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The Best Professional Chainsaw: Top 7 Models to Purchase in 2024



by Bryan Mckenzie


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In my early years, getting a good chainsaw for my gardening and landscaping tasks was never an easy endeavor. I needed a tool that was able to trim branches, saw through hardy lumber, and convenient to work with. Without expert guidance needed at that time, I made uninformed choices, thus, purchasing substandard chainsaws that didn’t match my requirements. That’s why I decided to compile a list of the best professional chainsaw options I’ve used over the years to help you with your buying decision.

This article features reviews of the top professional chainsaws that I’ve personally used or come into contact with, and loved their performance. Moreover, I have highlighted special features, advantages, and downsides of these professional chainsaws. Below, you can also find a detailed buyer’s guide. It features vital information that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a chainsaw.

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7 Best Professional Chainsaw Reviewed

Below, I have reviewed seven models that I find the most durable and powerful on the market. Read on to pick the best model for your gardening needs.

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Best Professional Chainsaw  5/5 

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Husqvarna is a pacesetter brand in the chainsaw industry and the one that I trust and rely on when it comes to such tools. Husqvarna is a manufacturer of cutting-edge saws built for both simple and heavy-duty tasks.

This Husqvarna professional chainsaw is, without a doubt, my favorite tool, considering its plethora of benefits. This 460 Rancher gas chainsaw model is designed for a wide range of applications and features a sturdy 20-inch guide bar.

Its powerful and fuel-efficient 60.3 CC engine puts it among the best Husqvarna professional chainsaw tools on the market. It’s also considered to be among the safest chainsaws thanks to its safety features. 

An inertia-triggered braking functionality has been built into the tool to stop the chain in case of an emergency. This best rated professional chainsaw offers an incredible 3.4 Nm torque that is enough for getting even the hardest sawing tasks done. When it comes to maintenance, it couldn’t get any easier as the chainsaw has an easily detachable and fast-to-clean air filter.

Also, this model is effortless to use when it comes to getting rid of sawdust deposits. Upon purchase, the chainsaw comes with a bar cover for storage and safety purposes. The package also includes fuel that is sufficient for two cycles of operation.

The automated oiler fosters efficiency and usability of this device, as it steadily applies oil to both the chain and the bar. The chain tightening trigger is conveniently placed on the side of the tool to provide fast access for adjustments during operation.

This professional chainsaw has been designed to produce minimal vibrations, and it offers excellent control and precision. It is my favorite chainsaw, and I would recommend it to all gardeners as this model has never disappointed me. It’s without a doubt the best professional chainsaw for the money.

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  • A multipurpose chainsaw that is ideal for demanding tasks
  • Fitted with a guide bar for precise cuts
  • Has an innovative chain-brake safety mechanism triggered by inertia
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy because the air filter is stress-free to remove and replace
  • Has a conveniently positioned chain trigger for adjusting the tension
  • Trouble-free to start and control, thanks to its design and
  • SmartStart functionality
  • Durable, thanks to the centrifugal cleaning mechanism
  • Produces minimal vibrations for the operator’s comfort and precision
  • A powerful engine among the best 60CC professional chainsaw models


2. Makita EA6100PREL 18” 61 CC – Best Professional Chainsaw for the Money  4.5/5 

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The EA6100PREL model is another of Makita’s notable chainsaws. I love it because of the great handling, impeccable performance, and longevity. Its above-standard features make this tool arguably the best all around professional chainsaw available. This device has a spring-triggered smart starter that makes it incredibly easy to get the saw running.

Another great feature of this tool is its heavy-duty 61 CC engine. The EA6100PREL model is powerful yet fuel-efficient—a perfect tool for intensive sawing jobs. With this chainsaw, you are guaranteed to handle the most demanding of sawing tasks with ease. The 13,800 RPM acceleration rate of this model delivers immense torque to get all the tasks done in the least time possible. Also, this tool is durable, thanks to the robust magnesium frame.

The magnesium material used for this chainsaw makes for its lighter weight concerning the power the tool delivers. The saw features a modern air filtration compartment that is built for both longevity and filtering efficiency.

The removal of this compartment is stress-free, and it guarantees easy and fast maintenance. Overall, this chainsaw is user-friendly to handle and easy to control. I would advocate for this tool because of its reliability and excellent performance.

