Best Flower for Garden for All Seasons, Long-Lasting and Scented Flowers

Flowers are very useful to the environment, they brighten up the mood and bring really sensational feelings. In addition, they help insects in pollination, and some are used for medicinal purposes. You are probably in search of the best flower for garden because of one or all the above mentioned reasons.

After purchasing a house in the country I’ve been blessed with an ample space for gardening all types of flowers, including flowers that are annual or even perennial. In this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to learn about flower gardening: types of flowers, the most preferable season, etc.; so go ahead and get the satisfaction you are looking for.

Seasonal Flowers for Gardening

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If you want to garden flowers throughout the year, you should be aware of the ones adjustable to weather changes. They will brighten up your garden all year round, and you will fulfill your heart’s desire for gardening. Hereunder, I am going to discuss the best flowers for gardens for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Finally, I will talk about perennial flowers and try to explain how to plant a flower garden for beginners.

Different Types of Flowers for Spring Garden


As for me, spring is a sign of hope. The temperature rises progressively in spring; for a successful start, you need to know which kind of flowers to garden, and most importantly, to teach flower gardening for beginners.

🌱 Daffodils

These moderately fragrant flowers require planting a few months before spring to blossom. Daffodils have several species, all of which are planted with a bulb. These flowers bloom well if your garden is well-drained and rich in organics. The reason is the bulbs tend to decay in wet and poorly-drained soil. It is advisable to allow these flowers to get enough sunlight throughout the springtime.

🌱 Tulips

Tulips have bright large petals that are spotted in early spring. These are very popular flowers for gardens that should be planted in autumn, before the ground freezes. Due to hybridizing, the bulbs tend not to grow year after year, and I highly advise you to plant new bulbs every autumn. These flowers don’t need a lot of direct sunlight, so organize shade in your garden. The soil should be slightly acidic, fertile and well-drained for them to grow well. When planting, space the bulbs carefully.

🌱 Hyacinths

I would nominate hyacinths as the best fragrant flowers for garden. Plant bulbs in autumn for the flowers to bloom in spring. They grow perfectly in moderately fertile, well-drained soil, and require limited sunlight, so it is necessary to use shade. When handling these bulbs, remember to wear gloves all the time, as they irritate the skin.

My Top-3 Flowers for Summer Gardens

Yellow begonia flower

There is a huge variety of summer flowers, but I am going to discuss the ones I have personally planted in my flower garden. These are the flowers that tolerate heat and humidity. They are further mentioned as flowers for full sun gardens.

🌱 Begonias

Low temperatures damage these delicate flowers, so it is necessary to plant them after the frost passes. Begonias need little shade and space with enough air circulation to prevent powdery mold. Being the best flowers for container gardens, the tubers should be first planted indoors in dark spots, and a month further transplanted in the soil outdoors.

🌱 Elephant Ears

These flowers for gardening with unremarkable green leaves on long stalks bloom continuously from spring to summer. Seeds of elephant ears are sheltered in a hard-shelled pod. They blossom cheerfully in proper conditions – limited sunlight, wet and rich substrate. Water this flower from the roots in the morning to prevent diseases.

🌱 Evolvulus Pilosus

Mostly used as a medicinal herb, this lovely plant grows best in the sun and well-drained soil. Blue flowers of Evolvulus Pilosus grow throughout the whole summer. Commonly being known as flowers for full sun gardens, if you water them sufficiently, you will enjoy flowers even for longer.

Flowers for the Garden in Winter

Snow Drops flowers

I know what you are thinking, and yes, there are flowers that grow in winter too. Your garden may be colorful and bright even in the very cold seasons. If you plant a flower garden for the first time, don’t postpone it because of the weather, as I`m going to share with you the best flowers for beginning gardeners for the winter season.

🌱 Snow Drops

These white flowers for gardens appear in early November, survive throughout December, and can even last up to February. They enjoy well-drained soils as they tend to dry out easily. The most preferable time to plant them is in early fall.

🌱 Pansies

Pansies are flowers for garden annuals that grow well in cool weather and are able to bloom during winter. They have heart-shaped colorful petals that really brighten your garden. These flowers grow from seeds, but I would prefer purchasing them in nursery beds, as pansies have already been established there. If you are planting seeds, the most suitable time is late winter.

🌱 Jasmine

The first time I observed this plant in my garden, I was overwhelmed by its fragrance. I think these flowers are the best smelling flowers for garden. For a comfortable existence, they require well-drained and rich soil. Also, in case you expect more blooms, you should use fertilizer. Plant the seeds for about 3 months before transplanting to the garden, and make sure to have soaked them for about a day before planting.

