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Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower in 2024: Make Mowing Effortless



by Bryan Mckenzie


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The mowing can take a lot of your free time. That’s why the manufacturers strive to use the latest innovations to make the lawn mowers quicker and easier to use. I can say that they’re doing great. Today I have prepared a list of the top tools that will be useful in your garden. It doesn’t matter how large the yard is – you can find a suitable machine in any case.

Craftsman is the best commercial walk behind mower on the market right now. It has a big deck size, so it copes with the grass fast. Also, the machine allows you to adjust the needed height – it helps to cut weeds and thick grass. Below you will also find the other commercial walk behind mower reviews.

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8 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers Reviewed

The top-rated commercial walk behind mowers I want to tell you about have construction that gives you the opportunity to choose diverse modes. But still, they’re not complicated in application.

1. Craftsman – Premium Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

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Craftsman believes that work with tools should bring only satisfaction. That’s why they produce lawn mowers that are both high-quality and easy-to-use. They’re tested several times in real-world conditions before they appear in the store.

Power source and engine

This device uses gasoline to provide the cutting. It also requires one battery that is included in the kit, as well as a charger and bagger. Overall, it has 159 cc horsepower. Such a construction makes the mulching fast and easy, despite the fact it has not a very large deck.

Deck size and height adjustments

As I noted above, it has a medium deck size of 21 inches. On the one hand, the cutting may take more time if you work in a big area, but on the other, it allows you to clean the yard in the hard-to-reach places. Also, it has a wide height that starts at 1.25 inches and ends at 3.75 inches. It weighs about 87 lbs, which makes it really convenient to store.

Materials and additional features

The industrial walk behind mower is made of rust-proof metals that require careful supervision (you can wash the deck easily). This model is unique thanks to its high wheels. Besides, the electric start allows you to begin the work with one button. You may choose from three capabilities, including mulching, rear discharge, and side discharge.

  • 6 height adjustments;
  • Works fast;
  • Electric start;
  • Convenient to store.
  • Single-speed.

2. Swisher Rough Cut Lawn Mower

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Garden machinery has a complicated construction that requires good knowledge in this field and well-tried technologies. Swisher production is based on the mowers. They offer garden carts, steel rollers, trimmers, cutters, and much more.

Power source and engine

This sturdy device works on the standard garden battery. By the way, it’s not included in the kit. With a 10.2 Honda recoil start engine, the tool becomes the most powerful walk behind mower on the market today. You don’t need to apply a lot of effort – the lawn mower is self-propelled.

Deck size and height adjustments

It’s convenient when the device has a wide cutting range. Such a kind of big walk behind mowers can suit mostly all the lawn sizes. Swisher lawn mower has a heavy-duty 24 inches deck with a cutting height of 3-4.75 inches. All the control handlebars are located on the operator`s control panel. That’s why you don’t need additional instruments to set the wanted height.

Materials and additional features

The large pneumatic chevron tires allow the lawn mower to ride on hills and swamps. Also, it moves quite smoothly. You will get the front safety deflectors and protective guard that keeps you far away from the blade. With four speed transmissions, you can adjust the comfortable cutting according to your preferences.

  • Powerful motor;
  • Self-propelled;
  • Wide cutting range;
  • Convenient control panel;
  • Four speed transmissions.
  • Doesn’t work properly in hard-to-reach places.

3. PowerSmart – Best Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

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If you’re purchasing an all-featured machine at the lowest possible price, Powersmart has a lot to offer you. In their product list, you will find a self-propelled lawn mower. The company also produces yard cleanup tools as an addition to the mower.

Power source and engine

It is a gasoline-powered tool that can cope with large distances. If you didn’t cut your grass for a long time, and it became tough and tall, such a design would be a great decision to sweep up a mess. The 4-stroke engine is supplied with an air cooling system. It protects the device from overheating and increases its lifespan at least two times.

