Best Lawn Aerator This 2020 – For a Satisfactory Purchase

The ideal lawn aerator helps reduce soil compaction entirely. This, in turn, enables essential minerals to reach your plants’ roots with ease. But with the current market saturation, finding the best lawn aerator for the task is a bit challenging. 

Having been in gardening for 10 years, I have interacted with loads of farming equipment. This has put me to the amateurs’ rescue when it comes to the field of aerator purchase.

With this blog, you will learn about the different types of aerators, the tips for selecting a high-quality lawn aerator, as well as learning about soil compaction. The products differ in many ways, so there is no clear-cut best lawn aerator for the money. It all comes down to your personal needs. That said, I do have a favorite.

My top pick:

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14" Corded Dethatcher/Scarifier – the Best Price Lawn Aerator  5/5 

My Top Pick - GreenWorks Lawn Aerator
  • 4-year warranty 
  • Stainless steel spikes 
  • Easy to use 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Worth the cost

With over 2500 reviews and a highly impressive rating score, this is no doubt the best lawn aerator to buy. It is made to meet your needs beyond imagination. A 10Amp motor powers this push behind the tool.

It contains an ideally made handle for optimal user comfort. Moreover, it is 14 inches wide, making your aerating process smooth and speedy. The spikes get up to 3 inches deep to make the best perforations while ensuring you don’t get stuck in the process.

The item is made for lifetime use with stainless steel spikes incorporated. This not only prevents the spikes from rusting but also ensures they remain sharp for as long as they are in use. The machine is corded and weighs about 25 pounds. 

Its cost truly reflects its quality, durability, ease of use, and efficiency. It is definitely worth every penny. The tool is eco-friendly, with zero carbon emissions. Lastly, it is covered by a 4-year warranty, leaving you with nothing to worry about concerning quality and resilience. I highly recommend you buy this machine without hesitation.

Reviews of the best lawn aerators

Under this section, you will find individual items’ descriptions with a detailed pros and cons analysis. The reviews are poised at enabling you to make an informed decision and avoid panicking while buying. The items have been arranged from the best ones to the least popular products. Besides, each item’s score has been listed below to ease your selection process.

Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Tool ID-6C – Best Manual Lawn Aerator  4.8/5 

Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Manual Grass Dethatching Turf Plug
  • Friendly cost
  • Sturdy construction
  • High to reduce back strain
  • Upkeep free

  • Only suits use on small fields

The tool is handheld and thereby easy to use. However, it’s restricted to work on small fields. The cost is slashed to fit your strict budget. This tool is durable and made to last a lifetime. It is made for core aeration. The plunges get up to 3.5 inches deep, and they are 2.5 inches wide. 

It is ideal for compaction reduction and healthy turf promotion. The tool is sturdy and made of steel. It measures 37 inches ensure minimal back strain when using the device. Given the item’s ease of use and efficiency on small fields, I highly recommend it for purchase.

Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator – Best Lawn Plug Aerator  4.6/5 

Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator
  • Ideal for extremely hard surface
  • 32 self-sharpening knives
  • Universal hitch
  • 3-years warranty
  • 48 inches wide

  • Requires assembly
  • Cost is relatively high

The machine is 48 inches wide to enable working on your lawn with ease. It is made in the USA, and therefore, quality is a non-issue here. The seller is likewise giving a 3-year warranty to boost your buying confidence.

The cost is slightly high, but it has a sturdy carrier that can hold up to 175 pounds of load. This makes the item the most suitable for work, even on the hardest surface. There are 32 self-sharpening knives for ease of operations.

The device contains a universal hitch that fits any tractor. The carrier is fitted with flat tires for transportation convenience. It is a great option to purchase as it deploys easy upkeep processes.

Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch – Best Plug Aerators for Lawns  4.5/5 

Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator 40-Inch
  • Heated plugs
  • Universal hatch
  • High quality
  • Never flat rubber tread tires

  • Heavy

The equipment is entirely made of steel. It is thus durable, and the pines remain sharp for long. The spikes have sharper edges that penetrate up to 3 inches with ease. The attached tray is suitable to hold a 150-pound load. 