Autumn Flowers for Gardening

Crocus flowers

In-between summer and winter, a few flowers do grow. Flowers for autumn are the ones that can grow in very low temperatures. Below I am going to consider some autumn flowers that I mostly recommend.

🌱 Crocus

These perennial flowers for garden are planted before hard frost is expected, more specifically, during September and October. We put crocus corms in the soil for a month and a half before they finally arise. They prefer well-drained soil as in mushy soils the bulbs may rot.

🌱 Sternbergia

Blossoms in the autumn with yellow or white flowers. My husband and I grow these flowers from the bulbs when summer is coming to an end. Well-drained fertile soil is what is required for them, together with regular watering.

Perennial Flowers for Garden

Most of the flowers mentioned above are perennial, as they tend to live for more than two years. Flowers from spring and summer die every autumn and winter annually, however, this depends on the climate. Most of these flowers, like lilies, asters, purple coneflowers, and daylilies, are commonly known as perennial flowers for a border garden.

Types of Best Flowers for Cutting Garden

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In my years of experience, I came to learn about cutting gardens, and it has really improved my business. A cutting garden is an area of the garden with flowers suitable for table arrangement and consists of the most long lasting flowers for garden. Most of us tend to remove flowers from the flower beds for banquets, which is wrong. The best way is to define a part of a garden just for cutting. My advice is to choose the best types of annual or perennial flowers to your own liking and arrange them for your cutting garden.

Include flowers that will blossom in spring, summer, winter, and autumn to make sure you will have fresh flowers all year round. Learn about the spacing required for each flower, keeping in mind that most cutting flowers require a lot of sunshine for hours. So it is necessary to adapt the site accordingly. Make sure the soil is rich in organic materials and also well-drained. Below are the best flowers for a cutting garden list.

🌱 Asters

These perennial flowers are very bright and lovely, they may be observed when summer is almost over. They are the best flowers for cutting gardens. Pluck back asters once or twice during early summer to stimulate a large bushy growth and even more blooms. Cut them back in winter after the foliage is over.

🌱 Dahlias

These flowers are available in different species and colors. Get new tubers at the beginning of spring and try to plant different types in your cut garden. You can also dig them in soil and take care of them to grow from year to year. Make sure to space the plants accordingly as they can grow up to 3.8 feet tall.

🌱 Bishop’s Lace

These wild flowers for small gardens are very delicate and need a lot of attention and care to prosper in a cutting garden. Plant the seeds in well-drained soil and make sure they have enough sunlight. Cultivate the soil diligently, as the young seedlings need a lot of care to grow.

🌱 Sunflowers

Consider adding sunflowers to your cutting garden as they will provide an invigorating and cheerful effect. In my garden, I have planted multi-stem types that are a little slow to bloom.

🌱 Clary Sage

These highly-scented flowers for the garden are biennial and mostly grown due to their medicinal characteristics. They are perfect for cutting gardens as their stems are stiff and have a strictly vertical line when being cut. Flowers cut and placed in a vase can last for weeks.

Useful Information About Flower Gardening for Beginners

As promised earlier, I have shared my tips for flower gardening: what to do and all the necessary things to consider when starting flower gardening. Your first step is to find out your motive. I was driven by passion. Together with my husband, we started flower gardening as a hobby, and eventually, it has grown to something bigger. Nothing comes easy, and a lot of effort will be needed in planting a flower garden for the first time, but everything will take its place with time.

The next thing is to determine where your flower garden will be. The right spot is the one with enough sunlight and rich organic soil. Cultivate the ground, rip out weeds and use fertilizers. After the preparation of the land, you should select corresponding plants, keeping in mind the ones I have discussed above. You can buy young plants for starters. Water when needed and be attentive to notice any pests or diseases.

You can also address cottages, pick the best flowers for cottage garden, and select the best flowers for container garden. Finally, wait for your flowers to bloom and enjoy your garden. If you take into consideration everything I have examined above, you will eventually have your own flowers for garden.

Enjoy Your Flower Gardening

In conclusion, now you can follow your heart’s desire for your own flower garden. You have gained enough knowledge on how to maintain garden flowers for beginners, and finally, you can plant the most popular flowers for garden from the review above. You have found out about some perennial flowers for gardens and the right season to start planting. Still have some unclear moments that you want to investigate? Do not be dismayed—you can ask us about anything, and my husband and I will share our experience with you. Just leave your question or comment below.

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