Deck size and height adjustments

With the Powersmart device, you may experiment with five grass levels. That’s why it’s so suitable for the tall grass. You may adjust the height from 1.18 to 3.02 inches. The cutting width is 22 inches, which is not the highest possible one but is fitting for the small and medium yards.

Materials and additional features

The deck is made of steel – it’s a durable material, but it makes a tool heavier than similar models. This lawn mower has three modes. It can mulch the grass, leave it on the sides, or collect it in the bag. In addition, it has a three years warranty.

  • 5 adjustable heights;
  • Works on long distances;
  • Durable engine with the air cooling system;
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Heavier than other models.

4. Cub Cadet – Economical Gas-Powered Mower

The American company Cub Cadet has more than half a century of history. At first, it produced tractors, but now its product catalog has become much wider. Its professional equipment for commercial use is popular all over the world. And the Pro HW 336 lawnmower is no exception.

Power source and engine

This model is powered by Kawasaki’s 4-cycle FS series engine, which has been specially developed for lawnmowers. It has a power of 14.5 HP and a displacement of 603 cc. It is compact, quiet, and produces minimal exhaust fumes. Thanks to the 4-stroke engine installed here, you don’t have to bother making a fuel/oil mixture.

Deck size and height adjustments

The cutting deck is 36 inches wide, making it suitable for working on small to medium lawns. Although it is intended for commercial use, in my opinion, its width and power may not be enough to treat huge areas. You can adjust the cutting height depending on your needs from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Materials and additional features

Like all Cub Cadet devices, this model is made of high-quality, durable steel and has an entirely welded tube frame. Unlike many other walk-behind models, this machine is incredibly comfortable to operate, and it provides unrivaled maneuverability. There is a cruise control function that allows you to work at a fixed speed if necessary, which greatly facilitates working convenience.

  • Economic engine;
  • Gives little exhaust gas;
  • Maneuverable;
  • Easy to operate.
  • May not be sufficient for extremely large-scale tasks.

5. Earthquake – Best Commercial String Mower

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One of the Earthquake’s values is innovation. This company likes to experiment with their products, and that’s why customers choose them and wait for new models all the time. Earthquake also strives to create tools that will make the work easier, not harder.

Power source and engine

There are a few professional walk behind mowers that are powered by gas, and this machine is one of them. Its engine is strong but, at the same time, very quiet, which is perfect if your neighbors don’t like loud noises. The device has 150 cc horsepower and a 4-cycle viper design. Such a construction is considered highly durable.

Deck size and height adjustments

The mower has one height setting that is the most suitable for the yard. You will do the cutting quickly thanks to the 22 inches deck. It mows, trims, and clears bushes. I can say that it is perfect for thick grass, weeds, nettles, and other foliage. Earthquake lawn mowers cope with such issues on the first try.

Materials and additional features

All the external device parts are made of metal, and the deck is made of one-piece steel for reducing the vibration. Also, it has a nylon line that helps you do the work quickly. The handlebars are convenient for long riding. And the large 14 inches wheels allow you to get on hills and pass the small stones simply.

  • Powerful engine;
  • Quiet performance;
  • Works fast and cut thick grass;
  • Strong materials.
  • The height is not adjustable.

6. Troy Bilt – Best Gas-Powered Commercial Walk Behind Mower

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Troy Bilt products are tested for thousands of hours for the best performance on your yard. Before they have become popular and trustful, it was a long path. The company has spent 80 years improving its tools and now offers a full line of lawn mowers, snow blowers, tillers, etc.

Power source and engine

This lawn mower model requires gas as a power source. Some people think that such a motor is not powerful, and the cutting session lasts for a short time. However, in this case, the engine is 159 cc horsepower. It’s enough to work even in large areas. The automatic choke release prevents engine flooding.

Deck size and height adjustments

You can reach the narrow places with the 21 inches deck size. It allows the side discharge, mulching, or rear bag. By the way, the 1.9-bushel bag is included in the kit and is highly comfortable if you have the 1-3 acres yard. If you don’t bag the grass, it returns the nutrients to the grass.

