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Best Riding Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain in 2024



by Bryan Mckenzie



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Many homeowners will agree that nothing looks better than a beautiful lawn near the house. But what if you have a huge territory or small business for big plots? In this case, you have to find the best riding lawn mower for rough terrain. Often, gardeners and owners of backyard plots face the problem of overgrown terrain or relief surface.

So, it may seem like it’s impossible to get a healthy-looking, thick, and beautiful grass cover on your lawn. In my opinion, a perfectly trimmed and beautiful lawn shouldn’t take a lot of time and effort. In this review, I will cover all aspects of how to choose the best mower for uneven terrain.


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Luckily, the variety of mowers types and models is huge, and everyone can find a suitable option. First, you need to explore some of the basic things about choosing a lawnmower. Rough terrain mowers for tall grass are different from conventional mowers purchased to maintain the beauty of a small garden.

The devices that have become the “heroes” of today’s article operate in difficult conditions and are experiencing serious workloads. What is the best lawn mower for uneven ground? Which option is the best for me? Let’s find this out.

7 Best Riding Lawn Mower Reviews & Tips

Let’s consider some of the best zero turn mower for rough terrain options. These reviews include many tools, both used by my friends and me.

1. Cub Cadet Pro HW 336 – Best All Terrain Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet is a famous American manufacturer of lawn mowers that are known for high quality and durability. The company has been in the power equipment market for over 60 years and made a name of a respectable brand for itself during this time.

The Cub Cadet Pro HW 336 is a popular model of lawn mowers that is suitable for all kinds of terrains. It features a 10-gauge steel deck that includes 7-gauge top and bottom steel reinforcements. I also appreciate an extremely powerful 14.5 Hp engine manufactured by Kawasaki. The mower is very durable due to its heavy-duty, rugged construction.

The maneuverability of this mower and its smooth handling are the highlights that I find very beneficial in any model of riding lawn mowers for tough terrain. Firstly, you won’t experience any janky steering since Pro HW features a ball-bearing linkage hand-lever steering control. Secondly, ground clearance and weight balance allow you to use this mower on rough terrain.

Moving forward and in reverse while tackling curbs is easy due to the ground clearance and weight distribution this model offers. This will help you with handling hills and slopes.

  • High level of maneuverability;
  • Smooth handling;
  • Extremely durable.
  • Somewhat expensive.

2. Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower

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The Troy-Bilt company’s history dates back to the 1930s with the sale of Karl Kelsey’s first tillage milling machine. Initially, the company imported and sold equipment developed by Siemens from Germany, and in 1937 in Troy, New York, new manufacturing was launched to produce a new tractor model.

Troy-Bilt is now owned by MTD and provides high-quality and professional equipment for reasonable prices. Troy-Bilt Zero Turn Riding Mower is a professional, super-slim lawnmower with increased maneuverability. This tool deals with any lawn and landscape with ease.

The key design feature of the Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit 34 is a reliable and proven Mustang 34 FIT system. The device helps to cut lawn grass quickly, and it doesn’t take much effort to maintain it in good condition.

This Mustang Fit Riding Mower is equipped with front wheels that allow the machine to maneuver and move in the needed direction easily. Thanks to the reinforced cutting deck, the machine is able to cope with the most difficult tasks.

This powerful top-rated riding mower allows you to work efficiently and comfortably. If you are looking for a riding lawn mower that deals with almost any landscape at an affordable price, this option is the best recommendation for you.

  • Increased stability and maneuverability;
  • Reinforced steel frame;
  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Not found.

3. Craftsman T225 Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower – The Best Mower for Uneven Terrain Among Gas-Powered Tools

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In fact, Craftsman company has the same quality as Husqvarna tools since the Swedish brand owns Craftsman and produce them for Sears company. Sears has been on the market for over a century. It all started in 1893 with the sale of various goods to consumers by mail.

Craftsman’s production line of big lawn tractors equipped with 19 horsepower Briggs and Stratton’s engine is rather broad. The T225 probably owns the top of the line, yet still in the shadow of the T240.

This tool offers a 46-inch cutting width, and I can say that this is just the best size for processing a big area lawn (over an acre in size, for example). In addition, it also has landscaping features that help to provide a neat cut and healthy-looking grass cover.

The maneuverability is granted by 20-inch rear wheels and the 15-inch front wheels. This tool’s productivity lies in the hydrostatic transmission system that is efficient and does not block the engine when it is running at maximum power. For your safety, the vehicle is also equipped with a built-in brake system.

Craftsman also provides the T225 with a 2-year warranty. If you want more protection, there are other plans for service to choose from. Summing up, I’d recommend this Craftsman riding lawn mower if you want a high-quality tool for an affordable price.

  • Different warranty plans;
  • Good maneuverability;
  • Suits for processing very big lawns.
  • Tool operating isn’t very convenient.

4. Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki Riding Mower – The Best Zero Turn Mower for Rough Terrain with Excellent Maneuverability

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The Husqvarna company is, no doubt, a worldwide leader in the production of garden equipment. The company’s history dates back to 1689 (this date is considered the year of the company’s foundation). It was originally created as a small factory to gain popularity, and they needed to create new products.

The Swedish company began producing lawnmowers with a commercial model in 1947, and since 1959 this equipment became popular in private households. And from this time, Husqvarna claimed their leadership in garden equipment production.

This Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki zero turn mower will help you get your job done in no time. Electric Start Kawasaki FR Series offer durable details and reliable service life of the product. The riding mower covers up to 4.2 acres/hour with a 61’’ manufactured cutting deck. It also offers three features to operate: vacuum, side cleanup, or mulching for a perfectly groomed look.

Backyard or lawn cleaning and maintenance can be simple and easy with Husqvarna MZ61. Get all the comfort you need with a high operator seat, comfortable steering, armrests, and conveniently located operator controls.

  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Easy management;
  • V-engine with 27 HP.
  • A bit expensive.

5. Professional Option of Rough Terrain Mowers: Swisher WRC11524BS Predator 24 in. Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower

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The History of Swisher group’s success started when Max Swisher was busy making “handcrafted” lawn mowers in his mother’s hencoop. Though, cutting grass wasn’t really Max‘s main interest. He just wanted to invest his creativity into making things that can ease the life of a rural Missouri.

That’s how it all started back in 1945. The WRC11524BS model is one of the biggest of Swisher`s products. It weighs 790 pounds, and all this weight is full of high-quality details and useful functions. For example, it has a large, solid steel frame that covers the 27 HP engine, and a mower itself 60 inches wide. Together with fast turning, these features help to cover huge areas and deal with grass much easier.

To control mower’s speed and wheel rotation, you don’t have to be a guru of grass mowing equipment. Also, the blades of the mower are quite precise and provide a clear cut of the grass. You can be sure that after the cleaning routine, your lawn will look well-groomed and beautiful. With an industrial-grade steel frame, this mower is especially efficient in working on uneven areas. Though, the all terrain lawn mower requires good care, which might be a bit pricey.

  • Smooth maneuvering;
  • Comfortable seat;
  • Frame made of high-quality steel.
  • Requires consistent maintenance for long service life.

6. The Best Riding Mower for Hilly Terrain that Fits Any Budget: Ariens 915223 IKON-X Kawasaki FR691 Series

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The Ariens 915223 tool is a comprehensive lawn care mower for small to medium-sized lawn owners looking for a reliable and efficient garden tractor that perfectly picks up cut grass and fallen leaves. Powered by a Kawasaki FR V-Twin Engine 52 with automatic start preparation and manual transmission, the tool is perfect for mowing and edge processing.

The mechanical transmission has 6 forward and one reverse speed for excellent maneuverability. The Ariens lawn mower is equipped with a cutting deck made from reinforced rolled steel for increased rigidity and durability.

For best results, clean the deck immediately after use. Powerful airflow raises the grass before cutting in the deck cavity for more efficient mowing and collection of grass in the catcher. A wide range of additional equipment makes the tractor versatile and useful all year round.

It can be equipped with trailers, snowplows, brushes, and other equipment and is equipped with an under-seat circuit breaker. If the driver leaves the seat, the engine and mowing deck will automatically shut off. The seat is adjustable for comfort while working. Just turn the key for the easy start of the mower and process the whole lawn area within an hour.

  • Comfortable seat;
  • Modern and convenient design;
  • Can be used all year round.
  • You can`t return it.

7. Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower RY48111 – Company’s Top Rated Riding Mower for Uneven Landscapes

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Ryobi became popular in 1943 in Japan as a manufacturer of printing equipment. The company has been a supplier of die-cast aluminum parts for over 50 years. However, their garden and lawn equipment is what really makes the company stand out from others on the market.

The range of product variety allows the company to be versatile and provides each customer with a tool that will satisfy their needs. The know-how of the company is the “Slide on” fastening system, which provides linking all equipment to one battery. And this tool is a top-rated riding mower of the line.

The Ryobi RY48111 lawn mower is a versatile equipment for mowing tall grass in medium and huge areas. The tool is equipped with a sharp 2-Blade Deck of 38 inches and 12 Position Manual Deck Adjustment for a clear cut.

A comfortable seat, combined with a convenient steering wheel and easy-to-use controls, provides a high level of comfort. With 100Ah Lead Acid Batteries, Ryobi riding mower can work 2-2.5 hours straight. For more convenience, the mower is equipped with LED lights to provide visibility even in the nighttime.

