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Honda HRX217 Review: Powerful and Effective Honda Lawn Mower



by Bryan Mckenzie


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Taking care of your yard is a year-round task for every gardener, as we all do our best to maintain beautiful flower beds, cut the bushes and trees, and keep the lawn green, nourished, and properly cut.

Using powerful and speedy lawnmower, you will receive a perfect grass lawn looking neat and well-tended. In this Honda HRX217 review, you will find all necessary information about this lawnmower, its key features, exploitation details, fors, and against. I am using this lawn mover myself and can tell a lot about why I have chosen this model and what you have to know about it.

Observing All the Details: Honda HRX217VKA Review 4.8/5 

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Choosing a lawnmower that will effectively serve you for years, you have to consider the options when buying a lawnmower such as: what extras it has to offer, how good are materials and motor, and how good it is at cutting the high, thick grass.

Overall review

In case you are looking for a grass mower that combines reliable quality and affordable prices, this is your perfect match. In this Honda HRX217VKA review, I want to share with you the unique features of this model: powerful Honda 200cc motor that is used in all top-rated premium Honda lawn mowers, high-quality Microcut twin blades that are used for Honda’s 4 in 1 Versamow system.

It allows to mulch, shred, discharge, bag leaves, and grass. This model has no electric starting – you have to pull the cord to start, but the mower always starts with the first pull.


This lawnmower is quite heavy, so in case you are looking for the exact parameters of Honda HRX217 lawn mowers, take into account it weighs 77.8 lbs and has 21-long blades, perfectly cutting and mulching the longest grass. It is 63.4 inches long, 23.1 inches wide, and 42.2. inches high.


Thanks to the Honda 200cc motor, this lawn mower can perfectly cut the grass, starting from 0.75 inches and up to 4-inches long. I have tried it to battle some longer grass sections in the backyard, and it worked perfectly. Thanks to the Microcut twin blades, this lawn mower digs into the grass with no interruptions. It takes less than an hour to process half an acre territory.

How to use (with a spreader? What settings?)

This model is equipped with hydrostatic cruise control with 9 different speed settings. It has an adjustable handle, which is useful for people of all heights as you won’t have back pain because of incorrect posture. All controls are situated in the middle of the handlebar and can be adjusted in different angles with your thumb. This model goes with a discharge bag, larger than the ones in previous models – 3.1 cubic foot model vs the usual 2.0 cubic bags. It is usefully angled and is pretty easy to clean up.


No need to read all Honda HRX mowers reviews to know about the hazards and dangers related to using a lawnmower. It is important to avoid rotating blades that can seriously injure your pet or cut your feet. Shut off the engine before moving the lawnmower or working around the deck. Always clean the mowing area before starting the engine. Carefully refuel the motor, as gas is highly flammable.

In case you think about letting your child use the lawnmower, take into account that the child has to understand that this is not a toy and to behave carefully. Only in case you are sure your kid is mature and responsible, teach him to use the lawnmower under your control.

  • Honda 200cc motor;
  • Self-propelled model;
  • Microcut twin blades;
  • Self-propelled;
  • Affordable price.
  • No electric starting;
  • It is not equipped with the hydrostatic transmission.

Honda HRX217 vs Troy Bilt TB130 2.5/5 

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Now, let’s compare Honda HRX217 to other popular lawnmowers. Here are the main differences between Troy Bilt vs Honda lawn mowers:

  1. While Troy Bilt TB130 has a TriAction Cutting system, Honda’s Microcut twin blades allow it to cut the loner maximum grass height: 4 inches vs 3.7 inches. Moreover, Honda is also better at coping with the minimum grass height: 0.75 inches vs 1.7 with Troy Bilt’s.
  2. With Honda HRX217 you can set up to 7 different grass height modes, while Troy allows you to choose from 3 grass height options.
  3. Honda provides you with a 5 years warranty, while with Troy you receive only 2 years warranty.
  4. Troy Bilt TB130 has a steel deck while Honda HRX217 is equipped with a plastic one. Yes, steel is more resistant to damages in case you get on a stone, but plastic is much more lightweight.

In the end, I can say that Honda proposes more cutting options and can cope with the wide range of grass height, being at the same time more lightweight, which is mentioned in many gasoline lawn mower reviews.

Honda HRX217 vs Toro Recycler 4.5/5 

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Comparing Toro Super Recycler vs Honda HRX217, I can say that both mowers are quite good, but the Honda is more popular because of Honda’s 200cc motor. Let’s have a deeper look at their features:

  1. Again, Honda demonstrates better results in maximum cutting height: Toro has 1.2 inches vs 4. inches maximum Honda’s cutting height.
  2. Honda has an excellent adjustable handle that has 3 adjustable positions. Toro Recycler has only one position that can represent a real challenge in case your height is over or under the average.
  3. While Honda has a lightweight plastic deck, Toro is equipped with an aluminum one, which is more resistant to damages.
  4. Both mowers have a 5 years warranty, powerful and reliable motor, but Honda’s bag for leaves makes it easier to care about the mower after use.

Comparing these mowers, pay attention to the key functions mentioned in Honda 217 mower reviews, as they are much wider, and in case you require a more adjustable mower with more cutting modes – Honda is a better choice.

FAQ on Honda HRX217

Honda HRX217

Here are the most popular questions about the Honda HRX217VKA. Read on to learn more!

Are Honda lawn mowers worth the money?

The best about Honda lawn mowers is the quality of the powerful motor and Microcut blades – you can see these advantages in most Honda push mower reviews. Combining the quality, power, and usefulness with a 5 years warranty, I can say that these Honda lawn mowers are definitely worth their money.

How to start a Honda HRX217 lawn mower?

To start using the lawnmower, you have to pull the cord – simple and quite easy. The mower will start working with the first pull, but don’t forget to regularly recharge it with gasoline.

How much oil does a Honda HRX217 hold?

As all Honda redesigned HRX lawnmowers, this model holds 18.6 ounces of oil and is not equipped with an oil filter.

Summarizing the Benefits of Honda HRX217

Choosing the perfect lawn mower can be complicated, but with this Honda HRX217 review you will be able to study and evaluate all pros and cons of this highly popular lawn model. This is my personal favorite because of the powerful Honda 200cc motor, well-made twin blades that cope with the wide range of grass height, and warranty. What are your most important criteria for choosing the mower? Do you pay attention to the warranty and the brand? Let’s talk about that in the comments section below.

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