  • The starter is reinforced with a spring-triggered mechanism
  • Has an industrious fuel-efficient engine for minimal fumes emission
  • Features a magnesium frame for enhanced longevity and minimal weight
  • Has a robust and durable air filter that fosters efficiency of the saw
  • Has an acceleration rate of up to 13,800 RPM
  • Costly
  • Features a slightly short bar

3. XtremePowerUS 2.4HP 45CC – Among Top Professional Chainsaws  4.4/5 

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The XtremePowerUS 45 CC model is among my favorite chainsaws for an array of tasks in the garden, for instance, clipping. It is built of lightweight materials, therefore, comfortable to hold when working for an extended period. The tool has a considerably powerful 2.4 HP engine that guarantees that the tasks will be executed without much straining.

The anti-vibration build-in system also makes for comfort, as the saw is designed to minimize vibrations as much as possible. The operator control is well taken care of because this tool is easy to start. Moreover, you can adjust the tension of the chain using the tension screw located on the side of the device.

The electrical ignition system helps the operator to start the saw effortlessly. When working with huge trees and logs, you will operate this device with a conveniently long 22-inch guide bar easily and complete your tasks on time.

Also, the double stroke functionality of the engine makes for faster sawing. The designers kept the safety of the operator in mind. Thus, this model is fitted with an anti-kickback chain system that comes in handy in curbing accidents. I would endorse this chainsaw for heavy-duty gardening jobs.

  • A powerful 2.4 HP engine makes it a suitable tool for demanding jobs
  • Easy to tighten or loosen the chain according to your preferences
  • Produces minimal vibrations, making it comfortable to use
  • The bar is conveniently long for handling rigorous cutting tasks
  • Fitted with safety parts to avoid accidents
  • Slightly costly compared to other models

4. Makita Professional Chainsaw EA7901PRZ179 – Chainsaw with Immerse Power  4.8/5 

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Another Makita’s praiseworthy sawing tool that I want to mention here is the EA7901PRZ1 79 CC model. It has a generous 79 CC engine that ensures unmatched efficiency of the device. With such immense power, this saw can handle the most intensive gardening and woodworking tasks without any trouble. Also, I want to note that this chainsaw uses fuel sparingly, being one of the most economical models.

When working during cold weather, you can turn on a heating mechanism of the device. Thus, the handle will heat to ensure your comfort. The air filter installed in this saw is a cutting-edge system created to ensure efficiency and longevity.

Starting this chainsaw is hassle-free, as it has an automated start assistant functionality. Also, cleaning the tool isn’t a problem, as most parts are easily accessible. I would recommend this model to all gardeners who look for an effective chainsaw that uses fuel economically.

  • The handle heats during cold weather for enhanced operator comfortability
  • Has an efficient and durable air-filter
  • Easy to start, thanks to the automated half-throttle lock
  • Easy to clean
  • The baffle can be adjusted for optimal operation in chilly weather
  • Somewhat weighty

5. Jonsered CS2245 18” 45CC – Powerful 2-Cycle Gas Professional Chainsaw  4.5/5 

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Jonsered is another top player among the best professional chainsaw brands around. This Jonsered CS2245 45CC model is one of my favorite tools for executing a wide range of gardening tasks. If you want to save fuel and minimize pollution, the engine of this tool has been designed to consume less fuel while delivering enormous power. Also, the chainsaw produces fewer emissions compared to most gas models on the market.

One can comfortably work with this tool for long hours without experiencing fatigue, as this chainsaw produces fewer vibrations compared to similar models. Additionally, making adjustments to the chain tension is not a rigorous task because the saw’s usability is top-notch. The tensioning system has been conveniently positioned on the side of the device near the handle for faster reach.

This Jonsered chainsaw has a convenient design for cleaning and maintaining, as the air filter can be easily detached. Besides the already mentioned benefits of this device, I would recommend using it because of the safety features it has. The auto-braking functionality of this chainsaw plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the operator.

The Jonsered CS2245 model also has sturdy housing, which ensures the durability of the tool. Based on its excellent performance, I would recommend this chainsaw to all gardeners looking for a tool for their sawing tasks in the garden. It’s a piece of equipment worth buying.

  • Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, as it is built to minimize emissions
  • Designed for producing minimal vibrations, therefore, lessening operator fatigue
  • Easy to readjust the chain’s tension
  • Effortless to maintain, as the air filter and other replaceable components are easy to detach
  • The auto stitch-off functionality comes in handy in case of emergencies for safety purposes
  • The bar may be a bit short for some works

6. Echo CS-600P Gas Chainsaw – Best Rated Professional Chainsaw  4.7/5 

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Echo is a brand that has done a spectacular job of making a reputation for itself on the market. Whenever I think of the leading professional echo chainsaws, the Echo CS-600P model is one of the tools that comes to my mind.

