Best Propane Torches on the Market for Your Garden in 2020

Today I will be talking about the best propane torches that can be of help for your gardening needs. When it comes to gardening, the propane torch works best for weed control, and this tool is much easier and safer in use compared to different herbicides.

Apart from using torch weeds propane in your garden, it can also be helpful around the home. You can melt ice with torch, remove snow, light firewood for barbecues, and thaw water pipes.

With many torches propane models available on the market, it is challenging to set on the best option right away. That’s why, with my experience with most weed torches, I have listed and reviewed the top seven tools. The list includes the torches which have proven to be useful in home and garden

My top pick

The Best Propane Torch for Weeds – Bernzomatic TS8000

Bernzomatic TS8000 image
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic start and Run Lock ignition
  • Easy to handle with a 12-inch arm
  • Produces a precise flame

Contrary to popular belief, small-sized propane torches are not inferior compared to large-sized counterparts. This is ultimately the case when it comes to the Benzomatic lawn and garden torch TS8000. The arms of this item are extended to 12 inches, thus easing the handling process with a single hand.

The lawn and garden torch Bernzomatic is made from a cast aluminum that results in the lightweight nature of the item. This makes it highly preferred, especially for welding, soldering, and gardening purposes. The TS8000 model produces a large swirl flame that is useful in fast soldering tasks since it burns hotter compared to similar models.

This equipment is ranked among the top weed torches on the market. It is mainly used for gardening and plumbing. The TS8000 model comes with a pressure regulator for ensuring a consistent performance when tilting and even inverting the tank. With the use of the control knob, you can adjust the flame to suit your task needs.

Some of the other amazing features of the product include the automatic start and the Run Lock ignition system, which ensures fire burns continuously. The item is highly compatible with MAP-Pro fuels. This Bernzomatic 14.0 oz. comes with the MAP Pro Hand torch cylinder.

Features You Should Consider When Selecting the Best weed Torch

There are many factors that you should consider before selecting the right equipment. Here are the five specifics I pay attention to when choosing a weed torch:

1. Price

There are many manufacturers of propane torches for homeowners and gardeners on the market. Most of the brands vary in terms of the cost, depending on the quality associated with the product.

There are pricey models, which are high-quality ones but do not even feature a propane tank. This means you will have to purchase a side propane tank additionally. Therefore, pay attention to the price and the weed torch assembly at the same time.

2. Simplicity

A propane torch should be easy-to-use. As it is used for home and gardening tasks, the simpler the design is, the more applicable the tool will be. For example, some people use a weed torch to melt snow or even as a propane ice melter for driveway. 

I highly recommend going for a propane torch kit which comes with an automatic switch. The automatic switch is convenient because it removes the extra when sparking lighter. Additionally, this switch ensures that the flame arising at the nozzle would not spiral out of control. With the ignition switch, the spark goes straight to the torch. This enables you to turn the propane on while flicking the switch.

Before you decide on the weed burning torch, make sure to check that lighting the torch is not stressful. If the tool doesn’t feature an automatic ignition switch, you will have to use matches. It can be dangerous, so you need to be very accurate with the equipment.

3. Capacity of Tank

There are various sizes of propane tanks in propane torch kits. What is good about compact propane torches is that they come with small-sized propane tanks for easy mobility. The only downside to this size is that such tanks easily get used up.

However, you can purchase a propane torch which is attached to a sizeable tank. This will ensure your torch can go long without being exhausted of gas. However, you will have to invest in an extended arm hose to get enough space for operating. A large tank, on the other hand, will also tire you quickly.

4. Longevity in Burning

There are various options of propane torches, which come with an in-built valve to help you in adjusting the size of the flame when working. Usually, there is an adjustable flame control knob which can produce low heat for small tasks. Low heat suits best for removing weeds in your garden. Also, you can turn up the heat when performing high-end tasks. The control knob allows you to switch between tasks easily. 

