growing, and even feed the soil with the nutrients it needs. You can use them during the pre-emergent process.

FAQ on Best Weed Killers

man with Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action

I hope my description of the top products was helpful for you. If you have more questions, you may search for answers in this section. I have gathered here the most popular questions from users on the Internet.

What is the best pre-emergent weed killer for Arizona yards with gravel?

I can recommend any of the remedies described above as the pre-emergent weed killer. While Roundup is always the No 1 on my list, since it acts quickly, directly on the weed you need to kill and prevent other harmful plants from growing.

What is the safest weed killer to use?

The safest may be the one that does not contain chemicals. You can try Green Gobbler for this purpose. However, it may also kill plants you applied it on, and not only weeds.

I recommend you keep your gloves on while using any herbicide to avoid skin irritation or burns. If you are worried about small children or have pets in the house, you should keep the herbicide far from them.

Once you finish with the herbicide, you must carefully wash your working clothes and ensure your skin has not been in contact with the herbicide. Don’t stand near the sprayed area for too long, or you will have a headache.

Find Weed Killer That Works

You have to check out the description of all the weed killers I have mentioned here, compare their pros and cons and search for reviews from customers. Even though I recommend Roundup as the first remedy for any weed type, I believe you can choose the herbicide that suits you best for your specific case.

Have you ever tried any weed killer from the list? What type of weed do you need to get rid of? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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