Materials and additional features

The deck is standardly made of steel. Manufacturers use this material because it’s very strong and rustproof. The 11-inches wheels are ideal for the smaller yards. However, they work worse on the rough land that can make the cutting process slower.

  • 159 cc engine;
  • Perfect for smaller gardens;
  • Has three modes;
  • Convenient to store.
  • Not for the rough area.

7. Snapper – Best Cordless Commercial Walk Behind Mower

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One of the first self-propelled mowers was produced by Snapper about 70 years ago. Nowadays, they strive to create products that are easy-to-use and easy-to-own. So, their best wide area walk behind mower doesn’t require a lot of attention but works without problems.

Power source and engine

You can cut or mulch the grass for about 90 minutes with one battery. The kit includes two lithium batteries and one rapid charger. Also, you need only one hour to charge them fully. So, you can start the lawn mowing, stop it for an hour, and then continue working if you have a large area.

Deck size and height adjustments

There are two available sizes of 19 and 21 inches. By the way, the storing capabilities allow you to reduce 70 percent of the needed space. You may choose from seven height adjustments. Also, the rear wheel size is about 10 inches, which makes maneuvering easier.

Materials and additional features

Like most products I have described, the Snapper lawn mower has a steel deck. You may mulch, bag, or side discharge the clippings. Also, the load-sensing technology increases efficiency at least two times. So, the device consumes a little energy.

  • Two sizes to choose from;
  • Seven height adjustments;
  • Compact;
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Heavy (can be uncomfortable to work for a long time).

8. Greenworks – Best Electric Commercial Walk Behind Mower

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From the very beginning, Greenworks has produced battery-powered and corded tools. The company owns innovative test facilities. So, it takes a lot of time before the ready product reaches the market.

Power source and engine

This model doesn’t require any batteries or charging; you just need to plug in and start working. However, such a design is not suitable for large areas. The powerful 12 AMP engine operates smoothly and creates a little noise. The mowing begins with a single button push.

Deck size and height adjustments

You may adjust one of the seven lever positions to get those grass heights that you need. The deck size is not large – only 20 inches. But the device is designed mostly for small yards, so it will be enough for an area less than 1 acre.

Materials and additional features

The deck is made of steel that is easy to wash after each usage. This device is compact and has foldable handlebars to decrease the required storage space. Also, it has a four years warranty. You should consider that the extension cord is not included.

  • Powerful engine;
  • Works quietly;
  • Easy to store;
  • Seven height adjustments.
  • Designed for small yards;
  • The extension cord is not included.

Commercial Walk Behind Mower Buyer’s Guide

EARTHQUAKE 28463 Walk String Mower

When you purchase a lawn mower, you have to be attentive to what you choose. Such a tool should serve you at least 3-4 years. Here you will find some recommendations on this topic.

Commercial vs residential walk behind mower

The commercial and residential mowers differ in the application way and design. The first type is created to provide long rides. It is perfect if you have a large area or use the machine several times a week. Top commercial lawn mowers are more durable. It depends on their engines that are usually highly efficient and have a cooling system.

Residential mowers are used in cases you have a tiny yard or garden, and the grass type grows up slowly. Such devices are more compact and easy to store. However, they usually don’t have a long warranty and may get damaged easily. The commercial lawn mowers not only simplify the mowing but also are more protected from unexpected breakage.

How to choose a walk behind mower for commercial use?

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Walk String Mower

The walk-behind mower doesn’t need to have a complicated design. However, some features are required and make the mowing more pleasant.

Power source

The best power source for the commercial lawn mower is gasoline or gas. They allow the machine to perform for a longer time and mow large areas (more than 3 acres). If you have a medium yard, the battery-powered tool is also an option.