With propane torch self igniting control knob, you can save a lot of propane in the tank because you can regulate the amount of gas used. Some of the products also come with a pressure regulator to monitor the output of the torch. The longevity of your propane tank, however, solely lies on how often and extensively you use the torch for performing different tasks.

5. Size of Nozzle

The size of the nozzle is one of the most important features to consider. When performing tasks at home in a small, enclosed space, you need a nozzle that can produce a precise flame. The nozzle helps to regulate the size of the flame that the propane torch produces.

Therefore, you should aim for a weed torch that has a suitable nozzle tip for your tasks. I recommend choosing the universal tip that ranges between three quarters to an inch and a half since it can perform a range of different tasks. This will allow you to control the type of flame to burn out the weeds in your garden. Also, the right nozzle tip will reduce the chances of damaging other plants and flowers in the garden because of the high flame setting.  

You can also go for a propane torch with a nozzle that is more than one and a half inches in size. This will give you space for clearing large areas, filled with predominantly weeds. The large-sized tips are best for producing large flames for burning weeds in your garden.

The Best Propane Torches Reviews – Additional options

Below you can read the best propane torch reviews that you can find on the market. I have had the pleasure of working with all these models, hence can attest to their quality, affordability, functionality, and performance.

Considering Red Dragon Propane Torches – A Remarkable VT 2-23 C Mode

Red Dragon VT 2-23 image
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easily attaches to a propane tank
  • Generates heat close to 2000℉
  • Has a pressure regulator for the best performance

  • Does not feature an automatic switch

When selecting a weed torch, you should look for the easy-to-use ones. The VT 2-23 C propane torch is one of the most convenient to use items. It comes as a fully assembled product and is ready for use.

This Red Dragon propane torch can be attached to any available refillable propane tank. However, I highly recommend you to go for the 20-pound cylinder with a hand-tighten tank fitting. This will ensure that you can use the product in the fastest way.

Upon complete setup of the propane torch, this model can produce up to 100,000 BTUs of heat, which translates to 2000℉. The heat produced is enough for use in small applications such as weeding.

The product also comes with an extended handle that measures 23-inches long and a hose measuring 10 feet. This makes it easier for you to move around your work area.

This Red Dragon propane torch is certified by National Home Gardening Club. As part of the package, you get a pressure regulator together with a separate pilot spark lighter and an adjustable needle valve.

The Best Weed Torche With POL Bulk Tank – Mag Torch MT 5000

Mag Torch MT 5000 image
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Produces heat up to 500,000 BTU
  • Inclusive of POL safety valve
  • A spark lighter is included

  • Not fitted with an automatic switch

When it comes to getting a comfortable grip, then the Mag Torch comes to my mind. It works with a minimum of 20 lbs. This adds to an attached POL bulk tank for easy movement when working in your garden or at home. 

Although the product does not feature an automatic ignition switch, it comes with a spark lighter for easy lighting. The item comes with a 61-inch CSA-certified hose that connects to the torch and the tank.

This propane torch is a hot flame thrower, which can produce up to 500,000 BTU. This makes it very useful for performing various tasks, such as roofing, burning brush piles on your garden, and melting ice. I recommend using this model with at least a 20-pound cylinder to avoid frequent refilling.

Red Dragon Propane Torch – A Useful VT 1-32 C Option

Red Dragon VT 1-32 image
  • Simple design
  • Affordable
  • Non-slip grip
  • Strong steel construction

  • Does not feature an automatic switch

It is the perfect equipment for small applications around the garden and home. I want to note that the item has a low heat production of 25,000 BTU. The Red Dragon weed torch also has a simple design so that the item easily fits in your hand even when you have attached the gas cylinder.

This weed torch is designed for use with a 1-pound cylinder. It adds to its easiness in handling. When the item is fully set up, it still maintains that compact and lightweight nature.

The Red Dragon VT 1-32 C model has an extended arm made of durable steel. This way, you won’t have to stretch too much when working in the garden or performing small tasks at home.

Unfortunately, this model does not feature an automatic switch for lighting the flame. Therefore, you have to purchase a separate spark lighter for this purpose. Some of the added advantages of the VT 1-32 C propane torch is a non-slip grip and a flame adjusting needle valve.