Heat-treated spikes are sturdy and won’t break easily. The wheels are 10 inches in diameter and inflated for optimal resilience. This makes the item movement across the lawn pretty easy. It is suitable for work on unleveled surfaces. The hitch on the tool fits any tractor easily. 

The item requires simple maintenance, as most parts are individually replaceable. Assemblage is the last thing you should worry about, as the process won’t require expert assistance. The cost is relatively low, but the product’s quality is unbeatable. I highly recommend you purchase it.

Brinly SAT-40BH Tow Behind Spike Aerator, 40-Inch – Best Pull Behind Lawn Aerators  4.5/5 

Brinly SAT-40BH Tow Behind Spike Aerator with Transport Wheels
  • 132 pine spikes
  • Stainless steel plugs
  • It comes with fitted wheels

  • Only penetrates up to 2 inches

The item is 40 inches wide, and this leads to speedy aeration. There’s a steel tray that holds up to 100-pound load. The load helps exert pressure so that the plugs penetrate the soil easily. The tool is made of 11 galvanized tine stars that are rust-resistant. 

The tines stay sharp for long, even though they only penetrate up to 2 inches. There is a transport lever to make lawn and driveways crossing easier. The fused pine spikes are 132, which produces optimal perforation for maximum water, air, and nutrients access. 

The item is fused with easy to engage wheels that make it fast and convenient to transport the equipment. It is covered by a 2-year warranty, and it contains a universal hitch that fits any tractor.

Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator/Dethatcher Combo – B and Q Lawn Aerator  4.4/5 

Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator
  • Multifunctional
  • Friendly price
  • Easy to engage wheels
  • Tempered steel blades

  • Relatively narrow

The item is multifunctional, and it’s most suitable for work on compact clay soil. It is highly advisable to use the tool before seeding. The item retails at a friendly price, and it is highly effective even on relatively large fields. 

It is lightweight to lift, unlike some of the previously reviewed options. Movement across the lawn is easy, in the account of the fused and easy to engage wheels. The item is, however, a bit narrow at 15 inches, which makes working on large fields tiresome. 

Moreover, there are four sets of tempered steel blades. The blades remain sharp for long, and this eases the force you need to exert for penetration. The item is worth the cost.

Mavicen Lawn Aerator Shoes with Zinc Alloy Buckles and 4 Straps – Best Home Lawn Aerator  4.2/5 

Mavicen Lawn Aerator Shoes with Zinc Alloy Buckles and 4 Adjustable Straps for Aerating Your Yard
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to assemble

  • Tedious to use

The straps are a perfect fit for all. The straps are adjustable and are conveyed as four pairs to ensure the shoes stay in place to prevent frequent coming out. The spikes penetrate considerably to ensure nutrients find the right way into your plant’s roots.

Assembly is super easy, and the option requires no upkeep costs. There’s a manual with easy to grasp instructions on how to use the pair. The aerator is highly efficient when used in small yards, but it is completely inefficient when the yard to be covered is extremely large. 

The item’s only con is that you need to ensure you walk at a relatively low speed, not exceeding 1.5m/s to prevent falls. When it comes to cost, you have nothing to worry about. The item is affordable for everyone.

The conveyed straps are lightweight to ensure you don’t experience a hard time walking. They are made of high-quality material to ensure they last as long as you use them. The seller provides a lifetime warranty. However, the rating is pretty low due to the product’s suitability on small fields.

Understanding aeration and soil compaction

For your lawn to produce optimally, you need to follow the best farming practices. Appropriate mowing, fertilizer application and watering are the first steps of achieving green lawns. However, when it gets sunny, the surface becomes hard, making it close to impossible for water, oxygen, or nutrients to reach the plants’ roots. 

Aeration is the process of perforating small holes in the soil to enable these essentials to get in.

How to know if your lawn needs aeration

Your farming field needs aeration if it is frequently used as a playground, dries out quickly, or contains soil layering. Layering disrupts drainage, which leads to poor roots development.