The battery-powered tool will suit those who prefer eco-lifestyle. The Ryobi product doesn’t exhaust emissions and fumes. Also, the Whisper Quiet feature will satisfy you if you live in a private house since the tool works almost silent (the noise is less than 70db). And if you are looking for an eco lawn mower with a great functionality kit, I recommend you check this option.

  • Battery-powered;
  • 12 position deck;
  • Works silently.
  • The battery runs out quickly.

8. Husqvarna’s Best Ride on Mower for Uneven Ground – Husqvarna YTH24V54 54 in. 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

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The Husqvarna tractor is designed for non-commercial use and is perfect for small to medium-sized lawn areas. It has a sleek, ergonomic design and compact size. The tool has several modes of operation and useful features, including the grass catcher.

Powerful for its class, the Husqvarna Series engine is equipped with an easy-start system for increased maneuverability and easy handling. Hydrostatic transmission with pedal control provides control of speed and direction of cutting, which allows the operator to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

The seat is adjustable for comfort while working. Engineered specifically for Husqvarna, Briggs, and Stratton, the device features premium air filtration, chrome valves, cutting precision, and platinum spark plugs for extreme durability and high performance.

A range of accessories allows the tractor to operate in three modes at once (TrioClip): Grass catcher, BioClip mulching mode, and cut grass ejection mode. Of course, Swedish quality has a price, and, unfortunately, it might slightly cost you an arm and a leg. However, I like this one since it has quite a long service life. Also, this tool is truly versatile, so make sure you’ve considered it as a possible option for your garden as well.

  • High-quality details;
  • Excellent functionality;
  • Long service life.
  • A bit pricey.

What Is The Best Lawn Mower for Uneven Ground: Buyer’s Guide

Craftsman T225

Have you already chosen an option of rough terrain mowers for your garden? If you still have doubts, consider this guide that includes some questions you might have.

How to choose the best riding lawn mower for rough terrain?

A mini tractor can replace several garden devices at once, making it much easier for a house owner to take care of their site. If you purchase additional accessories for such an all-terrain lawn mower, it will become a multifunctional tool that provides an amazing result.

The main thing is to choose the right model, taking into account its power and usability. The main requirement for lawn tractors is mowing performance. Looking through the technical characteristics, pay attention to the mowing deck width and the possibility to cover the area. Here are the basic features a lawnmower should have:

  • Power;
  • Enlarged rear wheels;
  • Convenient operation;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Adjustment of the cutting height;
  • Comfortable seat;
  • Possibility to adjust accessories.

Thanks to the gas engine or battery power, such a device is versatile, which means that it works even if there is no way to connect it to the electrical network. In addition, rough terrain mowers are equipped with excellent maneuverability, and you won’t get tired after the cleaning and cutting routine.

The main advantage of such devices is their ability to overcome uneven and hilly landscapes due to their wheels system. The secret is hidden in the different diameter wheels that provide easy and simple operation of the tool. The motor makes the rear (larger) wheels move, and the front wheels are smaller, making it easier for the device to climb hills.

Safety measures for rough terrain lawn mowing

Regardless of the type of engine, lawnmowers are traumatic equipment; therefore, when working, you must follow the essential safety rules for using a mower. Home lawn mowers are subject to safety regulations and standards, but you are the one who is directly responsible for safety. A few key tips will help you operate your lawnmower safely.

Before using the tool, make sure you carefully read the instructions and explored the controls in order to act quickly in an emergency case. Do not turn on the tool in closed rooms, such as a garage, shed, basement, etc. Also, do not use the electric lawn mower on wet grass.

Every operation should start by choosing appropriate clothing (preferably workwear). The pants should be long enough, and the shoes should fit well and be comfortable. One should never operate the mower with bare feet due to the increased possibility of contact with the cutting parts.

Make sure that the mowing deck is active. And also, check whether the protective elements of the mower are in the right place. Remove all the accessories, toys, and other objects from the lawn, as they may fall under the mower and be thrown away at high speed. Change the cutting mode and adjusting the cutting height only when the equipment is turned off.

Further, it is better to keep the mower blades sharp, as this will allow your mower to work more efficiently and reduce the frequency of refueling and maneuvering. Fill the fuel tank before starting, while the engine is cold. Do not refuel the mower or remove the fuel filler cap when the engine is hot! And it is obvious that smoking is not allowed when filling the fuel tank. Push the mower, but do not pull it. The lawnmowers are designed to be pushed forward. When pulled back, the risk of contact with the blade increases.

FAQ On Riding Lawn Mowers for Rough Terrain

Do you still have any questions about how to choose the best riding lawn mower for rough terrain? This section covers all possible issues you might search on the Web.

How do I avoid scalping?

Set the mower to the highest setting possible for your type of grass and cut only the top 1/3 of the grass. Even if that means you will have to mow again after a few days, do it. Longer stems of grass provide growth and support for a deeper root system, which means that greenery can get more water, minerals, and vitamins from the soil.