The Benzomatic Lawn and Garden Torch – Bernzomatic 19425 JT850

Bernzomatic 19425 JT850lawn torch
  • Has a simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Extended 36-inch arm for easier mobility
  • An adjustable flame control knob

  • Produces low heat

The JT850 propane torch is my preferred choice when it comes to simplicity and it has the best propane torch head. It has a simple design with a long handle measuring 36 inches. Also, the item has a curved grip fitting at the end for attaching to the flame control knob and the gas cylinder connector.

This weed torch can be used with a 1-pound gas cylinder, and it is easy to set up. The item is lightweight, making the propane torch much easier for handling compared to similar equipment.

You can control the intensity of the flame produced by the propane torch with adjustable flame control knob. The item comes with a pre-installed start mechanism for the automatic start for sparling gas. This ensures the comfortable and safe use of the product.

Best Weed Torch For Efficient gas consumption– Greenwood 91033

Greenwood 91033 image
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Generates high heat up to 3000℉
  • Strong steel construction
  • Insulated grip

  • Does not feature an automatic ignition switch

The Greenwood 91033 is known as one of the smallest weed torch burners on the market. Despite its small size, it can reach high temperatures of 3000℉ in less than a minute. Backed with gas power, it comes with a robust steel tip and a flow valve, which allows for smooth operation.

The propane torch also has a less gas consumption due to its small size. Nevertheless, the product delivers a perfect flame size that is emitted under high pressure. The tool is attached to a hose measuring 6.5 feet. It also perfectly insulated to ensure there are no gas leaks.  

The Greenwood 91033 model can use up to 20 lbs. propane tanks. I want to mention that you will have to purchase the tank to use this propane torch. This equipment burns slowly in normal conditions. With a turbo blast trigger on, the propane torch can emit a direct burst of added heat for getting rid of weeds in farfetched places in the garden.

The Last Propane Weeding Torch Option – All Splendid Outdoor Blow Torch

All Splendid Outdoor Blow Torch image
  • Durable aluminum extension cod
  • Features a preheated pipe
  • Attached casing
  • Fitted with an adapter

  • Does not feature an automatic ignition

The first things I want to mention are the attached casing and packaging of the torch. The product is fitted with a telescopic aluminum alloy rod and a handcrafted wood handle. You can adjust the rod to any size according to your task.

One downside to this model is that it does not come fully assembled. And even after joining all the parts together, the propane torch may appear not long enough to give you mobility in your workspace. Additionally, the item does not feature an ignition burner. This means you will have to buy a sparking lighter additionally.

However, this propane torch comes with an adapter, so it can be attached to any propane tank. With proper handling, this item can last you a lifetime. It features a preheated pipe, which will help you in saving on gas. At the same time, you get a productive operation with this propane weeding torch.

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of propane torches. Make sure to read these tips before you start using this equipment.

As you already know, a propane torch works great for getting rid of weeds without using harmful herbicides. Are you wondering how to use a propane torch to burn weeds

The first step is clearing the area of debris and other combustible elements. With the propane torch, you can walk slowly in the selected area while passing the flame over the weeds. 

Apply the torch flame to reach the root level or leaves of the weeds. This will cause the moisture within weeds to evaporate immediately. Thus, dry out the weeds and then sweep any extinguished remnants from the area.

In case your torch’s tip is not lighting, this could be a result of the buildup of melted metals, debris, and flux solder. You need to clean the tip to ensure that the flame can be produced to the right extension from the nozzle. 

The first step in cleaning the tip is getting a three-quarters full pot with water. Put the pot on the stove to boil the water. Next, turn the tip off the propane torch by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Next, place the nozzle tip into the pot with boiling water. Boil the tip for at least 10 minutes. If it does not boil over, you can reduce the heat a bit. Put off the burner and remove the tip from the pot. Place the detail on a dry cloth to let it cool.