Its impeccable design and state-of-the-art features make this tool a good contender for the best professional chainsaw. The device features a 20-inches bar that makes the chainsaw effective when it comes to the most demanding sawing operations. It is lightweight, considering the torque it delivers. The light but sturdy casing makes for easy handling and longevity.

This chainsaw is undemanding when it comes to making adjustments, such as tightening the chain. It is all thanks to the great usability of the tool that I would advocate for any time.

When working for long hours, you can comfortably use this chainsaw for avoiding early fatigue, as it has an anti-vibration feature. Additionally, this tool is hustle-free to start and control because it has an auto-braking system that also acts as a safety functionality. Together with the chain deflector, the braking system ensures the safety of the operator.

This device is a fuel-efficient tool, thanks to the cutting-edge engine and air filtration system design. Though it’s a little pricy, this chainsaw is, by all means, worth the money. I would recommend it for gardening tasks of any complexity.

  • Has a lengthy bar that makes it ideal for rigorous tasks, such as tree felling
  • Gives the operator incredible control, thanks to the ease of making adjustments
  • Vibrations are minimal because of the leading-edge design of the saw
  • Effortless to start
  • Has a sturdy chain deflector that is also resourceful in preventing accidents
  • Its price point is slightly high compared to other chainsaws

7. Makita DCS421RFG 20” 64 CC Chain Saw – Best Professional Grade Chainsaw  4.9/5 

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If you are looking for the best professional chainsaw on the market, Makita products are among the most powerful options available nowadays. This Makita 20” 64 CC chainsaw is a preferred choice of many woodworkers and gardeners around the world. The main feature that captures everyone’s attention is the powerful 64 CC engine that produces immense torque for high-duty sawing tasks.

Also, this model is among the best professional grade chainsaw tools, as it features a state-of-the-art SmartStart functionality that makes the tool effortless to start. Additionally, this device produces minimal vibrations. Thus, there’s minimum operator fatigue.

Its 20-inch guide bar comes in handy in executing heavy-duty gardening tasks, such as tree felling and pruning. This Makita professional chainsaw is also hustle-free to clean, all thanks to its design. The filter can be detached from the saw, and it is easy to wipe off the debris. The efficiency of the filtration system makes for the longevity of this tool.

When working in winter, you will notice how the baffle comes in handy to facilitate operation in cold weather. It can be easily adjusted to foster optimal efficiency in such extreme weather conditions. The magnesium casing ensures the longevity of the tool and makes it lightweight. I find this attribute essential for those who tend to work for long hours.

The automated lock of this model gives the operator control when working, and it is also a crucial safety feature. Additionally, the chainsaw powers off upon a sudden bend, ensuring your safety. I like that this functionality is inertia-triggered. Having used this model on several occasions, I would commend it as the best professional chainsaw to buy for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Stress-free to clean, as it is easy to get rid of chips
  • Features a baffle that can be adjusted for optimal functionality during cold weather
  • Provides a top-level performance, thanks to the sizable metallic spike bar that enhances productivity
  • Control is easy, as the saw has an automated half-throttle lock
  • Features an inertia-triggered braking functionality as a safety option
  • A bit heavy
  • Pricy

Buying Best Professional Chainsaw on the Market: 8 Factors to Consider

Guidelines on Buying Best Professional Chainsaw on the Market

When buying a chainsaw, most people are caught between alternatives, not knowing what to go for. In fact, buying a good tool goes beyond just picking a device in a store. There are several factors that one should look out for when considering the model to purchase. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to buy the right chainsaw, highlighting the following specifics:

  • The type of chainsaw;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Horsepower and torque ratings;
  • Installed safety features;
  • Operator control and comfort;
  • Size and bar length;
  • Weight and durability;
  • Product warranty.

1. The Type of Chainsaw

The first consideration to make when buying a chainsaw is the type of chainsaw that will fit your needs. There are basically three types of chainsaws, and each is suitable for a different set of tasks.

3 Types of Chainsaws:

  1. A cordless battery-powered chainsaw;
  2. A corded electric chainsaw;
  3. A gas-driven chainsaw.

Cordless battery-powered chainsaws are sawing tools that use rechargeable or replicable batteries to run. Such saws are often ideal for light-duty sawing tasks in the garden, as most of them have a low horsepower rating.

Corded electric chainsaws are more powerful than battery-driven ones and are ideal for more cumbersome tasks. However, such tools must be used close to a constant power source, as they need to be plugged in to run.

On the other hand, gas-driven chainsaws are the heaviest and more powerful types designed for demanding tasks, such as tree felling. Such devices do not need to be used close to an electrical power source. However, one should always ensure that there is sufficient fuel available when working.

