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5 Best Striping Mowers in 2024: Device for Creating Nice Stripes on Lawns



by Bryan Mckenzie


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No matter how big or small your lawn is, the striped ornaments will look great on it. This mowing technique allows making your yard the canvas for your creativity. And the best striping mower can help to implement all your ideas. With the special attachment to the device, you will be able to achieve the professional look of your lawn. The process will be easy and even pleasant with the right equipment and technique.

However, it is not an easy task to find the right equipment online. I’m here to help you find a suitable option for treating your lawn. Read the basic info about striping the lawn and check out my top five selections for this task.

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How to Stripe Your Lawn

If you want to add some stylish and interesting look to your lawn, you might consider striping it. There might be different patterns, but the methods to achieve the result are similar in all cases. Here are three ways you can stripe the grass in your yard:

  • Apply the special striping kit. Usually, this is a detail or system that you should attach to the mower and then go back and forward with the device making a striping ornament. The kit can be produced and offered by mower manufacturers, or you can DIY.
  • Different cutting height. You can achieve the striped ornament by altering the cutting height of your mower for every lawn zone.
  • Use a mower without blades. If you do not have the required grass striper, you can stripe the lawn by bending the grass with the regular push or riding mower, but without blades. You do not need to cut the grass. Your task is to bend the stripes of grass in opposite directions.

5 Best Striping Mowers to Choose From

In this section, you will find reviews for 5 decent mowers and attachments for striping the lawn. I tried to disclose all the benefits and flaws of each option. Weigh up the pros and cons to define your top pick. However, I will start with my personal favorite.

1. Cordless Lawn Striping Push Mower from Greenworks 4/5 

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If you have a big lawn, you will appreciate the cordless mower from Greenworks. Even if you have a small yard, the absence of cords is a bonus for sure. This model is lightweight, so any person can easily operate with it. It has large wheels, and the back pair is bigger to make the device more maneuverable.

The mower has two batteries, which work separately. When the first one runs out of the energy, the automatic battery switch turns on the second one. This feature ensures a long-term performance on one charge. At the same time, the mower is very powerful, like gas-powered alternatives.

Twin blades with adjustable heights provide clean mowing, mulching, and even striping of your lawn. They also move in different directions, but inwards, throwing the grass back to the large-capacity mulching bag. The safety features include a double-stage start: you activate batteries first, and then turn on the blades.

One flaw I have found in this mower is the handle. It is convenient and padded, but the foam level is not durable enough. It seems like you can wear it up or rip easily. This is not what you expect in the machine of such a level. To prevent this, I recommend wrapping the handle with duct tape.

However, despite this, the device from Greenwork is the best striping lawn mower according to my experience and personal taste.

  • Cordless and lightweight;
  • Long battery run time;
  • Automatic battery switch;
  • Twin adjustable blades;
  • Dual-stage start;
  • Large-capacity grass catcher;
  • Large wheels.
  • A thin layer of foam on the handle.

2. Roller Lawn Mower Striper Kit from Harrison Specialties 4/5 

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Harrison Specialties offers the special kit to their mower, so you can make stripes while mowing the lawn. Just attach this detail to the device and do two things simultaneously. The kit is promised to be durable because of the sturdy materials and bearings. The dependable sealed iron bearings ensure long-term work. Secure attaching and performance are provided by the hard bolts and nuts, which are enhanced with the nylon inserts.

The kit has all you need to install and secure the striping attachment. It can be used with the mowers, which fit its sizes. This equipment might be used for professional mowing as well.

Among the complaints, I have noticed some drawbacks of this lawn mower stripes attachment. Some customers admit that bearings are not greased, so you need to take care of this by yourself. The problems are with the instructions as well. Users had to figure out how and where to use the included bolts.

  • Durable material;
  • Sealed ductile iron bearings;
  • Hard bolts and nuts with nylon locking inserts;
  • The coated brackets and required hardware is included;
  • Professional equipment.
  • Bearings are not pre-greased;
  • Instructions are not informative enough.

3. APEX 52 inch 23 HP Zero Turn Lawn Striper from Ariens 3.5/5 

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This lawnmower from Ariens is suitable for treating lawns of medium and large sizes. It works fast and effectively for any mowing purpose. Its powerful motor ensures high performance and speed, while a wide cutting platform provides decent coverage.

The Kawasaki engine is integrated in this mower. These engines are known for being dependable and sturdy. Due to the hydraulic transmission, you can easily drive the mower with the automatic speed change and the ability to move with up to 6 miles/h speed.

The cutting platform is 52-inch wide, and it allows working with this area in seconds. Adjust the results of your mowing or striping, selecting one of the 13 cutting height options. You will always be aware of how much gas is left in a tank, thanks to the fuel gauge.

This mower is like a car, which also can trim your yard. It has a seat with armrests and adjustable wishbones. You will be in a comfortable position during all time of mowing. The levers in this device are padded for absorbing the vibrations and ensure comfort during operation.