Once dried, shake the tip firmly in a downward motion to remove any water left in the nozzle. Finally, let the tip dry off entirely for a day to make sure all the moisture is dried out.

The longevity of the propane torch depends on its size and the capacity of the propane tank. A majority of the hand-held torch kits come with propane cylinders that can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours of continuous work. The duration of work also depends on the size of the flame produced and the temperature outside/at home.

A propane torch is best suited for soldering and heating works mainly due to its portability. Therefore, the question ‘how hot is a propane torch’ makes sense. The propane ice melter flame can reach a maximum temperature of 3623 ℉. This torch flame is made up of two cones, the light blue flame and the inner dark blue flame. The hottest part of the flame is at the tip of the inner flame. 

If talking about the propane torch kit itself, it is better to wear heat-resistant gloves as personal protection. In general, the equipment doesn’t heat too much, and you can handle a propane torch without getting splash blisters.

Final Thoughts on the Best Propane Torch Models

When selecting a propane torch, you should check the features of the preferred tool and read the best propane torch review like the one here. I want to note that a majority of the models mentioned above can be handled with one hand and come fully assembled. This reduces the stress of joining the different parts together. 

A propane torch should come in a simple design because it is used for both gardening and home tasks. Propane snow removal should not require a lot of expertise. 

I recommend paying special attention to the tank capacity of the torch. Some models come attached to propane tanks with the capacity between 14 to 16 ounces. The small size of a propane tanks makes it easier to move around your garden, but it won’t last you long without refilling.

Among all the reviewed products, I highly recommend the Bernzomatic TS8000 model as the most useful weed and snow torch. Besides the affordable price tag, this equipment has a simple design and is made of durable materials which increase the shelf life of the item.

Apart from removing weeds in your garden, the propane torch can be applied for many other tasks, especially as a torch snow melter during the winter season. You can use the propane snow melter in clearing ice and snow around your home and in the garden. 

Have you used any of the reviewed propane torches? What is your preferred choice so far? Share with me your experience with these versatile tools for home and gardening tasks.

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  2. Hello. I’m a 65-year-old woman. My neighbor saw me out crawling around my yard pulling weeds and came over to tell me about the torch he had planned on buying. He was probably talking about the Red Dragon brand, but I’m gonna need to double-check that to make sure… Anyways, I’ve been searching for burning weeds with propane torch does it work a lot, and it looks like this Red Dragon thing is good at keeping weeds at bay. Bryan, what are your thoughts on that? What tools do you personally use to get rid of the weeds/grass in your garden?

    • Reply Bryan Mckenzie
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      Hi Doris.

      Thank you for your question and your trust — Gretchen and I highly appreciate it. I respect your neighbor for recommending you to burn weeds with a propane torch, for it really does work. The Red Dragon VT 2-23 C and VT 1-32 C models described in my post above are great. But my personal favorite (also marked as My Top Pick in the article) is the Benzomatic TS8000 model. It is very well-made and has some solid safety features. We also have a big Red Dragon propane torch which works very well for large areas.

      What I don’t really like about it is that it’s too wide. If you don’t have a field of weeds and are mostly interested in precision weeding, then the portable Benzomatic TS8000 model is exactly what you need. Really cool and effective when it comes to getting rid of those little guys that keep popping up between pavers. In addition to being great at killing weeds, Benzomatic is perfect for cooking! Yep, it’s gonna help you make those yummy creme brulés crispy with ease. Doris, I hope that answers your question.

      Don’t forget to get back to me whenever you have further questions about propane torches or anything related to the topic of our blog.

      Sincerely, Bryan.

  3. Hey there, I’m Matt. I’m using the Greenwood 91033 model — my daughter gave it to me for Father’s day. I don’t normally write reviews, but this weed torch is a keeper. It’s really powerful and exceptionally easy to light. Overall, it’s the best weed burner I’ve used so far. Your blog is great. I learn a lot from your articles. Keep up the good work. Matt.