For light-duty tasks such as pruning, you can look for the best professional battery powered chainsaw. For more heavy-duty jobs, consider a gas-driven saw. Overall, one can choose the grounds of the intensity of the tasks at hand, proximity to a power source, and fuel efficiency.

2. Ease of Maintenance of the Professional Chainsaw

It is a crucial factor to consider when buying a chainsaw. This factor encapsulates the ease of cleaning and replacement of parts, like air filters.

A good chainsaw should have an easily detachable air-filtration system, and the chain compartment should be effortlessly accessible for cleaning.

3. Horsepower and Torque Ratings

Man cut the tree with a chainsaw

Horsepower and torque are indicators of a chainsaw’s power and efficiency. For heavy-duty jobs, chainsaws with high horsepower or torque ratings are recommended, as these will allow the operator to get the work done fast and efficiently. When dealing with massive tree trunks, one will need a high-horsepower model.

4. Installed Safety Features

Safety is a vital factor when working with such devices. These tools can be dangerous when inappropriately handled, and, therefore, a good chainsaw should have safety features installed.

Some of the things to look out for in a chainsaw include the inertia-triggered auto-brake functionality, the anti-kickback capability, and the casing. These features ensure the safety by automatically stopping the saw in case of emergency and guaranteeing that the chain runs smoothly. Some models also have chain deflectors that are highly resourceful in providing the safety of the user.

5. Operator Control and Comfort

Working with an uncomfortable tool increases the likelihood of getting fatigued fast. It is essential to go for a chainsaw that lies comfortably in your hands, especially if you will be using the device for extended periods. Some of the variables that enhance comfort include:

  • The position of the handle;
  • A heating system for the handle and a baffle for working in cold weather;
  • Accessibility of controls for adjustment;
  • Ease of starting;
  • Intensity of vibrations.

The hands should feel naturally comfortable when holding a chainsaw. Otherwise, you may experience early fatigue. Such condition is usually caused by the position of the handle, besides individual characteristics. Some chainsaws have heating systems for handles. Such solutions come in handy when you work in your garden in winter. Also, a heating system can protect your hands from numbing and frostbite.

Accessibility of controls, such as the tensioning system, the throttle, and throttle lock is essential as well. Apart from that, I believe that a good chainsaw should be easy to start. Some good chainsaws on the market are fitted with start-assistant functionalities to help the operator get the saw running with ease.

Additionally, chainsaws that produce intense vibrations are difficult to work with, more so in situations where precision is highly important. Fortunately, there are some good models available that have been designed with leading-edge anti-vibration technology. Such devices are more comfortable to work with. The availability of adjustable baffles is clearly vital, especially for individuals residing in cold areas.

6. Size and Bar Length of Professional Chainsaws

Man in a helmet cut the tree with a chainsaw

Depending on the nature of your sawing jobs, the size of the chainsaw matters. These tools come in varying sizes and with different guide bar lengths. For instance, working with wide tree trunks requires longer guide bars for efficiency purposes.

One is likely to spend more time and use more fuel, cutting a huge trunk with a small chainsaw, compared to the time and fuel that a bigger saw would have used. However, there are chainsaws of standard size that are all-rounded when it comes to a different application.

7. Weight and Durability

Some chainsaws are heavier than others, even though they have similar capabilities in regards to efficiency and torque ratings. Lighter chainsaws are more comfortable to work with compared to their massive counterparts.

Such high-quality models like Stihl professional chainsaw tools have aluminum or magnesium casings. These casings are lightweight yet durable and, therefore, facilitate the durability of the chainsaw. At the same time, they minimize the overall weight of the device. In my opinion, the MS 261 model is among the best professional Stihl chainsaw tools on the market in regards to weight and durability.

8. Product Warranty

Warranty is an indicator of a manufacturer’s trust in the authenticity of the product. On that note, go for a chainsaw that has a warranty just in case of any malfunctions.

Some brands have gone further to offer a satisfaction guarantee period. Purchasing a chainsaw with such an option relieves you of unnecessary expenditures that may occur after the purchase. For example, one can get a good TimberPro professional chainsaw with a two-year warranty and return it in case the tool doesn’t meet their needs.

Summing Up On The Best Professional Chainsaw To Buy

Purchasing a chainsaw is a long-term investment for many gardeners, and therefore, getting the right tool for the job is of the essence. Take your time to decide on the model that is suitable for your task and environment. 

I profoundly recommend going for a durable, easy to maintain, convenient, and reliable chainsaw. 

Though some of the reviewed products are a little costly, they are worth every cent. I hope that after reading these reviews, you have already picked the right tool for your needs.

What are your preferences when it comes to chainsaw types? What is your favorite chainsaw brand, and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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