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How to Hang a Backpack Blower: Top 7 Expert Tips



by Bryan Mckenzie


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Yellow leaves scattered all over your yard are a common sight when the fall season is in full swing. While you may love the colors of fall, a little tidying up is in order. And your broom or rake are not the best choices for taking care of your yard, for the process will take up most of your time. That’s where high-quality gardening tools kick in.

Even though a leaf blower is a wonderful piece of equipment, it may not be compact enough to fit perfectly into your garage’s storage potential. If that’s exactly what you’re currently facing, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll let you in on how to hang a backpack blower with maximum efficiency — while preventing any clutter along the way. Our storage tips and hacks below will skyrocket your garage organization and set up possibilities for stardom.

Your Guide to Proper Backpack Blower Storage

Here’s a quick outline of those tips if you don’t have enough time to read the entire post:

  • utilize robust hooks;
  • craft DIY shelves or use the existing ones;
  • position the blower on the floor;
  • sort out a workbench or a hanger;
  • transform your ceiling;
  • ensure the storage space is clean and dry enough;
  • in case you don’t have a garage, use your shed for storage purposes;
  • don’t forget about proper blower maintenance.

You probably know it’s best to store the unit in your garage. That way, you’ll protect the tool from harsh weather conditions, ensure damage-proof storage, … and save the quality beast from your neighbors whose passion for laying their hands on it may be too overwhelming. Needless to say that the hanging backpack blower in your garage practice is also 100% free of charge. Below, we’ve rounded up the best ways of storing the unit in your garage.


1. Set up robust and durable hooks

Installing heavy-duty hooks for leaf blower storage is among the surefire ways of keeping the tool in your garage. If you hang the tool by those hooks, anyone’s chances of stumbling upon it get as close to zero as possible. Furthermore, this storage specifics wards off wear, tear, and breakage.

2. Craft your own shelves

With some knowledge, savviness, and the ability to think a few steps ahead, you can make excellent DIY shelves that will aid you in saving tons of your storage space — while creating the perfect place for winterizing your precious blower along the way.

3. Use already existing shelves

If the idea of installing hooks doesn’t sound appealing, you’re free to use already existing shelves in your garage to store the unit. A DIY backpack blower rack will do, as well. In case your tool boasts excessive bulkiness, avoid positioning it in areas that are either too high or challenging to access.

4. Turn to floor storage

If your garage flaunts tons of extra space (or if you have a small backpack blower), you’re free just to keep the unit on the floor. Focus on keeping the engine side down for maximum safety. You shouldn’t leave it in the center of your garage to avoid constantly stumbling upon it. Instead, tidy up a nice corner and position the unit there. Don’t forget to always strive for maximum order and dryness.

5. Install a leaf blower hanger

Utilizing a specialized hanger is a fantastic way to store your tool with maximum safety — and without breaking the bank. These hangers are cheap and a breeze to install. You can easily purchase them online.

6. Sort out a workbench

If that’s within your field of work, craft a spacious workbench with sufficient space underneath. The latter can be easily used for storing your precious little blower — while neatly keeping the smaller tools on top. That’s what we call DIY convenience!


7. Opt for ceiling storage

If there’s no extra storage space in your garage, opt for ceilings. Yes, you read it right. To transform your ceiling into a storage space, utilize hooks or a leaf blower hanger. Alternatively, you can build a separate storage system that will incorporate pull-ropes for lifting or taking down the stuff you currently need. So, definitely, it’s all about knowing how and putting it to practice.

Last but not least, taking good care of your top-notch blower is as crucial as storing it. Below, you’ll find some handy hacks on the tool’s proper upkeep:

  • clean it with a damp towel;
  • unplug the beast post-use;
  • if it gets wet, wipe it off with a dry towel;
  • disassemble the unit to let it dry out.

FAQ on Storing the Unit

Have further questions left on the topic? Read on to find answers to them in this particular section.

Can you hang a leaf blower?

Yes, you can. And you should! As a matter of fact, it’s among the most effortless and convenient ways of storing the tool in your garage. It prevents breakage and reduces your chances of stumbling upon it all the time.

Can you store a leaf blower in a shed?

Yes, absolutely. You can always store the unit in a shed if you don’t have a garage or if there’s no free space in it. Safety is guaranteed — but only if you keep the place brimming with perfect order and dryness.

How do you winterize a leaf blower?

Leaf blowers are fairly easy to winterize. That’s what one of my next posts will probably be about in-depth. Storage-wise, you should ensure the place you’ve picked for winterization is clean and dry.


Proper Storage Is Key

Having a reliable backpack blower means you know how to deal with autumn leaves in the fastest and most effective way possible. If you want your game-changing equipment to last you long-term, you need to practice proper storage and maintenance. Now that you’ve read this post, we hope you’ve gained in-depth knowledge on the topic.
Have anything to add about all this? You’re welcome to speak up in the comments below. We appreciate your opinion greatly. Don’t forget to bookmark the site for further updates.

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