    • Reply Bryan Mckenzie
      Bryan Mckenzie 04.01.2020 at 12:25

      Hi Matt. Your daughter must have done her homework when choosing the best burn weeds torch for your garden. Does she read our blog as well? ;D Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I must say, the Greenwood 91033 unit is a great choice. It’s definitely much better than the local discount tool store version. Enjoy using it. And thanks for your kind words about Contact me if you need assistance or have any questions. Sincerely, Bryan.

  4. Bryan. Thanks for your quick response to my recent question, your recommendations are really helpful. I have a fairly large lawn, so this Benzomatic TS8000 propane weeding torch sounds like a great option. I guess I’m going to stick with it, after all. I will keep you posted and share my thoughts with you once I lay my hands on this wonderful machine. God bless you and Gretchen.

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      Hi Doris. I’m glad I’ve helped you decide on the best propane torch for weeds to burn on your large lawn. Please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you need assistance assembling, using, or storing the machine. I’m always here to help. I will be looking forward to your Benzomatic TS8000, but kinda already guessing that it’s going to be very positive. Say hi to Jerry for me and be safe. Sincerely, Bryan.

  5. Hello. Thumbs up for Bernzomatic TS8000. Too bad I didn’t have this machine 20 years ago jajaja!!! It’s definitely among the best propane torches out there… I use my Bernzomatic unit to eradicate weeds and to sear my meat cooked sous-vide…. This is the best torch for weeding (and cooking!) that I’ve ever owned. No wonder it’s your top pick — it’s too darn good. Keep them great posts and reviews coming guys. Any advice on some good lawn mowers for small gardens? Looking forward to your reply, Juan.

    • Reply Bryan Mckenzie
      Bryan Mckenzie 10.01.2020 at 18:14

      Hi Juan. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you agree with me on the Benzomatic weeding torch, it really is among the best-quality tools on the market. As for the best lawn mowers for small gardens, please head to the corresponding section of our website featuring multiple reviews on this topic. This particular page covers some of the best weed torch units available. Best regards, Bryan.

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  7. Hey there. I bought MAG TORCH MT 5000 about a month ago. And HOLY MOLY the thing is AWESOME. Excellent quality, easy to set up, easy to light, easy to control… and it gets the job done really fast. The torch will burn the **** out of anything in the blink of an eye. The main reason why I bought this fire-breathing machine is that it’s perfect for melting ice in the winter. It uses a full size cylinder instead of the wimpy “garden” torches that have a 1lb cylinder that ices up almost right away if you try to use it outside in winter. I haven’t used it to burn weeds yet, but I’m very serious about getting rid of weeds without chemicals. Any information on burning weeds with propane torch for dummies? HAHA Would really appreciate it. Thanks guys and have a great day!

    • Reply Bryan Mckenzie
      Bryan Mckenzie 12.01.2020 at 16:10

      Hi Dan. Thank you for your question. Congratulations! You’ve bought yourself a great tool for flame weeding, so I recommend that you make the most of your ‘fire-breathing’ buddy whenever necessary. As a matter of fact, a portable propane torch can help you with lots of stuff, be it weed burning, ice melting, bolt loosening, or old paint softening… As for burning weeds with a propane torch, here are some quick steps.
      1. Make sure there are no flammable materials in the area.
      2. Light the tool and walk slowly where flame weeding is necessary, directing the flame along the weeds.
      3. To effectively speed up the process, focus on applying the heat from the torch to the root or leaves of the weeds.
      4. Sweep the dead weeds from the area. And don’t forget to always have a fire extinguisher closeby — just in case.
      If you’re wondering about the best time to flame weeds, I like to do it right after a heavy rain — that way, there’s less chance of burning everything down and getting on the news. Never torch weeds if they grow on flammable materials, or during drought periods. Avoid burning poisonous weeds (for example, poison ivy). This can trigger severe allergic reactions.
      Dan, make sure you watch a couple of YouTube How-to videos on flame weeding. That way, you will see the process with your own eyes. Feel free to ask further questions if there are any. Good luck and have fun eradicating the pesky weeds! Best regards, Bryan.

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