It’s well-known that you should not remove a third of the top of the grass cover. When you cut the grass high, the roots grow deeper. As a result, the grass absorbs more moisture and nutrients, which contributes to its thickness. A tall lawn blooms better than a short one. Moreover, a lawn with tall grass doesn’t have weeds. If the grass is taller, then it shades the soil. And therefore, the roots do not dry out as quickly as under the sun.

How often should I sharpen my riding lawn mower blades?

Usually, the manufacturer specifies how often the mower blade needs to be sharpened. It is necessary to follow these recommendations. However, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of the device’s operation: the frequency of use, the conditions in which the work takes place, etc.

If you mow the grass every week or more, sharpening should be done once a month. If the intensity of using the device is less, then it will be enough to sharpen the blade 1-2 times per season. You also need to sharpen the mower blade before the start of each new season after a long period of inactivity.

Pebbles or sand in the area can affect the quality of sharpening. So, it is better to inspect the blades regularly for damage. The electric lawn mower must be unplugged from the outlet, and it is better to remove the starter from the gasoline one, so you guarantee protection against accidental activation.

The blade should be changed every 2 years, or after the number of hours, the mower has been used as specified in the manufacturer’s recommendation. You will also have to replace the blade if you find damage, chips, dents, etc. on it.

How to put a belt on a riding mower?

It’s a quite simple process, to be honest. Use a wrench to unscrew the whole transmission cover. After that, install a new belt and simply tighten it. Then try starting your lawnmower engine and observe how the belt works. You must remember that the belt should not snag on other elements, and pay attention to whether it rubs against any surface. If the process goes correctly, in this case, you can safely collect the “node” back.

How much oil does a riding lawn mower take?

The amount of oil for a riding mower is usually specified in the instructions. Check and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the tool. Even if you are an experienced user, do yourself a favor and go through some basic rules and recommendations for handling a new product.

Please, keep in mind that you only have to change the oil considering the condition of the engine. For example, if you purchased a new motor or a new lawnmower, you have to change the oil right after the mowing is done. It is approximately 5-6 hours of operation. To escape different inconveniences, change the fluid every 5-10 hours to keep your tool safe from debris and trash.

In the off-seasons, it is better to use lawn mower oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. In winter, the 5W-30 liquid series is more recommended. Make sure to check the Synthetic 5W-30 out, which has amazing properties and ensures reliable operation of mower parts at relatively low temperatures.

How to wash a riding lawn mower?

Many people ask the question: “Can I wash the lawnmower?” It is possible and even necessary, both with cleaning agents (without chemicals) and with water, but carefully. After rinsing the deck of the mower with water, wipe it off thoroughly, since, in steel decks, slight peeling of paint will be enough. If you leave moisture there, rust cannot be avoided.

Decks are also made of aluminum (anti-corrosion) and plastic (but this applies more to electric lawnmowers). Some manufacturers have models with a special hose connection. It is very simple and convenient to wash the lawn mower using such a tool. Just connect the hose (inside of which water flows), start the knife (it rotates), and the mower will wash itself.

Does the Best Mower for Uneven Terrain Even Exist?

Yes, it does. The thing is that it looks different for everyone. The choice of the rough terrain mowers depends on your personal needs and budget. Some people prefer using only Husqvarna tools, and others like to experiment. Some of you are looking for the best commercial zero turn mower for rough terrain.

Which team are you on?

If it’s your first time purchasing a riding lawn mower, I hope this guide will help you to find the option to satisfy your needs fully. Read it carefully, and if you feel like you need a consultation – don’t hesitate to leave your questions below. I will manage an answer as soon as it’s possible.

And for my experienced readers, I have some questions. Do you mind helping me a little? So, how often do you change the lawnmower? Do you prefer small and convenient options or big riding tractors? Let me know!

Bryan Mckenzie
Hi there — my name is Bryan McKenzie. Before I’d got into gardening, I worked as a landscape designer at landscape design and consultation company in Jacksonville. I enjoy sharing the vast gardening experience I’ve accumulated throughout the years with like-minded green thumbs. Read more about me and my wife.
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    • Overall, the Husqvarna riding mowers are very good. Most of them are easy to maneuver and boast phenomenal characteristics. A lot depends on a certain model, as well as your specific needs. I personally like the Husqvarna YTA18542. It’s not the cheapest solution. But it’s well-built, super comfortable to ride, quite fast, and very easy to use.

  1. I’m not a big fan of using lawn tractors to remove snow. However, if that’s what you’re planning to do, please read my thoughts below.

    A lawn tractor is only capable of pushing a limited amount of snow. If you typically get over 5 inches of snow in one day, then you will most likely come up with difficulties moving it. If you deal with heavy snowfalls on a regular basis, purchasing a good snow blower would be rational (or at least a solid-quality snow blower attachment for your tractor).


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