However, if you decide to purchase this lawn striping zero turn device, always remember to take the keys off when the mower is not used. Some customers admit the battery can get discharged noticeably when the key is inside.

  • Powerful engine;
  • Adjustable cutting height;
  • Easy-to-use construction;
  • Wide cutting platform;
  • High-back seat with armrests;
  • Padded levers.
  • The battery gets discharged when the key is inside.

4. Mower and Grass Striper from PowerSmart 4/5 

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Whether you need to mow the lawn or stripe it, this device from PowerSmart is claimed to be the solution. This device is expected to be powerful with easy maintenance. The engine is reliable, fast at the start, and has a low level of emission.

The mower has a durable steel deck, which is rust and corrosion resistant and sturdy. The broader trimming is ensured by the extended deck area. Convenient gearbox and ergonomic controls provide effective operation on lawns of any sizes.

The collecting bag is large and durable as well. It is made of plastic and woven material, ensuring long-term use and airflow. The bag can be detached, and the mower will become a rear discharge device. With the hinged flap, you can empty the bag without any problems. Also, you can adjust the cutting height and stripe the lawn or simply cut the grass according to your preferences.

PowerSmart mower is relatively compact, considering its type, and with the foldable handle, it is even easier to store.

Although, for some customers, it seems like this lawn striping push mower might be too expensive, even despite all advantages. So, if this is an issue for you, you can look for cheaper options.

  • Sturdy steel deck;
  • Ergonomic controls;
  • Durable catcher-bag;
  • Easy emptying process;
  • Adjustable cutting height;
  • Compact storage.
  • Might be expensive for some buyers.

5. Lawn Mower Stripes Making System from TORO 4.3/5 

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Improve the mowing of your lawn with the striping system from TORO. This kit has a 48-inch striping area. The special comb lifts the grass while the roller rolls the other part of it, creating the required pattern. The system is convenient to use with the compatible mower, providing you with a clean lawn with a stylish striped look.

The kit is easy to install and use, as it becomes part of the mowing device and does its job while you treat the lawn as usual. There should not appear any problems with attaching and detaching the system. Just check the list of compatible devices before picking this product.

Keep in mind, this lawn mower striper kit cannot be used separately, and you need to make sure it is compatible with the model of your mower. Some complaints were about the design of this attachment. It gets in your way while mowing, and you need to adjust the process to its presence.

  • Wide cutting area;
  • Easy application;
  • Simple in attaching and detaching;
  • Compatible to the wide range of devices;
  • Can be used with or without a bag.
  • Cannot be used as a separate mower;
  • The design is not convenient enough.

FAQ About Striping Mowers:

Harrison Specialties Lawn Roller Striping

I’m sure, you want to know more about the process of striping and the devices you can use for this purpose. Here are some common questions and answers to them. Enhance your knowledge in this area.

How does a lawnmower striping kit work?

You can see how the striped lawns look like. The effect is reached thanks to the special devices or mowing techniques. In most cases, when the striping kit is used, the result is achieved by bending the grass in opposite directions. Eventually, there are stripes where the grass is bent toward the eye and looks dark, while the grass bent forward will look lighter, so the lawn will be striped.

How to make a striping kit for the mower?

For those who want to save money or who like to DIY things, there is a way to make a striping kit. You will need a PVC pipe of 3 inches, 3-4-inch thick plywood, 2 hooks, some plastic ties, drill and screwdriver, gravel, or sand.

  1. Cut the required pipe length and screw hooks in it.
  2. Drill 2 holes in the mower deck for attaching hooks.
  3. Attach the plywood cap on one end of the pipe, and fill the pipe with the sand or gravel. Close the other end with the cap.
  4. Tie the system to the mower with ties or wires above 1-2 inches above the grass.
  5. Mow and stripe! Just move around the lawn making black and dark lines on it.

How high should be my grass for striping?

When you use the zero turn lawn striper, you can adjust the cutting and striping height according to the grass length. However, it is better to have the right grass height to achieve the best results. The recommended numbers here are between 2.5-3.5 inches. The taller the grass is, the easier it will be to create stripes on it.

Can I stripe without a striping kit?

Yes, there are some techniques for creating stripes on the lawn without special equipment. First, make sure that the grass is tall enough (at least 2-3 inches). Mark the lines with the rope on large areas, or skip this part on smaller yards.

Place the mower’s deck down closer to the ground. Then, start mowing it without turning on the blades. The same is with the riding mowers. Your task here is not to cut the grass, but bent it in different directions, creating stripes.

Enjoy Your Best Striping Lawn Mower

Now you know how the lawn stripes are made and what you need to achieve the same results. It is up to you, whether you can DIY the system or purchase the one form the mower manufacturers. However, according to my experience, the best mower blades for striping should be used for treating the yard in general.

It is better to have a device that can do both lawn mowing and striping. You can follow my advice and buy the push mower from Greenworks. Then you will understand why I consider this as the most convenient option.

Have you ever stripped the lawn? What technique did you use then? What was the result? Share your stories in the comments!

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