Cutting deck size

The deck size should be as large as possible if you want to work fast and effectively. 22-24 inches is a suitable size. However, if you need to maneuver easily, you can choose a smaller deck width. I think 20-21 inches is a good variant for this case – it is fitting for the small yards too. Such sizes are standard for commercial mowers, so it won’t be a problem to find the lawn mower you need.


The 4-cycle engine with 150-159 cc horsepower is used for the best self-propelled commercial lawn mowers. Actually, you don’t need a more powerful motor. I also recommend you to choose the engine with a cooling system.


For the commercial lawn mower, the steel deck is the best variant. It makes the device more durable and allows you to cope with hills, swamps, and rough land. Some manufacturers use aluminum that is also not so bad.

Height adjustments

Not all models have height adjustment controls, so be careful when choosing a mower. If the machine offers 1.75-3.75 inches settings, you will be able to mow mostly all the grass types. For diverse models, this range can be different.

Ease of use

I think a self-propelled commercial lawn mower is much easier to use. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to push the device. Also, high wheels are better if you have rough land or you need to ride the hills.

Safety features

A long handlebar and a large, strong deck are the needed safety features. That’s why the big deck width is required not only for the quick performance but also for your safety. Don’t forget to follow the lawn mower safety tips when you replace the blade.


The durability depends not only on the mower constructions but also on the proper supervision. Strong rubber wheels and steel deck provide a durable construction. Also, the engine cooling system protects it from wearing out quickly.


Usually, manufacturers offer a 2-3 years warranty. It’s a nice option because some issues may appear. Of course, the warranty for more than 4 years is the best variant.

Durability tips for commercial walk behind mowers

Usually, the best commercial walk behind lawn mower works perfectly for at least three years – but you can easily increase its lifespan. First of all, I recommend you to choose the model with the cooling system. If your machine doesn’t have it, I think it wouldn’t be a problem to purchase the air cooler. It protects the engine from breakage and wearing out.

Also, you should sharpen the blade two-three times a year or even more regularly. When the blade has been working for more than 400 hours, it’s better to replace it. Clean the croppings bag every time you cut the grass. Also, you should wash the deck as often as needed to avoid the rust appearance.

Commercial Walk Behind Mower FAQ

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 String Mower

Here I have collected the frequently asked questions about the commercial grade walk behind lawn mowers. I think it will help you to work with the machines better.

Do I need a commercial lawn mower?

You need a commercial lawn mower if you have a large area or you want to reduce the time you spend on mowing the grass. Even if you just search for a convenient machine, a commercial device is a nice choice. It has a longer lifespan and cuts the grass with greater effectiveness. Also, there is a large variety of commercial tools on the market.

Can I use a commercial mower at home?

Of course, you can – it won’t be a problem at all. But before you buy such a device, be sure that you have enough area to store it. Or, try to find a product that doesn’t require a lot of space. You should also consider that some commercial models are much noisier than the residential ones.

How to sharpen blades on commercial walk behind mower?

To sharpen the blade, you should remove it from the mower first. As the commercial machines are quite heavy, the recommendation is to use the car track to lift them and get the blade out of it. There are several methods to sharpen the blade. However, I think using a bench grinder is the best option for commercial mowers.

How to tighten a walk behind lawn mower belt?

In case you need to adjust the belt tension on the riding lawn mower to be sure it is not loose, you should remove the blade and some other internal parts. Near the engine, you will find the belt. After you tighten it enough, you should return all the details, including the blade. Usually, every manufacturer gives specific advice for every model.

Choose the Walk Behind Mower to Ease Your Life

On the first side, commercial lawn mowers look complicated, and people strive to find a simpler variant. I can say that you should not be afraid to purchase such machines. They are more convenient than they may seem. And the Swisher`s device is the best example of commercial mowers. It is both powerful and user-friendly.

Do you mow the lawn frequently? Have you ever used a commercial lawn mower? Do you have some recommendations for its application? Please, leave your comments in the section below.

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