When and how to aerate your lawn

The best time to practice aerating is at the beginning of the planting season. The ideal equipment for that task has to penetrate the soil up to 3 inches deep, 0.75 inches wide, and 3 inches apart. Below is the yard aeration process:

  1. Ensure the soil is moist before aerating.
  2. Make several passes around the most compacted areas.
  3. Ensure the excavated pieces are grounded to give your lawn a leveled appearance.
  4. It is vital to perform other yard practices after aerating.

Many people go against aeration as they are ill-informed of the practice’s effect on herbicide barriers. However, I can assure you that the process doesn’t affect the laid down weed control measures. It is, in fact, one of the first practices towards achieving a beautiful lane.

How to minimize soil compaction

Soil compaction is the increase in soil density, which, in turn, drives air out. Compacted soil has small lumps which block water and nutrients from reaching plants. When left unattended, this can lead to devastating yields. Below are the main effects of soil compaction:

  • Root development restriction.
  • Water transport restriction.

Flooding arises as a result of limited water filtration in the soil. This not only destroys small plant foliage but also disrupts oxygen flow underneath. Water saturation on the upper layer may likewise lead to de-nitrification. Below are some ways of preventing and solving soil compaction problems:

  • Choosing mowing equipment. Ensure you till your land with a relatively lightweight machine.
  • Mulching the soil to prevent complete dryness.
  • Performing scheduled liming.
  • Adding organic components into the soil.
  • Ensuring the lawn has the ideal drainage.
  • Performing tillage at the right time. It is essential to avoid tillage when the soil is soaked in water.

That said, perforating small holes as it is the case with aeration will help air and water find its way to the roots. When farming using machinery, it is advisable to use low-pressure tires if the process is to be undertaken during the wet seasons. This will highly reduce soil compression and avoid the surface from getting entirely hard.

Likewise, use wide tires to minimize the pressure the tractor exerts on the lawn. It is also vital to vary the depth of tillage and wheel spacing. That way, surface hardening will remain a non-issue to you.

The benefits of using a lawn aerator

Having learned the adverse effects of soil compaction, it is easy to point out the advantages of a process or tool that helps overcome the problem. That said, the main advantage of a lawn aerator is to ensure that soil aerating is fast and straightforward. But thats not all. 

Below is a comprehensive list of yard aerator benefits:

1. Improves turf health

By enhancing air, water, and nutrient circulation in the soil, an aerator enables roots to get optimal access to these vital elements. This ensures healthy crops resulting in a bountiful harvest.

2. Benefits seeds development

A lawn aerator helps seeds and seedlings get access to topsoil. This topsoil access is vital for germination, and it provides the required moisture for proper seedling development.

3. Relieves soil compaction

This is the main advantage of a lawn aerator. It is vital to ensure the soil is soft for the healthy growth and development of plants. Likewise, an aerator creates perforations that enable water and air to reach the plants’ roots easily.

4. Helps mix organic mulch with soil

A lawn aerator is essential when it comes to mixing soil with natural materials. Organics boost soil fertility and increase your farm’s yield.

5. Reduces water run-off

When the compressed surface is perforated, turned, or softened, water gets filtrated easily. This reduces erosion while ensuring roots get easy access to air. Likewise, there’s minimal foliage destruction.

6. Enhanced nutrients and fertilizer uptake by plants

A lawn aerator works best in turning hard ground into a soft and easily penetrable surface. During fertilizer application, the soil’s overturning process enables the manure to be buried closer to the roots for fast uptake.

That said, you shouldn’t buy a lawn aerator for reducing soil compaction only, as there are many benefits associated with the tool, such as improving water drainage. Ensure you now look for the best tool that offers the most value for your money.

Types of lawn aerators available for purchase

Rolling Lawn Aerator

Lawn aerators differ in cost, ease of operation and speed of task execution. The types mentioned in the review are the best in terms of efficiency, and they are made to meet your set budget. That said, you need to buy the appropriate lawn mower with respect to the size of your yard. That way, efficiency and ease of use will be a non-issue for you.

🍃 Hand aerator 

These aerators suit a small piece of land. They are highly efficient and retail at a friendly price. Their design resembles a rake and perforates the surface, making way for air and water. Their only con is that you need to exert more pressure for the tool to penetrate hard surfaces. 

This makes the item challenging to use and ineffective on large fields. However, there are so many models accessible for purchase, leaving you with multiple choices to pick from. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to work in a small area. Beyond that, you need bigger and sturdier equipment for optimal results.

🍃 Aerator shoes

These are made in the form of shoes with a few inches of protruding spikes. The cost is low, making the option accessible to many. Besides that, they are effective when you are working in a reasonably small area. 

One trick to follow when using the method is ensuring you make those perforations often. For those wondering what holds these shoes in place to prevent them from coming off frequently, there are universal straps attached to the pair.

🍃 Spike aerators

The tools are super easy to use. They contain spikes that perforate the surface during use. The items can be deployed to cover a relatively large area. There is a wide variety of models accessible to ease your selection. Likewise, the price range is diverse to ensure you find a product that fits your budget.

🍃 Rolling aerators

In terms of efficiency, it is hard to find an aerator that beats this uniquely designed model. The tool contains a wheel with spikes. When rolled on the surface, the spikes make the needed perforations enabling air and water to access the roots.

The equipment is easy to use, and since it is hand-operated, there are no upkeep or running costs. That said, there are many great items to pick from, ensuring you don’t miss the model that suits your lawn best.

🍃 Plug aerators

The equipment’s efficiency is a non-issue here. It is the best type of lawn aerator accessible. It contains hollow tines in places with spikes. The tines plunge into the ground pulling out plugs from the soil. This is the ideal way of breaking down compacted soils.

However, the tool is rendered ineffective when the surface gets excessively hard. It is, therefore, vital to wet the ground before aerating with a plug aerator.

How to use a lawn aerator for optimal results

One of the common things with lawn aerators is their ease of use. However, ease of use mainly doesn’t guarantee optimal results. Below is the process you need to follow when using an aerator for optimal results.

Step 1. Understand the best time to aerate

This can be done with the assistance of an expert as it depends on the type of grass growing in your yard. All in all, bear in mind that cool-season lawns need to be aerated in the fall, while warm ones – in the summer.

Step 2. Moisten the soil

Most aerating equipment works best on relatively hard grounds. This can only be achieved by applying a considerable amount of water to the surface.

Step 3. Guide the tool across the lawn

Your aerating equipment needs to be moved slowly to ensure it perfectly makes the required perforations. When using a push aerator, roll it in straight lines similar to how you use a lawn mower.

Step 4. Use your tool in a way that crisscrosses the previously made holes.

This needs to be done after you finish making the initial perforations. It leads to the creation of more holes, thus allowing optimal watering and better seeding.

Step 5. Plant your lawn

It is highly advisable to plant the garden immediately after aerating. This leads to optimal seed germination and healthy development. Water, air, and nutrients are now easily accessible to growing seeds.

The Best Lawn Aerators: Wrapping Up

As I wind up my best lawn aerator reviews, I hope you are now in a better position when it comes to choosing the right tool for your needs. As I have mentioned above – the products under consideration differ in cost, ease of use and efficiency. Ensure you go for the equipment that not only gives the best value for your money but also effectively covers the size of your yard. 

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14″ Corded Dethatcher/Scarifier is my top pick. It is the best lawn aerator that meets my budget. Its spikes penetrate up to 3 inches, the item itself is lightweight and wide. This product is built to suit your needs beyond expectations. It is made to ensure your soil compaction problems are solved in the easiest way possible.

Remember, when aerating your lawn, it is vital to ensure the soil is moist, never forget about that!

This enables easy penetration of the equipment you are using and makes the process less tiresome. Also, it is important to seed after aerating as this guarantees healthy plant growth and development.

That said, what aerating machinery do you use on your lawn? Is your yard aerator effective enough? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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